Chapter 10: Emeril

Sidney and I walk into the club and already I feel out of place. The lights are dim and the music is a little too loud. God I'm starting to think like my mother. We walk around a little trying to spot people we know. Finally I spot Jamie, Allie, and Amber dancing, while Brooke and Emma are sitting at a small table. I tap Sidney on the shoulder to get his attention.

"I'm gonna go over there and talk to Brooke and Emma, you comin?" I ask leaning into him so he can hear me.

"Yeah, but I'm going to get something to drink first, want anything?"he asks brushing his lips against my ear, causing butterflies to overtake my stomach. I shake my head no and walk over to the table.

"Hey how's it going, so far?"

"Okay, right now we're doing a pick up line contest. We're going to see what the worst pick-up line of the night is."

"Ha, sounds awesome. Glad you're having fun."

"What about you? I mean what do you think?"

"I feel so, I dunno, not myself. These clothes, this place, it's just not my cup of tea."

"I didn't think it would be. You never came to any dances or anything in high school, I was surprised you agreed to come tonight," Emma says.

I look around and spy Sidney waiting for his drink. He's looking contently at me and I can't help but grin back. he blushes slightly as he realizes he's been caught staring.

"So have you seen any of the guys?"I ask, tearing my eyes away from Sid.

"well I haven't seen Colby or Flower, since we got here, but Max has been hitting on all the pretty girls, Geno's over there," Brooke says pointing to the bar that Geno is leaning against whispering into some blonde's ear causing her to giggle. "And Jordan's dancing over there."

Suddenly I hear a male voice behind me,"Honey, your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night."

I turn around to see a shorter man in his late 20s. He seems like the type who spends too much time in the gym and out tanning, I guess looking at his slightly orange skin.

"Ha! good one!" I say laughing out loud at his line.

"Well, I think we might have a winner," Brooke laughs behind me.

"Thanks, baby, so what do you say you and me show these people how to dance."

"I don't remember ordering anything cheesy," Emma says adding to Brooke's comment.

"Actually I'm kinda here with someone," I smile.

"Hey babe, who's your friend?"I hear the deep voice, that I've been waiting to hear, ask.

'right on time.' I think as Sidney slips his hands around my waist possessively and kisses my cheek.

"Hey. Apparently I've been, 'running though this guy's mind all night'," I say quoting the lame pickup line,"I'm sorry what was your name again?"

"Uh, yeah, I think, I see some one I know over there. If you'll excuse me," he coughs moving on to his next victim.

"Now that's what I call team work!" Brooke laughs.

"Yeah, we make a pretty good team," I say smiling up at Sidney.

"you can say that again." He says smiling before gently brushing his lips with mine.

Another guys starts to approach me, but Sidney stares him down and he quickly changes directions to Emma and Brooke.

"So ladies..." he begins.

"I think we could go now," I say to Sidney behind me.

"Okay, let's go." he says all to eagerly.

"Alright guys, we're leaving. Have fun with your contest, and tell me who wins." I say over my shoulder.

"So what do you want to do?" I ask as Sid pulls the car into the driveway.

"Um, I dunno, we could watch a movie."he suggests.

"Mm kay, but I'm going to go back to the house first, I need to get out of these clothes."

"I can take care of that," Sidney grins bending down to kiss my neck.

"I'm sure you could, but I won't be too long, besides I have to let Bran out real quick," I giggle.

"Fine. I'll go pick a movie from the ones we brought on the trip and see you in a little bit."

"Okie Dok."

I walk home and I feel absolutely disgusting. I take a quick shower to get rid of all the hair spray Allie sprayed on me before we left and get rid of the makeup. I blow dry my hair, I don't really need to bother straighting or anything, my hair is naturally straight, and I put on a little make up. I change into athletic shorts and a hoodie. Give me a brake, I've had all the 'beauty' I can handle for the day, I need to be comfortable. After letting Bran out I head back over to the guys vacation house, its going on 11:00.

I knock on the door but I don't wait for Sid to answer I just walk right in. I spy him in the kitchen frowning at the microwave, and then the scent of burnt popcorn hits me.
"Ah, yuck, what are you doing, making charcoal?" I ask.

"I think I put it in too long." he frowns. I pull the popcorn bag out of the microwave and peer inside, the popcorn isn't totally black, but it's bad enough that even Bran wouldn't eat it. I throw it in the trash outside so as not to stink up the whole house. I come back in the house to see Sidney unwrapping another bag of popcorn.
"Whoa hold on there Emeril, how bout we read the directions first," I say stopping him in case he makes the same mistake.

"Don't be a smart ass, I already did. It said 2 minutes," he replies popping it in the microwave with a frown.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so bossy," I say putting my arms around him and kissing his cheek.

He pulls me into a tight hug and plants a kiss in my hair, "It's okay. you smell good."

"Thanks, I needed a shower. All that make up and crap made me feel disgusting."

"I like what your wearing though, very sexy." He says checking me out in my athletic shorts and hoodie.

"Okay now who's being the smart ass?" I grin putting my hands on my hips.

"I'm sorry, but seriously I like how you look in this. Its you and you can tell your just a whole lot more comfortable, you don't need all that make up and stuff. You're beautiful without it."

"Your sweet," I grin at him," so what movie are we watching?"

"Umm, I thought we'd watch Casino Royal,"

"Ah, perfect! I love James Bond."

"Really?!" he asked popping the DVD and sitting down on the couch.

"Oh yeah, you know how most families watch A Christmas Story during Christmas, well my dad always has on the 007 days of Christmas."

"Ha, nothing says peace and love on earth than James Bond." he said laughing as he puts his arms around me pulling me close. I snuggle into him, feeling safe in his strong arms.

We watch the movie in silence, adding a few comments here and there. Just as the credits come on, I look up at Sidney and realize he was looking down at me as our eyes lock. He bends down until his lips are almost touching mine, I can feel his warm breath next to mine. I can see that lusty look in his eyes again, I now know exactly where this night is headed. He grins before bringing his mouth down to meet mine. Tongues tangle and before I know it or have time to think his hands come to the hem of my hoodie. His hands move across my stomach making me glad that I did those few extra sit ups this morning. Breaking the kiss for a moment he frees me from my hoodie throwing it in a pile on the floor revealing my black bra, in a matter of second his t-shirt lands on top, leaving me breathless at the sight of his gorgeous muscular chest. His kisses travel down my neck and on to my collar bone. Suddenly he lifts me off the couch effortlessly. I make a sound of surprise but it becomes muffled by another kiss. Soon he gently lays me on his unmade bed and I pull him down on top of me, his naked unbelievable chest on top of mine. My hands run over the muscles in his broad back as he kisses me. His hands reach to my back to find the clasp of my black bra and I moan arching my back. He pauses a moment.
"Are you sure about this?" he asks in a husky voice against my lips.
"Yes," I breath before his mouth is on mine again and the bra quietly in a heap on the floor.

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Chapter 9: Where will the Night Take Us?

(Its kinda a short chapter, but there will be more to come soon.)

The next couple days were basically the same. Sidney and I were together everyday on the beach getting to know each other. Yet he still hasn't told me he's a hockey star, but then I haven't told him that I know he's a hockey star. There are three days left before the girls and I leave, and Sidney and the guys are leaving the day after us. Everyone has decided that tonight we should all go out together and go to a club that the girls and I found the day we were sight-seeing. I'm a little reluctant to go because I'm not much of a party girl, but neither are my friends, I was actually really surprised that they suggested it when we were all talking at the beach.

"Are You guys almost ready?!" I call up stairs.

"Yeah, almost."

"Well hurry up, they're going to be here any minute."

Allie comes down stairs in a short skirt and a clingy top. Tonight is the night, we girls decided, to dress up like the over-the-top girls you always see at clubs, instead of the laid back, go with the flow girls we are.

"Well, doesn't some one look incredibly sexy," she says referring to my red halter top dress, that hits my mid thigh, perfectly accenting my legs and butt. And the strappy red heels make my legs look extremely long. I would have never picked this out for myself, but the girls and I went shopping to get clothing to wear just for tonight.

"Thanks, I love the short skirt with the stilettos." I laugh.

"Ha, thanks. Wait til you see Brooke, she went all out, she even put on fake eye lashes!" she laughs.

A few minutes later we are all down stairs laughing at how ridiculous we all look. There is a knock on the door, and I open it to find Sidney and his friends mostly in dress shirts opened at the collar and faded jeans. A look of surprise and lust written across his face as his eyes travel up my body.

"WOW!" he grins his eyes coming to meet mine.

"right back at ya, shall we."

The girls all file out of the door, getting similar remarks from the other guys. Jamie takes my car and I go with Sidney.

after everyone is piled in cars, I close the front door behind me with Sid waiting close by. As soon as the cars are out of sight, Sidney pulls me into a bruising kiss.

"This outfit blows my mind, but it doesn't seem really... I don't know... like something you'd wear!" he says trailing kisses down my neck and onto my collar bone.

"Thanks, we girls decided to 'dress up' this evening, and no I would never wear this if they hadn't made me. We'd better get going, they're going to wonder where we are," I grin.

"How 'bout we just stay in tonight," He growls coming back up to my mouth.

"Sidney, I won't hear the end of it if we do," I groan.

"Alright fine." he sighs and leads me to the car.

A few minutes later we pull into a place with a neon sign that says "Night Oasis."

"Okay, Sid before we go in, I just want to warn you I'm not much of a party girl, and I'm not a big fan of dancing."

"The why did you come?" He asks.

"I dunno, I just wanted to hang out, try something new."
"I get were your coming from, I'm not a huge partier either, like some of these guys. How about you tell me when you want to leave, and we'll leave."

"Okay. And then what will we do?" I ask with a grin on my face.

Sid turns to look at me and I can see the lusty look in his eyes that he before we left the house. "We'll just have to see were the night takes us," he grins.

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Chapter 8: I'll be fine

Sid's POV

I woke up the sound of the waves gently lapping the beach, the sun just peaking over the horizon.

'What the hell am I doing out here?' I asked myself, trying to remember what happened last night. Then it all came back to me.

I looked down to find her still asleep, her head pillowed on my shoulder and her delicate, but rough hand splayed across my chest. Her hair was spilt on the blanket in endless brown cascades and her eyes were closed with her long dark lashes fanned out on her cheeks. One of her legs was settled on top of mine and she was pressed close to my body, probably in an attempt to keep warm through the cool night.

'I should get up,' I say to myself, ' the guys will never let me hear the end of it if I don't get back before they wake up. Even if we didn't do anything' Yet, I just couldn't bring myself to wake the sleeping beauty. Slowly I drift back to sleep.

I awake again about an hour later. I look at my watch, it reads 7 o'clock. I need to get back to the house.

"Caitlin, Caitlin." I say gently nudging her awake.

"Hmm?" she groans quietly. She slowly opens her eyes and I find myself looking into those dark chocolate eyes. At first her eyes widen in surprise, but as soon as I see the surprise, it's gone in a flash.

"Good morning," I say softly kissing her cheek.

"morning, I didn't realize we fell asleep last night, what time is it?"

"a little after 7."

"Uh, I need to get home and let Bran out."

"Yeah, I want to get home before the guys get up, other wise I'll never hear the end of it."

"Oh, yeah. I didn't really think about that, we'd better go." She says getting up. She stands up and shakes her head from side to side, freeing her hair from its sleeping position. I stand behind her and put my arms around her waist. She leans back against me and lets out a content sigh. I sweep her hair off her neck and kiss the soft skin on her neck. I turn her around and gently kiss her mouth, feeling her hands come up to my neck and play with my hair. I deepen the kiss and a few moments later she brakes off smiling.

"We're never going to get back, if you keep that up," She says with a soft grin.

"Maybe that's what I want,"I say taking her mouth again.

She moans into my mouth as my hands begin to travel beneath her shirt.

"Sidney, we need to go," she says reluctantly braking away.

"Alright, I guess your right, lets go" I sigh, bending down to pick up the blanket.
After walking down the beach, we stop in front of the deck to her house.

"So will I see you today?" I ask hopefully.

"I think that's a definite possibility," she smiles before standing on her toes to kiss me, "See
you later Sidney."

"See ya." I watch her walk up the stairs and into the house. I walk back to the house and quietly go in, careful as not to wake anyone up.

"Sidney Patrick Crosby, where have you been?!" I hear Army say from behind me.

"Busted!" I mutter turning around to find all of the guys grinning at me.

"Don't you know that we were up all night worried sick about you!" Max says.

"Uh, huh, for some reason I don't believe that." I retaliate being as they are standing in boxers and T-shirts, with hair rumpled from sleep.

"So Sid, where were you last night," Flower grins.

"I fell asleep on the beach," I replied simply.

"You didn't happen to 'fall asleep' with a pretty brunette that you were spotted kissing at the beach a few days ago, did you?" Flower continues.

"So how was your night, guys. Anything exciting happen?"I say trying to change the subject.

"I think we should be the one asking you that question. We're not the ones that came in at 7:30 this morning."Geno says.

"Okay, fine. Look we went to dinner, then we came back here. I took her to the beach to look at the stars, and we fell asleep. Nothing happened!"I say putting the emphasis on 'nothing'.

"Uh, huh, Okay Crosby. So are you going to tell her your a famous hockey player," Staalzy asks as I walk to the steps to go upstairs change into my jogging stuff.

I turn around and look at him, he's frowning. Should I have asked him if it was okay for me to go out with Caitlin? He looks kinda pissed.

"I don't know." I told him simply, "But Jordan, nothing happened last night."

"Just don't hurt her okay, she's a good one," he says frowning.

"I have no intention of hurting her," I tell him honestly.

Caitlin's POV

I tip toe back into the house and I'm immediately greeted by Bran.

"He pal were you a good boy last night?"I say, bending over to pet him.

"I think the better question is were you good girl last night?" a voice asks.

I straighten to see Emma standing by the kitchen counter in her bathrobe with a cup of coffee in her hands.

"Hey how was dinner last night?" I say cheerfully hoping to get on a different subject.

"Nice try, so where were you last night," She asks concern evident in her voice.

"Sidney and I went to dinner and then we came back here. He took me up the beach and we looked at the stars together and then we fell asleep."

"So you didn't have sex with him?"

"No, we didn't. I swear we fell asleep last night and then he woke me up just a little while ago."

"Okay, good... I was afraid..."

"What?! You were afraid I did! Why would it be so bad if I did?"

"Caitlin come on."

"No, you're acting like my mother. I don't need that from you,"my temper flaring.

"Look, I just don't want to see you get hurt,"she says trying to cool me down.

"I won't get hurt,"I say with my jaw clenched.

"You just need to remember we are only here for a few more days. Then you go back to Maryland and have to finish college and start a career."

"I know,"I snap.

"Do you know? I mean Caitlin think about it, this isn't just a guy from the beach. It Sidney Crosby! The face of the NHL. Your going back to Maryland this summer and he's going back to Canada. It's not like he's going to wait for you to finish college for you to be together, there are millions of gorgeous girls throwing themselves at him daily,"she says starting to get mad at me.

"I know. You don't have to worry about me. I know what I'm getting into. It's just a summer fling,"I say finally starting to cool down.

"Just be careful, okay, I've seen the way you look at him. Its only a matter of time before you fall for him, if you haven't already. He could really hurt you."

I smile at her and give her a hug.

"I love that you're concerned for me, but I'll be fine. I'm tough, I don't brake easily," I say putting on my best smile.

"I know you're one of the toughest people I know. But just... I don't want to see you get hurt, I've seen the way you look at him and..."

"Stop worrying, I'll be fine." I smile and walk away to change into my jogging clothes.

"I sure hope so," I hear Emma sigh.

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Chapter 7: Only the Stars as Our Witness

"Okay, how bout this one?" I say holding up a T shirt. Bran tilts his head to one side as I show him the shirt. (Yes I'm really asking a dog what I should wear on my date, but my friends are out having dinner together.)

"Oh Shit! he's gonna be here in 15 minutes!" I'm still not dressed. I'm in a towel and my hair is dripping on the carpet.

"Alright, this one," I say pulling a green scoop neck t out of my suit case. Bran lets out a bark of approval, or at least that's how I take it.

"great, now, I'll wear my dark jeans and brown flats."

I go into the bathroom and to get ready. I put my hair up in a teased bun and apply light make up. Just as I'm putting a dab of lip gloss on, there is a knock on the door.

"Alright Bran, wish me luck," I say looking at him in the mirror.

I open the door and find Sidney standing on the other side in a t-shirt and jeans looking no less dashing then he would in a suit.

"Wow, you look great. you ready to go?"

"Thanks you too. yeah let's go. Now Bran you be a good boy, I'll see you later,"I say to the puppy before heading out the door.

I go to a black convertible in the drive way and Sid opens the door for me.

"Thank you Sir," I smile as I climb in, " Wow, this is a really nice car."

"Thanks, but its not mine, its just a rental."

"Alright, so where are you taking me?"

"Well, when the guys and I came to the house from the airport, we passed this small Italian restaurant, I figured we could go there, that is if you like Italian food."

"Are you kidding me? I love Italian food, I could basically live on pasta."

The ride to the restaurant wasn't long but it was quiet, like neither of us was quite sure where to start. About ten minutes later we pull into a parking lot adjacent to a small building. Once seated I order a water and the lasagna, Sid orders the Chicken Parmesan.

"So where do you live?" Sid asks reaching for a piece of bread.

"I go to school at the University of Maryland. Its near D.C. and you?"

"Uh, Nova Scotia..." He replies hesitantly. 'yeah for part of the year,' i think to myself, 'but if he doesn't want to admit he's Sidney Crosby, that's fine.'

"So what brings you all the way down here?"I ask.

"well my friends thought I needed a vacation because I had been working to hard, and I guess they were kinda right, I was obsessing too much over hockey being that the season was over..."he said starting to ramble.

"Oh, so you play hockey." I said nonchalantly.

"No! I... uh... work in the sports industry and I was... uh... getting too into my work."He replied.

"Ah I see." i said calmly.

"So what about you? Why did you come to Florida?"He said, quickly taking the spot light off himself.

"Well, the school year is over, and all the girls I'm with are from my old high school. See my family moved to Maryland after I graduated high school, so this is my time to see my friends from high school, cause I don't really get to see them the rest of the year."

"That's cool that you still kept in touch."

"Yeah, but it was a little difficult at times. Like planning this trip, we all go to different colleges, so we had finals at different times."

"So what are you studying to become?"

"Well, I'm studying to become an Animal Behaviorist specializing in dogs."

"So what exactly is that?" He asked taking a bite off the salad that the waitress just brought to the table.

"Basically it's a dog psychologist. I'll help people when it comes to their dog's behavior, and I'm going to become a certified trainer so that I can help correct the behavior."

"Wow, I had no idea that they even had dog psychologists. So do you have to go to school for a long time?"

"Ha, yeah, if I want to become a full blown behaviorist I need my PhD. So I might be in school for awhile. But I'm hoping to open up my own dog training place once I get my bachelors."

"Nice, so what year are you in?"

"I'm gonna be a junior this coming year."

The small talk continues through out dinner and we get into an argument about who is going to pay for dinner. We come to an agreement that we will pay for our own dinners. Yeah, I'm that stubborn, when I have made up my mind, there is no way you can change it.

"Alright, so are we going to a movie now?"I ask climbing in the car.

"Nuh, uh. I have something much better planned."

Before I know it we pull into the drive way of his vacation house.

"Uh, Sid, what are we doing?" I ask nervously, I kinda wasn't expecting our first date to end up back at his house, no matter how hot out chemistry is.

"I'll be right back, stay here," he says running into the house.

In a matter of seconds he was back out holding a blanket in hand.

"Alright, let's go," he says opening up the door.

"But WHERE are we going," I had to ask.

Sidney turns around with a grin on his face. He slows his pace until he's next to me and gently takes my hand and kisses it.

"Just trust me, you'll love it," He says lacing his fingers with mine, looking into my eyes making my knees go weak.

We walk up the beach a while until the houses are out of site, and there is no one else around.
He stops and lays the blanket down. He sits down on the blanket and motions with me to sit with him, which I do.

"Now look up," he whispers. I look up to find millions of stars shining brightly in the sky and a full moon shining brightly.

"Oh wow,"I say as the sight takes my breath away.

"I told you you'd like it," he grins. I pull my hair out of my bun, letting the ocean breeze catch it.

"This is amazing!" I say falling back so I'm laying down, I close my eyes and take a deep
breath,"Its so peaceful and beautiful."

"Yeah, I know,"Sid says as I can feel him gently lay next to me. I open my eyes to find him gazing into mine, "Beautiful," he whispers. He lifts his head a little and cups my jaw. The pad of his thumb gently sweeping across my lower lip.

"Just beautiful," He whispers huskily, before lowering his mouth to meet mine. He takes it slow, as if savoring everything. The kiss is sweet and full of passion, unlike the fiery kiss we had earlier. He brakes away and instead of trying to undress me like some other guys might do, he gathers me close in his arms and lets out a long sigh.

"I could get use to this, its so peaceful and relaxing," he says quietly planting a kiss in my hair.

"Yeah, it is,"I whisper back.

I can smell the slight spice of his cologne and hear the sound of his steady breathing mixed with the sound of the waves hitting the beach. Before I can stop it, sleep creeps up on me. I fall asleep in Sidney's arms with sound of the ocean in the background, and the only witnesses are the millions of shining stars.

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Chapter 6: Just a Summer Fling?

I stumble through the water to Bran who is waiting anxiously on the beach. He wags his tail, causing sand to spray every where. Then he tries to dry me off by licking the salt water from my legs.

"Your such a good boy. I'll be right back, then we can go swimming.," I say bending down to ruffle his hair. He licks my cheek and fallows me to where all the girls are sun bathing.

"Are you lazy butts gonna get in the ocean, or work on your tans?" I ask, "Ugh... Yuck... I've got some sand in my mouth."

"That's not all that was in your mouth," Allie grins. There are giggles from the surrounding chairs as I choke on my water.

"You saw that?!"I ask guiltily.

"Well your dog was going mad over here without you, and when we looked to see where you were, we saw you with Sidney," Jamie giggles.

"Yeah, we thought the ocean was going to catch fire the way you two were going at it,"Amber smiles.

"Ookayy, I'm going to teach Bran to swim, so have fun gossiping about my love life," I laugh nervously as I try to get away.

"Hold it! Are you going to tell him?" Emma asks.

I look back at her knowing exactly what she means.

"I don't know," I reply simply.

I walk to the waters edge to see the sun start to lower near the horizon. I get Bran in the water little by little allowing him to get used it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the guys messing around farther out. I notice that Sidney keeps glancing at me.

The next thing I know the sun is headed below the horizon and the girls are already back inside. I look and see the guys making their way up the beach to their house too. They wave and shout their good-byes. I wave back as Sidney runs over to me.

"So will I see you tomorrow?" he asks pulling me close to him.

I wrap my arms around him and look into his light brown eyes.

"Actually the girls and I were gonna go sight see a little tomorrow."

"Oh," Sid replies, disappointment written all over his face.

"But, maybe we can do something tomorrow night?"

"How bout just the two of us. I really want to get to know you better, how about over dinner and a movie?"He asks cautiously.

"Sounds Good, I really want to get to know you too. How bout you pick me up at 7?"

"Great! I gotta go," he says gently kissing my lips.

" Mmmm, hmm." I mumble as my hands move up to his neck and I press my body closer to his.

"SID! Quit making out and get you ass in here, I'm hungry!" Colby calls from the house.

"Alright, see ya tomorrow." he says brEaking away and giving me another quick kiss. Yet once again the "quick" kiss ends up being not so quick.

"SIDNEY!! I will personally come out there and separate you two, then take Caitlin for myself!" Jordan yells a little later.

"Alright!" Sid yells back after breaking away, "I need to go, cause there is no doubt in my mind that he would do something like that."And he starts jogging to the house.

"What should I wear tomorrow?"I call after him.

"Jeans and a T are good, nothing fancy," he calls back, "See ya at 7!"

That kid and I have incredible chemistry, i think to myself. Then it hits me, I'm going on a date with Sidney Crosby! Should I tell him I know who he is or just let it go. I mean it is only for a few days and then I'll probably never see him again.

"Its just a summer fling," I say to myself, "he doesn't need to know."

"is it just a summer fling?" a voice inside me says.

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Chapter 5: In Trouble

I step into the white sand and look out into the clear blue ocean. As always, I take a deep breath inhaling the unique salty scent that can in no way be bottled up and sold.

"So what first?"Geno asks in his deep Russian accent, which just happens to be extremely sexy.

"Hmm, I'm not dieing of heat stroke yet so no swimming. How about some volleyball since Jordan said you put up the net?" I say cheerfully.

"Yeah...about that..."Jordan hesitates running a hand through his shaggy blond hair.

"See, hot shot Staalzy said we put up a volleyball net to get a suggestive comment in," Max smiles.

"I see," I say frowning, "So no volleyball."

"Actually we do have a volleyball and a net, we just need to put it up," Sid says.

I look up to find him looking at me. I connect my eyes with his, starting to get lost when Colby interrupts bringing us back to reality.

"We'll put it up. It'll only take a sec," Colby says running to the house, "Sid come help me get the net."

I watch as Sidney follows Colby up their deck stairs and just as he goes in he glances back at me before closing the door.

"You really put a spell on Sid you know,"Marc says as soon as Sidney's out of sight.

"How do you know?"I ask feeling my cheeks tinge pink.

"Well, let's see. He came home this morning from his jog all starry eyed and started blabbering on about this hot girl he ran into on the beach," Max says.

"Good Lord, you were all he talked about this morning," Geno adds rolling his eyes skyward.

"He doesn't even know me though!" I say astounded, "for all he knows I could be some slutty bitch."

"Come on, if your a slut, I'd like to see you try a little harder, like say a skimpy bikini. So I think we can rule out slut. However the bitchy part is still up in the air," Jordan says with a crooked grin. Even though Sidney is supposed to be the one that's head over heels for me, he hasn't flirted with me since I ran into him this morning. Jordan on the other hand has been... a lot.

"Oh, Ouch! You trying to start something Jordan?" I ask playfully.

"You come for a walk up the beach with me and I'll show you EXACTLY what I want to start," he says putting his arm around me.

"We'll see about that," I laugh looking up at him. And boy do I have to look up too cause he's a good foot taller than me. I have to admit, he is good looking with his shaggy blond hair and blue eyes that remind me of the ocean I was looking at before.

"Okay we got the net where do you want to put it up?"Colby asks.

"What about right over there," I suggest, "It's nice and flat, this way we don't fall."

"I think some of us already have,"Jordan says bending down to whisper in my ear. I smile, but I'm confused. Is he talking about Sidney or about himself?

I look at Sidney to find him staring back at me with a jealous and hurt expression on his face. I'm about to ask what's wrong when I realize Jordan still has his arm around me.


"Ouch! Damn it Colby, watch where you swing that pole," I hear Max shout.

About 10 minutes later the guys are still trying to put up the volleyball net. I'm standing 'out of their way' like they told me to.

"Colby, I thought you said this would only take a second," I sigh sarcastically.

"It's coming! God women are so impatient," he mutters.

"Oh for God's sake let me see," I say picking up the directions that were tossed in the sand because they were 'unneeded.'

"Now see, your doing this all wrong," I state after reading the directions. "Pole A connects to Pole B here, and Pole C goes here," I say snapping them together.

I continue to fix there mistakes, when I'm tackled from behind. I hit the sand with a solid thud and someone sits on top of me so I can't move.

"Alright, where did you put my phone?" a voice demands.

"Phone? What phone, your phone? Amber, I know nothing about a phone?" I say sarcastically.

"Oh please I know you hid it or had a part in hiding it," She spits out,"Now where is it?!"

"First of all, why do you even need you phone? You're on vacation stop texting. Second I'd ask Brooke not me," I say trying to contain my laughter.

"I did and she told be to ask you," Amber retaliates twisting the skin on my arm giving me Indian brush burn, "Now where is it?!"

"OUCH! Alright its under Bran's bed," I yelp.

"Oh yuck! you put it under the dog's bed," She says getting off of me and running to the house to retrieve her phone as i suffer from uncontrollable laughter.

I look up to see all the guys staring at me with grins.

"Well you gave in pretty quickly and now we know how to get what we want from you," Jordan grins.

"HA! Are you kidding me? like I would really hide it under the dog bed, that's too obvious," I laugh.

"So where did you hide it?" Marc asks.

"In the cereal box after breakfast."

"Hmmm... clever," Colby grins.

"Thanks, that was Amber by the way. I'm sure she'll be back soon," I say with a grin.

"Alright I think it's ready," Geno says pulling the net tight.

"Great let's play!" I say.

"OK, teams. Sid come be a captain with me," Jordan says, "Okay I pick Max."

"Colby." Sid points.

"Caitlin," Jordan grins.

"Flower," Sid says with a note of disappointment.

"And Geno."

So in case you weren't keeping track the teams are Jordan, Max, Me, and Geno, and Sid, Colby, and Marc.

I serve first and it sails perfectly over the net. The game continues and of course my team wins 15-12.

The guys continue to mess around with the volleyball but Sid walks off somewhere. I hurry after him.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Your team had an extra person, that's the only reason you won," he says pushing me playfully.

"Ha, you just keep telling yourself that. What ever makes you feel better," I say walking with him to the edge of the water. He gently touches my arm stopping me.

"There is something that would make me feel better."

I look up at him our eyes connecting making me melt. He cups my face with one hand and his thumb sweeps across my cheek, sending a current through me.

"You had sand on your cheek," he explains huskily.

"Thanks," I whisper as he starts to lean down to kiss me.

"CAITLIN!!" I hear the girls yell running out of the house with armfuls of stuff.

"Damn," I groan putting my head on Sid's chest. He chuckles and puts his head on mine pulling me close into a hug.

We brake apart and I walk over to them, introductions are in order.

"Guys this is Amber, Emma, Brooke, Jamie, and Allie. Girls this is Sidney, Jordan, Geno, Colby, Marc, and Max," I say pointing everyone out.

Everyone exchanges hellos and the girls start setting up all the stuff they brought out (umbrellas, a cooler w/ assorted drinks, towels, music, etc.) as the guys go into the water.

"Alright, I think that's the last of it, now we can...AH!"I scream as I'm lifted off my feet by strong wet arms.

"JORDAN! Put me down!" I shout as he carries me to the water.

"Nope. You're coming in the water."

"Ah, I will. Just let me get in myself."

"Nope!" he grins.

"Uh, oh you're in trouble now, here comes Bran," I giggle as I see the puppy running to come to my rescue.

"Shit!"Jordan says running into the water.

He walks over to the other guys who are in the waist deep water, which is chest deep on me. Suddenly he stops.

"Jordan don't you..." I start to warn, but its too late. He drops me in the water. I stay under for a minute feeling the water wash over me. Then I pull his feet out from under him with a mighty tug, making him fall flat on his face.

He glares at me under the water and I grin back. I come up for air and shake the wet hair out of my face.

"Well, that was incredibly sexy!" Sid grins.

"So what are ya gonna do about it?"I ask as the other guys swim to retrieve a beach ball.

"Well for right now I'm going to do this before we get interrupted for the third time," he says looking down at me.

My eyes widen at his words, which makes a crooked appear on his bee stung lips. His one hand comes up to cup my cheek, brushing his thumb along my jaw. He bends his head down to mine, his breath warm against my lips making my eyes flutter shut. He presses his lips to mine in a feather light kiss that sends a tingling sensation all the way down to my toes.

He breaks away briefly, his eyes meeting mine asking to continue. I nod, biting my lip before he smirks again and his lips meet mine in a more heated kiss, making fireworks go off. My lips press against his as my arms find their way around his neck, my fingers tickled by the curling ends of his hair. His hands snake around my waist pulling me close against his wet body, his hard muscles against my curves as his tongue brushes my lower lip, asking to enter. I quickly oblige, letting his tongue in to dance with mine.

I moan quietly into his mouth as our tongues dance together, He is an excellent kisser, I think to myself. The most perfect first kiss.

Suddenly a beach ball hits Sid in the head and the guys let out whistles and catcalls.

I brake away blushing. Sid grins and hold my chin giving me a final quick kiss.

"You said it was going to get hotter. And it is, its going to get a lot hotter," he whispers seductively as his tongue traces the edge of my ear causing me to shiver. He then brakes away heading back to the group of guys.

"Oh boy, your in trouble girl," I process, trying to think straight as I watch Sid's strong upper body move through the water.

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Chapter 4: Brown Eyed Girl

Upon hearing the knock on the door everyone becomes silent.

"I think they might be here,"I say a smile slowly creeping onto my face. Half is in anticipation of seeing Sidney again and the other half is because I know what's about to happen when the girls come to their senses. 3...2...1...I count in my head.

"Oh My God!"

 "I need a shower!"

 "I look like shit! Tell them to come later!" Allie, Jamie, Amber, and Brooke say in a panic.

"No. I told you 2 hours ago that I invited them. So you lazy butts better get ready now," I laugh as the girls run upstairs to get ready.

I hear another knock on the door.

 "Coming!" I yell out. 

Opening the door and I'm greeted by a pair of light brown eyes and a smile that would make any girl melt. Behind him stands five other guys, clad in swim trunks and t-shirts, who seemed to be looking around him to see what I look like. 

Guys, I sigh to myself trying not to roll my eyes.

 "Hey, guys come on in." I say opening the door for them. They filed in and I see each of them sneak a peak at me before looking around the house. Sounds of hair dryers and running water comes from upstairs. 

"My LAZY friends are still getting ready." I say loud enough so at least one of them could hear me.

"Shut it, Caitlin!" I hear someone yell downstairs, which I return with a loud laugh.

"Well these are my friends, Marc, Jordan, Geno, Max, and Colby," Sidney says pointing to each one as they called out their names, "Guys this is Caitlin."

"Hey." I say putting an award winning smile on my face. I am extremely gitty inside because I get to meet some of hockey's greatest stars, but on the outside a I try to remain cool and collected. I don't want to be one of the those crazy fans, throwing themselves at the players.

A chorus of hellos are returned in greeting.

"So what did you guys have in mind for today?" I question.

"Well we were thinking we could just spend the whole day at the beach," Marc says looking at the others.

"Yeah, we've got a volleyball net set up and everything. So I'm sure we can keep ourselves busy," Jordan says grinning at me as his eyes move up my body.

"Sounds Good! Let's go out the back," I say pretending to have not caught the suggestive remark that Jordan said. "Bran Come," I say telling the puppy to walk with me as I lead them outside. Bran comes reluctantly, but not before glaring at Sidney.

Sid's POV.

"Alright Sid, so let's go meet this 'amazing girl' you saw today," Max says running up the steps to the other house.

"If she's as good-looking as you said, I might have to steal her for myself," Geno jokes following Max up the stairs. 

That sets a frown on my face. I know that all the guys with me were very charming, especially Geno with his deep Russian accent that made the girls just swoon. 

No, I thought, Your going to have to turn up the charm on this one Crosby. Don't let the other guys snatch her away.

I get to the door and knock twice. Inside it was silent and then all of a sudden I hear some yelling.

"What's going on in there?"Flower asks. I shrug and after waiting a moment I knock again.

"Coming!" I hear from inside.

The door opens and she stands in the door way fresher than I remember her, but of course I did see her after her jog. She has shoulder length brown hair with under tones of red, and she doesn't have the "perfect body" like the other girls I've dated. She is some what muscular but she has curves too... just where there wanted. As soon as she opens the door though, my eyes immediately connect with her amazing big, dark chocolate brown eyes. She stands looking like she's about to go surfing in a bikini top and board shorts that come to mid-thigh.

She invites us in and after introductions leads us through the house and onto the deck.

"Bran come," She calls for that devil dog to follow her. He reluctantly follows her, but I swear he glares at me.

"Wow, nice pick Sid." Max says from behind his hand, so Caitlin won't hear. There are murmurs of agreement from behind me.

"But it looks like her dog doesn't like you very much,"Colby laughs, "He probably knows what you want from his owner."

I just grin in response.

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