Chapter 28: Exhaustion

Still Sid's POV

I arrive in Nova Scotia, the next day and have a blast visiting my parents and what not. I have 2 more days before I have to go back to Pittsburgh and I've heard nothing from Caitlin so far. It's about 10:30 at night and I'm watching the post game analysis on the Habs game when my phone goes off.

"Hey, Sid it's me. Are you still in Nova Scotia?"Caitlin responds.

"Yeah, why?" I ask changing the channel.

"I just landed in Halifax, and I was wondering if the dogs and I could crash at your place tonight, I'm beat," She says sounding exhausted.

"Yeah, of course," I say immediately alert.

I proceed to give her directions and about 25 minutes later, I see head lights through my window. I open the door and she slowly walks in holding Flash, Bran and Hawkeye fallowing her from behind. They all look utterly exhausted.

"Hey, thanks for letting us stay here," she smiles weakly, her eyes red from lack of sleep.

"When is the last time you slept," I ask taking the sleeping Flash from her arms.

Her arms fall limply to her side, she sighs struggling to think.

"Umm... I don't know. We've been going almost 8 days straight. We'd get four hours of sleep here and there, but... I don't know I'm so tired," she yawns.

"Alright, you stay right here, I'll go take the dogs up to the room," I say walking up the steps with Flash in my arms, who is still asleep.

"Hawk, Bran, go with Sid," she yawns pointing to me.

Both dogs reluctantly leave her side and fallow me upstairs to my room, where I have found blankets for them to lay on. I run back down the stairs to find Caitlin leaning on the stair railing almost asleep.

"Come on you too," I say.

"No that's okay, I'll just sleep on the couch over there," she says starting to walk over to the living room.

"Nope come on," I respond lifting her up in my arms, she yawns, too tired to protest, and her head rests on my shoulder as I carry her up to my room.

"You don't have to give up your room for us," she smiles weakly.

"The guest room doesn't have a very good bed, you'll be more comfortable up here," I say making her stand, "aren't you going to get out of your clothes." I look at her from head to toe, she still has on a parka, and her jeans are dripping wet from the knee down.

"Sid, I don't have the energy to lift my arms at the moment," she says almost falling on the bed.

"Just stand still." I say getting close to her.

I pull down the zipper of her parka and toss it to the floor. I untie her boots and put them by her coat. Slowly I pull the zipper of her fleece vest down and it lands next to her parka. I gently unbutton her wet jeans and slide them down her curvy hips, she groans as my hand comes to her thigh were a large bruise is starting to form.

"What did you do?" I ask quietly, my voice husky with emotion as my hand brushes gently against it.

"I ran into a stay piece of wood, when I was snow boarding down a hill," she whispers.

My hands continue down her smooth strong legs, I can both feel and see the muscles quivering from over use. With her hands on my shoulders to support herself, she steps out of her jeans standing only in her cotton boy shorts. Her hair brushes the under side of my chin, sending me the scent of the cool outdoors. She sits on the bed, and I can feel her aching to lay down. I gently tug off her wool socks, before moving to her shirt. Slowly, I help her out of her long sleeve t-shirt.

"Ah, Sidney," She moans as I lift her arms to pull the shirt over her head. I look to her shoulder where another bruise is forming. My hands go under her white beater feeling her strong abs underneath. I slowly, pull it over her head, and she lets out a low moan. A bright red sports bra, I let remain, even though I ache to take it off. My hands travel up her arms and my eyes stop mid-way up her forearm. Across the inside of her arm, small, but noticeable, in green writing is the word,"Laidir".

"You have a tattoo?" I ask smiling.

Her eyes are closed and she nods her head, "Laidir" she says quietly, pronouncing it 'Lawjid.'

My eyes travel over her muscular body and sensual curves. I ache to kiss her, to feel her body naked against mine. Although I want to repeat that night we spent together 4 years ago, a night filled with hot steamy pleasure, I hold back (and it takes all my will power to do so), knowing that she can hardly sit up.

"What does that mean?" I whisper, allowing myself a small indulgence by gently pressing my lips to her bruised shoulder, before I help her lay down in the bed.

"Strong." she replies before drifting off to sleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. I pull off my own clothes and throw them in the pile with hers, so I'm just in my boxers. I go to the other side of the bed, and crawl in next to her, pulling her into me. She pillows her head on my shoulder and her hand rests against my chest as she moves her smooth leg to entwine with mine. I doubt she is conscious of what she is doing, the movements more a reflex. She lets out a small content sigh, before drifting off into a deep sleep. I wrap my arms around her and watch her sleep. Her dark lashes fanned out on high cheek bones, her long hair spread out on her shoulder, and her full lips ever so slightly pressed out. 'How did I ever let her go?' I think to myself.

Caitlin's POV

I wake up the next morning to Flash licking my face, trying to tell me he has to go out. I groan, and move slightly, finding myself laying against at very warm, very male body. My eyes shoot open in surprise, then it all comes back to me. Calling Sid, being so exhausted that he had to help me out of my clothes, but I didn't think he laid down next to me. I carefully untangle myself from him, so as not to wake him. I move to sit up, my muscles aching from the past week's intense physical activity. I slowly pull myself into a sitting position and swing my legs around to let my feet gently hit the floor. I slowly get up and groan as my muscles scream in protest. I hear the bed shift and Sid walks in front of me wearing only boxers.
"Go back to bed," he says pushing me gently so I will fall back into the bed, "I'll take them out."
I go to protest, but then think better of it. I pull the covers over me as I lay down, sleep quickly coming back to me.

I wake up again to find that the dogs are next to me in bed, not Sid. I look at the clock over on the table, it reads 12:43.
"Holy Cow, I must have been extremely tired," I get up to put my clothes on but realize they are soaking wet.
I whimper slightly as I try to walk, my muscles aching. I look in the mirror by the door and groan at the sight of a large purple bruise on my thigh, and one on my shoulder. I gingerly walk down the step to find Sid watching TV on the couch. He turns around as I hit the last step that squeaks a bit.
"Morning Sleeping Beauty."
"Hey, thanks for letting us crash here."
"No problem, you guys were exhausted, it was the least I could do. Do you need anything?" he says, his eyes traveling the length of my almost nude body.
"Ummm... clothes would be nice."
"Sure, those are some nasty bruises you have," he says walking over to me and brushing his fingers against my shoulder.
"Yeah, I know," I say in disgust.
"Come on we'll go find you some clothes," he says starting to go up the steps.
"Ugh, I have to go back up the stairs," I groan.
"Here I'll help," he says. He picks me up bridal style as if I weigh nothing. His forearm hitting the bruise on my thigh.
"Ah, Sid! Careful." I wince with a quick inhalation of breath.
"Sorry, are you ok?" he asks guilt in his gorgeous eyes.
"Yeah, I'm just really sore," I say.
"I can imagine. So when did you get the tattoo?" He asks caring me up the stairs.
"You saw that?"
"I got that about 4 years ago, a few months after vacation."
"I just needed a little reminder to keep strong," I shrug.
"Caitlin... I..." he starts, knowing that I'm talking about him.
"Nah, don't bother it's cool."
"So what language is that?"
"Gaelic. Some of my heritage is from Scotland and Ireland, so the language just kinda speaks to me."
"Aren't you Slovak and Russian too?"
"Not Russian, Ukrainian, and yeah. I'm also German, and my grandmother thinks I have a pinch of British in there too, but she's not positive."
"Wow, you're quite the mutt."
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"Alright, why don't you take a shower," he says pointing to the bathroom after putting me down. I open my mouth to protest but he beats me to it, holding up his hands, "Calm down, I'm not saying you stink. Actually you smell like the outdoors, so you smell pretty good. I just figured the hot water wouldn't hurt your muscles any."
"Okay, you're probably right," I smile heading into the bathroom.
I turn on the shower and sigh as the hot water relaxes my muscles. A little later, there is a knock on the door.
"Just me. I'll leave clothes on the sink and here is a towel," he says throwing a towel over the shower curtain.
"Thanks," I say turning off the shower and picking up the towel, "So where is Victoria?"
"Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you. We broke up."
"You what!" I say throwing the shower curtain open to look at him, the towel wrapped securely around me.
"We broke up. Actually I broke it off with her."
My heart drops into my stomach, and I dare not get my hopes up to much as to why. Maybe it was because she was having an affair.
"Oh, Sid, I'm so sorry. I know you probably loved her."
"No, I didn't. That's why I broke it off with her, we weren't meant for each other," He says looking into my eyes. It's then that I realize how close he is to me, he has me trapped against the sink. He is dangerously close, and I can smell his spicy male scent, which has clouded my brain. His hazel eyes connecting with my dark brown ones. It's getting very hot in here, and the steam from the shower doesn't help any. I quickly find myself wanting him, as he is standing so close to me, and I'm only covered with a towel.
"Caitlin, do you love me?" He asks not breaking eye contact with me, and taking a step closer so that I can't escape. His breath tickles my temple as he bends his head down, readying to kiss me. His eyes drowsy yet at the same time lusty and feverish as he glances down at my lips.
I inhale sharply and lick my lips, trying to find air to breath. I look in his Carmel eyes, should I tell him?

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Posted by Anonymous ( August 31, 2008 at 3:31 PM )

OMG!! That was amazing! I so wish I were Caitlin right now, lol. Sidney needs to rip that towel off her and make sweet love to her. =)
Great job and I can't wait for more.

Why did you leave us hanging like that?!

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Awesome Story!! Please update ASAP.

I love this chapter - it was so sweet the way he took care of her - and YES, she needs to tell him...and SOON, please! :)

Posted by Anonymous ( September 1, 2008 at 8:50 AM )

Love this chapter, update soon, please...

OMG that was amazing she needs to tell him!! ha ha I'm German,Welsch,Irish, and Dutch! lol u have like 2 of those things in the story! awesome!!!!

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