Chapter 18: OMG, it's Barbie!

"Alright, a casual dinner...hmmm.... I think dark jeans, and umm.. the gray sweater, what do you think?"

"Ruff," Bran answers.

"Good." I smile, slipping out of my robe to change into the clothes.

'now what shoes?' I think to myself, 'ah, don't bother.' I'll just wear my socks, it is my house after all.

I run down the steps and into the kitchen (with dogs following close behind), grabbing my iPod off the couch as I pass. Putting it on shuffle I start dinner. I told Sidney and his fiance to come at 7, and I would cook them dinner. I really wanted to be friends with Sid, who am I kidding I wanted to be more than friends with Sid, but I also wanted him to be happy, so if this girl made him happy, I guess I could at least meet her. It's 6:55 and I'm just setting the table, my pasta with the light Alfredo sauce is done, along with the red potatoes and grilled chicken. I was just waiting on my guests and the green beans. I let the dogs back in, after I had put them out before. As I set the table, "Soul Man" by the Blues Brothers comes on.

"I'm a soul man, I'm a soul man," I sing and dance along ridiculously to the upbeat music. Just as the song is ending I hear the door bell ring. I quickly turn off the music and go to answer the door. My dogs scurry out of sight and into their room, like they were trained, as I open the door with a charming smile.

There stands the love of my life in jeans and a hoodie, his hazel eyes connect with mine as he puts on a dazzling grin... with his arm around someone else.

"Hey!" he says.

"Yap, Yap,"

I hear, what sounds like a very small little dog. I look to his left and see a woman holding a little fluff ball with her

"Hey, come on in," I smile stepping aside to let them in.

As they come in I finally take a moment to look at the beauty next to Sidney. She has blond hair, which upon closer inspection reveals that it's not her true hair color. Beautiful blue eyes, stare at me as if sizing me up, but they are attached to a very pretty face, although heavy with makeup. She is close to Sid's height if not at his height, wearing 4 inch high red pumps which accompanies a formfitting pencil skirt and nice jacket. She looks like a model and it kinda makes me feel shabby in my old sweater, jeans, and wool socks. My immediate thought, "Oh my God, it's Barbie!"

"Caitlin this is Victoria, Victoria this is Caitlin," Sidney says introducing us.

"Nice to meet you," I smile sticking my hand out for her to shake.

"yeah, you too," she says with a fake smile, giving me her hand as though I'm supposed to kiss it like a princess. Ah, I hate wimpy handshakes. Through out the whole little conversation her little Pomeranian barks furiously. I look to the little dog in her arms. It had on a frilly dress, poor dog I thought.

"What a cute little dog, is she a Pomeranian?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer,
"Oh, and I'll take your coats."

"Umm. Yeah, this is Paris," she responded. Handing over her expensive coat exposing a shirt with fruffles on it, yuck. (For those of you that don't know, fruffles are a mix of frills and ruffles) Sid handed me his coat and I hung them neatly on the coat rack.

"Caitlin is a dog trainer," Sidney explained.

"Oh," she said as if looking down on me.

"Yeah, I love it." I said reaching out to let the little dog sniff me. She started growling at me and I chuckled to myself. "Now is that really necessary," I say in a firm voice. She immediately stops and allows me to pet her, but reluctantly.

"So do you like, have a dog too?" Victoria asks.

"Ha, um yeah, I actually have five, would you like to meet them?" I ask politely, I always love showing off my kids.

"I guess," she says in a snobby voice.

I let out a sharp whistle calling the dogs from their room. Just on cue, the 5 dogs trot into the room, causing the little yappy dog to go crazy.

"This is Bran, Maggie, Koda, Hawkeye, and Flash," I smile pointing them all out.

"wow," she says uninterested.

"Umm, okay, so dinner's ready, if we want to eat."

"Sweet, I'm starved!" Sid says.

"Alright guys go lay down," I say to the dogs, who immediately return to their room.

I lead them into my small dining room with the table all laid out.

"Wow, your dinning room is so small compared to ours, right honey?" she says holding Sidney's hand before they sit down.

"Uh, I guess, I don't think ours is that much bigger." he said.

"Oh, he's just being modest. He bought that huge house over there, it cost a lot of money, but it was definitely worth it. We can have like a ton of parties and invite all our friends."she says with a grin. Oh I see where this is going. 'One of those my horse is bigger than yours' things. I like how she didn't say anything about me coming over.

"So I heard you trained some celebrity's dog, who was it?" he asks.

"Christina Aguilera was my most resent. She has a little Yorkie named Cocoa."

"Oh my God, you met Christina Aguilera?!" Victoria asks in shock.

"yeah, she's really nice. She did really well with the training."

"Whoa, that is like so cool. So did you get invited to like celeb parties and stuff?" she asks, now interested in me because I know someone rich and famous.

"Umm, yeah, I guess. I never really go though, I'm not much of a party girl."I shrug.

"Why not that'd be so cool,"she says astonished.

"So Victoria, do you work anywhere?" I ask.

"Umm... no," she giggles as if I said the most outlandish thing,"Sid buys me everything I need."

"Oh, um, that's cool." I say.

'Good Lord, Sid. You're the one that broke it off with me because you thought I was a puck bunny and a gold digger, and now your about to marry one?!' I think.

Dinner continues and I notice Sidney going for thirds on my cooking, while Victoria only has half a chicken breast and a few green beans. When I ask if her food is ok, she responds that she is on a no carb diet.

"So what was that little dance you were doing when I rang the door bell," Sid asks.

"Ugh, you saw that?" I ask feeling my cheeks turn red.

"Yeah,"Sid says trying to get his laughter under control.

"I was listening to the Blues Brothers, you can't help but sing and dance along,"I say trying to defend myself.

Dinner finishes a little later and Victoria starts to complain that she is tired and needs to go home. Sidney, of course, says it was getting late and they needed to get going(it was 8:30).
Before they leave he promises to help me clean up a little while Victoria uses the bathroom, which I know is code for she's going to snoop around. Too bad I don't have anything of any value to you in this house princess.

As soon as she's up stairs Sidney helps me bring the plates into the kitchen.

"So what do you think of her?" he asks nervously.

"Umm... well... she's very pretty and she's adores you." (and your money)

"Yeah, I know. So um, do you have to work tomorrow?"

"Nope, why?"

"Well, cause we have practice tomorrow morning and I know the guys really want to see you again, and everyone else wants to meet you."

"Oh, um, okay. Do they know about what happened," I ask nervously.

"Uh, yeah. After the other day, they knew something was up, so I told them. But don't worry they're sworn to secrecy."

"Ok, umm... Sid?"


"Does Victoria know?"

He turns to look at me.

"No. She doesn't know."

"are you going to tell her?"

"I don't know. Maybe one day. Right now I want to be friends with you and she won't let me near you if she knows what happened."

"Ok. I just wanted to know."

There is a bit of an awkward silence.

"So is it cool if I pick you up at like 8, or is that too early?"he asks changing the subject.

"No that's fine, I'm up at 7 every morning anyway."

"Yeah, those dogs adore you. You really accomplished everything you said you would. Do you have everything you wanted?" He asks.

'no, I don't have you,' I think.

"Umm... yeah for now. I'm a pretty simple girl, so I don't need a lot. I hope to have a family someday, but I'll let fate work that one out."

"yeah, I know what you mean. I really want to have kids, too. You were so good with them the other day."

"Thanks. You'll make a pretty good dad you know. Your awesome with them." Although I knew Sid would be an awesome dad, some how I couldn't picture Victoria as a mom.

"Sidney. Are you ready?" Victoria asks standing in the door frame.

"Yeah, sure. So I'll pick you up at 8?"he responds walking with me to the front door.

"Yup, I can't wait to see the guys again," I answer handing Victoria her coat.

"Alright I'll see ya later, thanks for dinner, it was amazing!" Sid says giving me a hug. His strong arms wrapping around me awakening butterflies in my stomach, wishing he still felt the same way he did 4 years ago.

"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Victoria, it was nice meeting you." I say politely looking around Sidney.

"Oh, yeah you too, bye." she says anxiously. Just as they're about to leave Paris jumps from Victoria's arms and runs toward me.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Paris, how could I forget." I say lifting her up in my arms, "Now you be a good girl for your mom." She gingerly lifts her head up and licks my cheek, before I hand her back to
Victoria, who is standing there looking very jealous.

I watch them walk down the driveway before closing the door and collapsing on the couch. Suddenly all the dogs come running in the living room, sensing that the company is gone. Maggie jumps on the couch next to me.

"Well, I'm glad that's over with." I say aloud.

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Posted by Anonymous ( August 19, 2008 at 11:22 PM )

Okay, I have to tell you that this story is totally growing on me. I do not like that he has a fiancee and I can't wait to see what happens. Update soon, please...

OMG this story kicks butt! i hope Sidney decides not to get married! love the story!

Posted by Anonymous ( August 20, 2008 at 3:42 PM )

Seriously what does Sidney see in Victoria? I want Sid to explain how and why they got together to Caitlin (and me), because it doesn't make sense at all.
Other than the fiancee, I love the story though! And I cannot wait for more so please update really soon!

I agree with Sportsgirl...
I want to know what he sees in her because Victoria is not the type of girl I see him with. Explain!
Can't wait for the next update! :)

yeahhhhhhhhh he definitely needs to ditch the bimbo! Can't wait for more! This story is one of my favorites!

I really like this story, as everyone said he needs to explain what he sees in her! Please update soon. =]

update soon!! i love this story!

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