Chapter 62: Sam

I don't know how it happened, but it was actually somewhat quiet in the house, even with all the hockey players in the living room. I walk through the dark room, over various bodies and beer bottles before coming to the chair that Sid was sitting in. He smiled up at me and I plopped down into his lap. He kisses my cheek before reaching in front of me to grab a handful of popcorn from the bowl in my lap. I laugh quietly as I lean back against him.

"Shut it Ace, you're going to make us miss the good part!" Army calls from the couch before stuffing a piece of pizza in his mouth. Out of all the hockey players, I couldn't understand how that guy could eat so much but still be so skinny. 

I stick my tongue out at him before turning my attention back to Transformers 2. The guys had decided to test Sid's TV out in it's new home, just to make sure it worked the same. So that meant I had 10 hockey players my living room sipping beer and eating everything in sight as they watched the movie.

The door suddenly burst open causing everyone to turn around and look. In walks Jordan his eyes wide but he has a huge grin on his face. 

"Well..." I speak up.

"It's a boy!" he says grinning wider if that's even possible. 

"Yeah Staalzy" "Way to go Staalzy" "Congrats man!" can be heard all around the room as the guys all jump up to congratulate their team mate. 

I smile and jump off Sid's lap.

"Aww... Jordan that's awesome congratulations," I smile giving him a hug.

"Thanks Ace, for everything. I don't know what would have happened if..." he says looking down at me.

"But everything did turn out ok, and now you have a son on the way," I smile up at him.

"Yeah I do," he grins giving me another hug.

"So the Staal genes go on, eh? Doesn't Eric have a son?" Colby asks.

"Yup," Jordan grins.

After many congratulations, the guys begin to settle back down in front of the movie, insisting that they had to start it over because Staalzy hadn't been there when the started. I swear sometimes they acted like they were  5 year old. But I wasn't about to argue, it was a good movie. So I just sit back down on Sid's lap and watch the movie.

I look around the room and Tanger catches my eye. He was sprawled out on the floor, using Sam as a pillow. Now granted all the guys got along with my dogs and the dogs got along with them, but Kris and Sam had been close to inseparable all night. It seemed like Sam was always following him and Kris didn't seem to mind. I turn back to watching the movie but keep my eye on those two the rest of the night.

After the movie all the guys stay for a little bit to help clean up... Captain's orders. I walk into the kitchen with a few cans of soda in hand when I spot Marc Andre and Kris carrying on a conversation in French as they clean off the counter. Maybe I should ask him... I think putting all the cans in the recycling bin.

"Umm... Kris? I hate to interrupt but can I talk to you for a minute," I ask.

"Sure Ace," he says looking at me curiously.

"I guess, I'll just..." Marc says looking extremely awkward.

"Flower you can stay, it's nothing that private," I laugh.

"That's ok. I'll just go see if there is anything left in the living room," he shrugs heading out of the kitchen.

"So, what's up?" Kris asks.

"Well... I noticed that Sam has been hanging around you a lot tonight. And Kris I put him up for adoption," I say biting my lip and looking at him. 

"Caitlin you're going to have to give me more than that," he says looking at me curiously.

"Kris, I was wondering... well..." I hesitate.

"Spit it out Ace, I don't bite," he says a smile dancing in his eyes.

"Would you, maybe, like to adopt Sam?" I ask looking up at him and biting my lip nervously.

He looks at me stunned for moment and then his hand brushes through his hair and then to rub the back of his neck. 

"Caitlin... I don't know... I mean I wasn't exactly looking for a dog... but..." he says hesitating.

"Kris, I know you didn't really expect this and you don't have to take him, I just thought I would offer. Sam is a good dog and he's ready to be adopted and he apparently likes you. When you go for road trips I would be happy to take him, that way you wouldn't have to board him. Just, you don't have to answer now, I just wanted to ask. Let the idea roll around in your head and tell me when your ready," I shrug.

"Alright, I'll think about it," he says nodding and looking down at the Rottweiler laying by the table. 

"That's all I ask," I smile giving him a hug and walk back into the living room.

After all the guys leave and I let the dogs out, Sid and I head up to bed. 

"So I talked to Tanger today," I say from the bed, calling into the bathroom where Sid was brushing his teeth. 

"Bout what?" he asks after spitting the tooth paste in the sink.

"I ... well, I asked him if he wanted to adopt Sam," I say looking up at him. 

"Why Tanger?" Sid says coming in the room looking at me surprised.

"He and Sam seemed to really clicked tonight, and..."I begin.

"And you told him Sam could stay here when we're on road trips," he says with a chuckle.

"How did you know?"I ask looking at him stunned as he slides into bed.

"Because my dear, I know you. It's similar to the Koda situation," he says pulling me close.

"I guess... but I knew Sam was leaving since I got him. And he does need someone who can keep him on track," I say snuggling into him.

"And what better person to keep him on track then you," he smiles down at me.

"Well... yeah," I shrug with a smile, "I guess that sound kinda selfish huh?"

"A little, but I know that you are probably the best thing for Sam, but this way he can be adopted and still get your training, so it may be for the best," he shrugs.

"You think so?" I ask him.

"Mmmhmm," he mumbles, I look up to see that his eyes are closed.

"Are you falling asleep?"

"Mmmmhmmm," he mumbles not opening his eyes but a small smile on his face.

"Night Sid," I laugh rolling over to turn off the light and then snuggling back into him, giving into sleep myself.

The next day the boys had practice and then a game in the Burgh. I had left around 9:30 and had a long day of sessions and paper work ahead of me. The boys had practice at 11:00 until 2:00. But I couldn't see myself being home until at least 7:00... it was going to be a long day.

Around 10:30, I was bent over some paperwork with the dogs all lounging in my office. I had my office door open that looked out into the lobby and to Mary's desk. I heard the door open and though a prospective client must have come in when I heard a gasp.

"Oh my God, you're Kris Letang!" I hear Mary say rather loudly and I pick my head up to look out into the lobby... good thing we didn't have any people around.

"Umm... yeah I am. I was wondering if I could maybe see Caitlin?" he says smiling shyly at Mary, while rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Ummm... yeah... yeah sure..." Mary says staring at him star struck before realizing she is suppose to be doing her job. She hurriedly picks up the phone and fumbles it until it almost drops. I figure now it's time for me to step in. 

"That's ok, I got it from here Mary. What's up Tanger?"I smile walking into the room from my office, a few of the dogs following me. 

"Ace!" he says looking up with a look of relief, "Umm... I was wondering if I could talk to you about Sam?"

"Sure, we can talk in my office," I smile pointing the way. 

He nods and walks toward my office.

"Can you...?" Mary whispers to me.

"Get you an autograph? Yes. A date? No," I smile out her. 

"Well, at least it's one out of two," she grins at me.

I roll my eyes with a laugh and follow Kris into my office. 

"So this is where you work," he smiles looking at my walls decorated with various pictures. There were various pictures of dogs I had trained, some of which were like Sam, in that I had trained them and put them up for adoption. My favorite picture in the whole room though was placed right over the couch. It was the picture that Sid have given me for Christmas of all of my dogs in hockey jerseys. I really love that picture.

"Yup this is it," I smile.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" he asks suddenly concerned.

"Nope I don't have another session until 11:00. So what's up?" I ask.

"Well... I have been thinking and I have some questions?" he says in that adorable french Canadian accent.

"Ok, like what?"

"You said you would take him when I went on away games?"


"So he would be with me in the off season and when I was here?"


"What about exercise needs?"

"Well... he'd need a daily walk, he'd probably make a pretty good jogging partner. He's already leash trained of course. He likes to play tug of war and fetch. He'd be a good dog to keep you in shape."

"Ok. What about how he acts around people and other dogs?"

"Well, right now he is ok, but he used to be in a really bad place. But just having him when you were gone would be helpful to him. I'm not going to lie to you Kris, taking on a dog is a big responsibility. But I'll be here if you need help, and Sam is a good dog. He likes to please."

He lets out a sigh and looks to Sam sleeping on the floor by his feet.

"And he seems to have a special connection to you Kris. That's rare," I smile quietly.

"Yeah..." he smiles still looking at Sam, "Alright, I'll take him."

"Really? Your sure?" I ask him.

"Yeah, I'm sure," he smiles at me.

"Ok," I smile back, "When do you want him?"

"Well we're home for two days before we have a game..." he begins.

"How about I drop him off after practice tomorrow... I already have most of the stuff you'll need and I provide the first bag of food," I smile.

"Caitlin you don't have to do that... I can..." he begins looking at me.

"Tanger I do that for all the dogs I put up for adoption. It's easier that way," I laugh.

"Alright," he smiles, then looks at his watch, "Oh shit, I have to go or I'm going to be late for practice."

He gets up after giving Sam a quick pat on the head.

"Oh, and Kris?" I ask before he leaves.

"Yeah Ace?"

"My receptionist has a crush on you can you give her your autograph?" I ask with a smile.

"Anything for you Ace," he laughs walking out of my office.

I watch as he walks over to the desk and says something to Mary who's eyes go wide. She fumbles around looking for a pen and a piece of paper to write on. I watch as she hands it to Kris, still stunned. He smiles and writes something, giving her his autograph.

"Thhhanks," Mary manages to get out.

"Sure thing," Kris smiles and walks toward the door.

"See ya later Tanger!" I call.

"Bye Ace. And if I'm late..." he smiles from the door.

"Just tell the Captain where you were," I laugh.

He smiles as he walks out the door. 


I open the door and basically fall into the living room. I was so tired! Sidney had been sitting on the couch watching a Habs game when he looks up upon my entrance.

"Hey you're home late. How was work?" he asks from the couch.

"Long," I manage to mumble out as I shrug my jacket off, "I don't suppose you made anything for dinner?"

"Actually the guys and I went out to eat when you said you weren't going to be home. But I brought you something from Primanti Brothers."

"I knew I loved you for a reason," I sigh walking into the kitchen and straight to the fridge.

I open the take out box to find a beautifully crafted turkey and cheese sandwich, which of course had fries, coleslaw, and tomato on it, in Primanti fashion. The only thing bad about this was that cold fries suck, but I was so hungry I couldn't have cared less. I pop it in the microwave as I hear Sid enter the kitchen. He comes up behind me snaking his arms around my waist. I sigh contently and lean into his broad chest.

"I'm tired," I say, my eyes closed.

"It's 9:00. Why were you there so late?" he asks quietly.

"There was a lot of work that needed done. But now I'm caught up on paper work and the rest of my week should go pretty easily, thank God," I sigh almost falling asleep leaning against him, but the beep of the microwave immediately awakens me.

I pull out of his arms and grab the sandwich out of the microwave. I lean against the counter as I take a huge bit out of the monstrous sandwich. 

"Hungry much?" he asks with a chuckle.

"Starved!" I manage to mumble after swallowing my food and before taking another bite.

"Why don't you sit down and eat?" he asks.

I hold up my finger signaling for him to wait until I swallow. I swallow and walk toward the refrigerator, taking out a bottle of water.

"Because if I sit down, I'm not going to be able to get back up and the dogs still need to be fed and let out."

He nods his head in understanding, knowing that I never fed the dogs before I fed myself, unless it was really late. 

"So how was practice?"

"Ok, I guess. There is more and more talk about coach doing a bad job though. And I think the pressure is starting to get to him," Sid sighs.

"You guys are just in a funk, you'll snap out of it," I shrug before starting the other half of my sandwich. I don't think I had ever eaten a Primanti sandwich so quickly before, but I hadn't eaten since 1:00. And even then it wasn't much.

"Well, it be nice if we snapped out of it soon, cause the media is getting really annoying," he sighs. 

"I know, but football season is over and you guys are more exciting then the Pirates."

"Oh, come on. They're getting better," he smiles.

"That's not saying much," I smirk.

A few minutes later, there is nothing left from my sandwich. I brush my hands off and gulp down some more water. I guess I'm a little dehydrated too.

"Did you even taste that sandwich?" Sid asks with a laugh as I put my plate in the dishwasher and get the dog bowls in the corner.

"I told you I was hungry," I say with a smile as I pull the dog food container out of the cupboard. The sound of kibble hitting the metal sides of the dog bowls signals the dogs and they all come tearing into the room to be fed. I scoop out portions for each dog and put a little water in with food in each bowl. After getting everyone lined up and sitting, I sit the bowls down in front of each dog. I step away and they watch me eagerly. Sometimes I called each dog to signal them to eat, just to make them work for their food. But they were probably just as hungry as me so I released them from their stay at one time. 

I yawn as I watch them gobble down their food. I return to the kitchen why they eat, trying to find something to busy myself to keep me awake for a little while longer. The only thing I can think of is wiping off the counters and table with a wet dish rag.

"What are you doing?!" Sid says coming into the kitchen to throw something away.

"Busying myself so I will stay awake," I answer with a yawn.

"And why would you want to stay awake, just go to bed. You look tired," he shrugs.

"Thanks. Because I need to let the dogs out for the last time tonight before I head to bed and I have to wait a little while after they eat or Flash is going to be waking me up much earlier."

"Just go to bed, I'll let the dogs out," he says coming over to me.

"Really?" I say looking up at him in admiration.

"Yes really. Go to bed, I want to see who wins the game," he says kissing my forehead.

"Well if you insist," I say trying to suppress a yawn with little success.

"I insist. Now go, I'll be up when the game is over," he smiles giving me a slight nudge to the door way.

"Thanks Sid. What would I do with out you?" I sigh dramatically with a grin on my face.

"Hopefully we'll never have to find out," I hear him say quietly as I walk up the steps.

I get ready for bed and within seconds of my head making contact with the pillow, I'm out.

The next day I go to work early yet again because I had a session beginning at 9:30. However, my day was not going to be as long. My last session was at 1:00 and I was going to meet Kris at his house after practice. 

I sat in my office at 2:40, waiting for Kris to call and tell me practice was over. Mary had already left and I was getting a jump start on some of the paper work when my phone rang.


"Hey Ace. Practice just ended, is now a good time?"

"Yup sure. just give me directions and we'll be right over," I smile into the phone.

I pull out a pencil and paper, writing down the direction's to Kris's house as he told them to me.
After hanging up, I lock up the office and hop in my jeep. I had everything I needed in the car with me and Sam and Bran had come to work with me so I could go straight there. 

I find Tanger's house more easily than I thought I would. It was a modern looking house, with an arched entry way. I open the back of the jeep so that the two dogs can hop out. The three of us walk up to the door and ring the door bell. I knew he was home because his car was in the driveway.  A few moments later the door opens to reveal Mr. Letang himself. His shaggy dark hair hidden under a baseball cap and he had on a tshirt that said something in French.

"Hey Ace!" he greets with a crooked grin. 

'This hockey team I swear could not look any better,' I think to myself.

"Tanger. Are you ready?"I reply with a smirk.

"Umm... is there a test?"he asks looking very confused.

"Yes! You mean you didn't study?!"I ask sarcastically.

"Very funny," he says rolling his eyes as he bends down to pet Sam and Bran.

"No, I figured we'd walk around a little bit so you could get a feel for him," I shrug.

"Alright. So it's like driving a car," he smiles.
"Sure, I've never put it that way... but yeah I guess it is," I laugh. "Well, here you go!" I say handing Sam's leash to him.

He takes it without hesitation and with a grin. 
" where do we go?" he asks.

"I dunno. Just walk up the road a little bit," I shrug again.

"Ok," he says. He was like a little boy getting his first puppy. You could tell he was excited and he started walking with Sam toward the road. Sam bounced along happily by his side. Bran and I followed from his other side.

"So, how was practice?"

"Ok, we worked on the power play today so I was at the blue line a lot."

"Who was your partner?"

"Well, Sarge was when we did the power play. But coach put me with Gill a lot today."

"Wow you haven't played with Gill in awhile. Coach must really be mixing up those lines," I say looking over at him in surprise, "We could probably turn around now."

We turn after reaching the end of the road and begin to head back to his house.

"Yeah, he's really been feeling the heat from the media. With us losing and all that. I mean he tries not to but like, you just can't help it," he says getting ahead of himself a little bit his accent coming out a little stronger.

"That's understandable. You've all been under a lot of pressure lately, but you will do well," I smile as we turn back into the drive way and walk to my car.

"Alright, so now what?" he asks.

"Well, I have some of Sam's stuff to get out of the car. And then we can head into the house and he can check out his new domain. And then sadly I have to bother you with some adoption papers that need signed," I say opening the hatch on the jeep.

Kris showed Sam and I around his house. There wasn't much color on the walls but you could tell he had some help decorating. My favorite part of his house was the kitchen. It was a big kitchen with gorgeous tileing, an island, and a beautiful gas stove. I looked around, thinking of all the things I could make in that kitchen and all the utencils I could shop for. 

After drooling over the kitchen and seeing the rest of the house, we sat down to fill out the paperwork. 

"Alright, last signiture. In signing this you agree to take care of Sam, feed him, all the essentials of life," I say skimming over some of the paper, this stuff was boring and redundant, "Ok that's it, Sam's all yours."

I get up and get my coat from by the door and call Bran to me.

"Great, thanks Caitlin," he smiles giving me a hug.

"No, thank you Kris," I laugh. "Come here Sammy."

The rottweiler trots over to my side his stubby tail wagging.

"Now you be a good boy for Kris. He's going to take good care of you and we'll all come visit I promise," I sigh giving the dog a hug. It was always hard to see a dog get adopted, not as hard as Koda, but still. Sam had lived with me for a few months and I would definitely miss him around the house. But I also knew I would see him a lot as long as Kris stayed in Pittsburgh, plus he and Kris were a good match. So I wasn't as sad to see him go, but I'd still miss him.

"Alright, I have to get home. If you need anything Tanger or have any questions that pop into your head just call me."

"Will do Ace," he smiles, "See you later."

"See ya, Bye Sam," I smile walking out the door to see Sam get a very confused look on his face as to why I was leaving. But then Kris patted his head and he was immediatley fine, looking up at his new owner with his tongue hanging out in a kind of smile.

I get into the car with Bran and wipe a tear from my eye. 

"Well Bran, let's go home," I sigh looking over at my partner. His icy blue eyes try to comprehend what I was saying, like he was trying to translate my words into dog language.

I smirk and pet him quickly before turning on the car and driving home. I walk through the door and I'm greeted by the rest of the dogs. I look around and can't find Sid anywhere. I walk up the stairs to the bedroom and find him sprawled out on the bed taking a nap.

'Good idea,' I think with a smile. I walk over to the bed and lay down next to him, the feeling of being a little sleepy just hitting me. I hear him inhale quietly waking up a little bit as I lay down and he pulls me next to him, burrying his head in my neck and kissing my shoulder before we both drift off to sleep again.

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Chapter 61: Moving In

This chapter is actually shorter than I wanted it to be, but I figure I should stop here or it would be too long. Gwendolynn, I laughed out loud when I read your comment because I had gone back through some of my story a few days ago and realized that I hadn't even mentioned Jordan and Anya since then. So no worries, they'll be back. Thanks to all you readers who remain loyal and for the comments, they are really great. Ok, I'm done babbling, go ahead and read the chapter. 


"Why the hell do I even have that?" I say aloud pulling out the most ugly pink sweater I had ever seen. How I even acquired the sweater is beyond me, I never wore pink, especially not bubble gum pink. And ruffles really aren't my style. I look and find that the tag was still on it.

"Must have been a gift from Mom," I mumble to myself throwing it in the 'get rid of pile.' Finally I was done with the top of the closet, now I needed to do the drawers and all the shoes... ugh I hate cleaning. 

I hear the phone ring... somewhere.

"Where the hell did I put the phone?!" I shout looking through piles of clothing and junk listening to the muffled ring. Clothes were flying through the air as I look for the phone... I was going to have to go through the them again to determine which one's were keepers.

"AH HA!" I  cry, finding the phone buried in the pile of sweat shirts and blankets.

"Hello!" I sigh loudly into the phone.

"What are you doing?" a confused voice asks.

"The most dreaded and tiring task on earth. I mean really houses should come with an easy button, I hate doing this! You should see the stuff I keep for no apparent reason, I think I have a sickness. I don't know why you even bother with me, I'll probably end up living in a house with junk in every room with cats everywhere," I sigh dramatically falling back onto the only empty spot on my bed, "I'm doomed to become a crazy cat lady!"

"I highly doubt that and I'm glad to hear that the cleaning is going so well," I hear him laugh into the phone.

"Remind me why I'm doing this?"

"Because an amazingly talented and attractive guy is moving in with you as soon as he gets back from his hockey trip," he replies.

Sid and I decided to move in together as soon as he got back from his road trip. We had told his parents which wouldn't have gone so well if it wasn't for Mario. Mario suggested we keep the house, that way if anything happened Sid still had a place to live which made Troy feel a lot better about the whole thing and Sid's parents could stay there when they came to visit. Plus we didn't have to fight over what we were doing with the extra stuff, the extra furniture could stay at Sid's place. However his plasma screen tv was taking the place of mine. Let's just say I didn't complain.

"Oh right, Tanger is moving in on Friday! Thank you for reminding me," I smile.

"Very funny Babe," Sid sighs into the phone.

"I'm kidding. So how was practice?" I ask getting back off the bed and sorting through the clothes quickly again. 

"Torture. After the last couple games coach is really feeling the heat and the press is really getting on his back about it..." he says, I know he is feeling the pressure too, all the guys are.

"Yeah, I know... the paper wasn't exactly praising him this morning,"I reply starting on my shoes.

"I can imagine," he sighs, I could tell he was shaking his head.

"Well, don't think about it tonight. Tell the boys I said to play your hearts out and try to ignore Avery as best you can... either that or tell Ruuts to shut him up," I smile throwing the sneaker with out a mate in the trash can. I think Hawk ate the other one when he was a pup. 

"Will do," he laughs into the phone, "I probably won't be home until late tonight and the boys said they'll help me move stuff over to your place tomorrow."

"So I should stock the kitchen," I reply.

"Hun, you don't have to feed them... what the..." his voice becoming muffled.

"Don't listen to Sid, buy food," I hear a deep voice with a thick accent speak into the phone.

"That's what I thought. I'll see you tomorrow Geno and good luck with the game," I laugh into the phone as I can hear Sid grumbling in the back ground.

"Ok see you tomorrow... " he says and I hear the phone being passes around.

"Hello?" I hear a deep voice ask.

"Hey Staalzy how's Anya?" I laugh.

"Oh hey Ace! She's good, her morning sickness is getting better and we go for another appointment tomorrow... we decided we want to know what the baby's sex is," I can hear him grin.

"That's great!" I say.

"Give me my fucking phone!" I hear Sid grumble.

"I think your lover wants to talk to you," I hear Jordan laugh into the phone.

"Alright, put him on... and good luck tonight," I sigh.

"Thanks," I hear him say before there is some grumbling on the other end.

"You still there?" Sidney growls.

"Yeah I'm still hear," I laugh.

"Sorry about that the guys were being total asses!" I hear him yell into the room.

"Yeah well, who held you down?" I ask.

"Bugsy," he grumbles.

"HI ACE!" I hear someone shout in the background.

"Alright Sid, go take your nap before you get even more grumpy... and tell Bugsy I said Hi and everybody I said good luck," I laugh.

"Ok," he mumbles.

"Good Luck, Love you," I smile.

"Love you too Babe," he sighs.

"Ooooooo... Sid and Caitlin sitting in a tree..." I hear the some of the guys mocking.

"Oh, shut up," Sid grumbles before hanging up the phone.

I laugh hanging up the phone and throwing it on the bed as I get back to my sorting. 

The Pens had finally won a game, but they still hadn't played well. It just seemed that the hockey gods were on our side last night. A few Ranger's shots went off the crossbar or side posts and the only goal of the game bounced off a Ranger's skate and trickled behind Lunquist. But it was still a win, so I hoped Sid would be in a better mood than he had been in. 

"Pascal Dupuis with the only goal of the game for tonight with an assist from Colby Armstrong and Jordan Staal," Rob King says from my TV, "And that all the time we have. On behalf of Jay Caufield and the rest of FSN, good night. Pens win against the Rangers 1-0."

"Alright guys, time for bed," I sigh turning off the TV and moving Hawkeye's head so that I could get up from the couch.

I walk into the den area where they always sleep and make sure everyone lays down in their designated bed. I smile as I watch Koda and Sam get situated. Tonight was Koda's last night before he went back to Beth and I was hoping to find Sam a home soon. I was going to miss those guys.

"Night boys... and Maggs," I smile before turning all the lights and heading up stairs. 

I get ready for bed the usual way and head into bed with a book. I hadn't been reading in a while and I was starting to miss a good piece of literature. So I walk back down stairs and into my study/ work area and pick out one of the many books I had collected over the years. I decide now is a good a time as any to start Anna Karenina, and reach up to a higher shelf to get it. I head back up stairs and begin the book, only to have it hit my face 20 pages in. 

"Oh God, I'm just like my mother," I groan and put the book to the side, turning off the light and officially giving in to sleep burying my nose in Sid's pillow taking in his scent.

Some time later I hear him come in and undress, getting ready for bed, but I'm to tired to even mutter a good game. I fall back to sleep for a few moments only before I feel him slide into bed next to me. His strong arms pull me close and I let out a sigh of contentment as I snuggle into him.

I think I pick up a quiet 'I love you,' before slipping back into my deep sleep.

Sid's POV

"Sid... Sidney," she says quietly gently awakening me from my deep sleep. 

"Five more minutes," I murmur, trying to pull her down next to me again.

"Sidney," she giggles sitting down next to me.

"Why are you up so early?" I groan. I hear her smirk and feel her fingers run through my hair. I open my eyes and find her dark brown eyes smiling down at me. God I loved her eyes.

"Sid, it's 10:30," she smiles, "I have to go take Koda back to Beth, she just called and said that it was ok to bring him back now."

"I must have been tired, I didn't even hear Flash come in or you get up," I yawn loving the feeling of her fingers running through my hair.

"What time did you get back?"

"Umm... some time around 2 I think," I sigh letting my eyes close to her comforting hand.

"Sidney you can't go back to sleep," she laughs.

"Why not?" I mumble.

"Because the boys will be here in an hour to help you move your stuff over."

"Ugh, you mean we can't have a day to our selves? I have to share you?" I groan opening my eyes again.

"Actually, I have to go to the office for a little while," she replies with a guilty look.

"Awww..." I pout.

"Sorry babe,  I had a last minute appointment. I will be home around 2:30. But Sid right now I have to go," she says bending down to kiss me. 

"Alright, tell Brad I said hi," I smile as she pulls away.

"I will," she sighs looking at her keys. I know it was hard for her to say bye to Koda again, but I also knew that she wouldn't even hesitate to do something for Beth. And that's just one of the many things I love about her. 
I get up from bed and pull her into me.

"I love you," I murmur in her hair, feeling her nod against my shoulder. I pull way and look at her. Tears threatened to fall from her chocolaty doe eyes and she bites her lip holding it in. 

"He loves it there, and Beth and Zach love having him," I say looking her in the eye.

"I know. But it's still hard," she sighs not allowing the tears to fall.

"I know babe, I know," I sigh giving her one more hug before she pulls away wiping her eyes and heading down stairs.

I hear her leave and head directly to the shower. We had had a luck win last night, but it was still a win and coach was in a better mood so he gave us the day off. Something that hasn't happened in a while. Some of the guys were coming over to help me move some stuff... I didn't know exactly who but I knew some would be coming. 

After taking a shower I head downstairs to find the house completely empty! It wasn't very often that I was all alone in this house, there was usually a dog somewhere. Caitlin must have taken everyone to work with her. I pour myself a cup of coffee and a whole wheat bagel with an egg and a small fruit salad. I take everything into the living room and turn on the TV, I actually had room to sprawl out on the couch with out having to rest my feet on a dog and there was no dog pleading me to share my breakfast. I found it oddly lonely in the house. Looking out the window I see that the sky is a dark grey color and look to the weather channel only to see a that it will be rainy all day. Great moving weather. I sigh to myself, and flip the channel to the NHL network just in time to hear Don Cherry talk about Ovechkin's latest goal celebration. Was he wearing a tapestry for a sports coat?

The guys started showing up around 1 and we decided to get started now in order to relax later.  By 3:00 we had made excellent progress, we had switched TVs and somehow managed to squeeze one of my chairs into the living room for extra seating. Caitlin had wanted to switch some of her things for some of my kitchen things, being that mine were rarely used and thus in great condition. Stacks of CDs, DVDs, video games, and a few books were taken over as well as my clothes. We all were currently in the living room arguing about who's sound system was better when the door opened and a flood of fur came in the room. All the dogs stood by the door before going any further to shake the rain off of themselves. Bran was the last in before Caitlin came in as well. 

"Hey, Ace!" the boys seem to all shout at once as they greet the dogs and I walk over her side.

"Hey boys!" She waves before taking off her fleece jacket revealing a black t shirt that said "Dogs Rule... pedigree". She's such a dog trainer.

"Hey, how was Beth and work?"I ask kissing her briefly.

"Beth's good, she said the baby is sleeping pretty well so she's not totally exhausted but Zach goes back to work tonight so we'll see how that goes. As for work... I just don't understand why people let their dogs control them. I had an Akita come in today and his owners were afraid of him," she says rolling her eyes. 

"Hun, that's not exactly uncommon," I say slowly.

"Well it should be," she grumbled before she looked into the living room with a smile, "So how goes the work?"

"Well, we almost have everything moved over. We were discussing who has the better sound system."

"Oh, you do," she says over her shoulder as she walks into the living room.

"Told you!" I hear Max call.
I roll my eyes at him and watch Caitlin interact with the guys. She gives Tanger and Geno a hug, and throws a punch into Max's shoulder after he made a remark that I didn't catch. I hear Army pout causing Caitlin to tackle him in a hug. The rest of the guys were spending time with their families or doing other such stuff, although I had a feeling more would show up after the work was done.  She always got along so well with the guys and you could tell they all loved her... even if she did whip their asses in poker. 

Caitlin's POV

I hate when people are afraid of their own dogs, especially since it was usually the owner who had made their dog the way they were. 

I sigh, I needed a cup of coffee or a nap or a piece of cake... I didn't know what the hell I needed but I needed something after that training session. It had drained me. I run out of the car and let the dogs out before running up to the porch out of the rain. I open the door and let the fur fly as the dogs zoom past me into the house and out of the rain.  I let Bran go in before I head in and am greeted by the sound of the guys arguing. 

"Hey Ace!" they all shout over to me.

"Hey boys!" I say taking off my coat with a smile, I liked my nick name and those guys always found a way to put a smile on my face.

"Hey. How was Beth and work?" Sid asks coming over to me and kissing me briefly. That's what I needed, as soon as his lips touched mine and he asked how my day was I felt better.

"Beth's good, she said the baby is sleeping pretty well so she's not totally exhausted but Zach goes back to work tonight so we'll see how that goes. As for work... I just don't understand why people let their dogs control them. I had an Akita come in today and his owners were afraid of him," I say rolling my eyes. 

"Hun, that's not exactly uncommon," he says slowly looking at me curiously.

"Well it should be," I mumble, but have to smile at the group of guys in the living room, "So how goes the work?"

"Well, we almost have everything moved over. We were discussing who has the better sound system."

"Oh, you do," I say walking into the living room. That was really a no brainer why was he even asking, mine was ancient.

"Told you!" I hear Max call and I can't help but laugh.

"Hey guys," I smile as Geno holds his arms out for me to give him a hug.

"Ace, I haven't seen you in awhile," he says hugging me tightly. 

"Well were you the last time everyone was here?" I ask.

"I was busy... I came this time though," he pouts.

"And I'm glad you did," I smile back at him before Kris pulls me over to him.

"You didn't miss me?" he mumbles into my shoulder.

"Of course I did! How could I not miss my best friend," I smile as he pulls away with his famous crooked grin on his face. 

"Ok, my turn," Max says pulling me into him I laugh and hug him back.

"I think I deserve a kiss too," he grins.

"Oh really?" I laugh raising my eyebrow at him.

"Quick before Sidney sees!" he says.

"Funny Max. Go get yourself a girl," I laugh punching him in the shoulder instead.

"But I only have eyes for you Ace," he grins at me.

"What about the one who named you?"I hear Army pout.

"Awww... Colby...." I say tackling him in a hug.

"I always knew you loved me best... no worries I won't tell Sid," he smirks.

"Shhh..." I say with a wink.

"Alright, so we have to move the sound system and that's it?" Sid says coming into the room.

"And then food?" Geno asks.

"Hell yeah! I'm starving!" I say.

"Good, let's go," he replies heading for the door the line of guys and now dogs following him outside. 

I laugh as Sid come up behind me, pulling me into him.

"I love you," he murmurs against my ear.

"I love you too," I say giving him a strange look, trying to figure what that was all about.

"Hey, give Flower a call. He said he'd be over as soon as the work was over, he can pick up the food on his way over."

"Alright, will do," I smile and watch as he walks out the door, before I go to the phone to call Marc. I'm sure as soon as word gets around that the work is over, we'll be seeing a lot more of the team.

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Chapter 60: Not so Alone

Sid's POV

"Come on, let's go!" she says pulling me by the hand into the hospital at 8:00 in the morning.

"I only wish you were excited about this," I sigh sarcastically as we approach the front desk.

"Beth Kelley?" She asks the nurse.

"Room 312, you can just go ahead in," the nurse replies glancing at me, her eyes going wide as she looks back at Caitlin with a look of recognition.

"Thanks," Caitlin replies pulling me again in the direction of the room. She knocks gently before opening the door. We walk into the well lite room, the sun shinning through the windows. Beth lay on the bed with a bundle of blankets in her arms. Zach sat next to her on the bed playing with Beth's wavy red hair. Both look up at us upon our entrance.

I feel Caitlin grip my hand a little tighter and she bites her lip smiling.

"Hey you two," Beth whispers.

"Hey," Caitlin answers back just as quietly as she kept walking over to the bed side taking me with her. When we were close enough, I could see a little pink face in the bundle of blankets Beth was holding.

"Awww... Beth, he's adorable," Caitlin coos at the sight.

"Congratulations you two," I say, I can't help but smile as the little bundle let out a yawn and slowly opened his eyes.

"Did you want to hold him?"Beth asks looking between the two of us.

"Go ahead Sid," Caitlin says looking up at me.

I look at her in confusion.

"Don't you want to?" I ask, thinking she would jump at the chance.

"I will," she replies with a smile. I see something in her dark brown eyes I have never seen before. For once she was actually hesitant to do something.

"Oh Caitlin," Beth sighs, before looking at me,"She has always been hesitant to pick up things. Puppies, kittens, but especially babies."

"I don't want to hurt them, and I'll have you know I pick up puppies all the time," Caitlin says quickly to defend herself.

Truth be told, I was always nervous about picking up newborns too. They were all so fragile and let's face it, hockey players aren't well know for being gentle.

"Come here Caitlin," Beth says softly,"Please."

Caitlin sighs and hesitates for a moment before letting go of my hand and walking over close to the bed. Beth gently places the infant in Caitlin's arms. I can see Caitlin tense up slightly and she pulls away with the baby in her arms slowly. She comes to stand by me, a smile evident on her face as her shoulders relax slightly. I look over her shoulder to see the bundle in her arms and can't help but smile. The baby yawns again and Caitlin giggles quietly.

"My goodness, that was an awful big yawn," she says her voice getting slightly higher and more soothing as she speaks to him.

"Well, since you two are here, I'm going to head home really fast and get somethings. If that's ok with you?" Zach asks getting off the bed.

"Sure, take your time,"Caitlin murmurs not even looking at him, she is still captivated with the bundle in her arms.

"Alright see you later. And I'll see you later too," Zach says coming over to kiss the top of his son's head before walking out the door.

"So you are going to call him Brad instead of Bradley right?" Caitlin asks finally looking up from the baby.

"Yeah, I think so," Beth smiles, she looked extremely content right now and but still tired. Then again, who could blame her.

"And the middle name was after..." she begins.

"Dad, yeah," Beth smiles, a certain sadness in her eyes.

"So where is Anna?" she asks.

"She went to go get mom back home. I really don't know why, It's not like mom can't drive her self. I think Anna just misses being at home," she sighs.

"Probably. And can you really blame her?" Caitlin smiles.

"No she's never home... Are you going to give Sid a chance to hold him?" Beth asks.

"No," she says simply looking back down at Brad with a smile.

"No?" I ask slightly taken back, "But you told me to hold him first, remember?"

"Sid, even though she hesitates at first holding a baby. Once she's holding one, it takes awhile for her to give it up."

I chuckle, "Yeah, that's sounds exactly like her."

"What are you trying to say Crosby?" Caitlin says looking at me with a mischievous grin.

"Nothing dear,"I sigh rolling my eyes.

"Fine. Here, did you want to hold him?" she asks coming over toward me.

"Ummmm... I," I hesitate.

"Sidney, it's fine. If I can hold him without hurting him, believe me you can," she says looking me straight in the eye with a gently smile.

'How did she know?' I wonder to myself before I give in with a nod.

She comes close to me, close enough so that I can smell her coconut shampoo and gently lays the infant in my arms. I immediately tense up at the slight weight in my arms, looking down at the tiny life I'm currently holding.

"Just relax, you are doing fine," Caitlin whispers, putting her hand gently on my shoulder, making me relax slightly.

"So how's Koda?" Beth asks, looking at Caitlin.

"He's good, we got into the house and he immediately went to his chair. He's such a lazy dog," Caitlin chuckles.

"Yeah, he is," Beth says with a yawn.

"Beth, if you want to sleep, go ahead and sleep. I think Sid and I can handle Brad until Zach gets back," Caitlin says gently.

"I'm just a little tired from last night," she yawns.

"And understandably so," I smile.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," she smiles at me before closing her eyes, almost instantly falling asleep.

I smile and look back down to the bundle of blankets. The baby had again fallen asleep peacefully.

"Look at you. Are you great at everything?" Caitlin says with a teasing smile.

"What do you mean?"

"You holding that baby. If only that picture was published on the Internet. There would be girls everywhere swooning and even more signs at the arena with offers to have your children," she smiles.

"You're funny," I say rolling my eyes at her.

"I try," she snickers.

Suddenly the baby stirs in my arms, and lets out a small whine. I tense immediately hoping he will go back to sleep, but he whines again. Caitlin comes over to me and offers to take him, which I oblige to pretty quickly.

I watch as she walks away with him to the window, ever so slightly rocking back and forth.

"Shhhhh... you're ok. We need you to be quiet so your mommy can sleep some more," Caitlin whispers.

I sit down in the chair next to the little table, desk, cabinet thing and watch as she soothes the baby. I can just pick up on her humming a soft lullaby. I had heard her humming the song before, but I never really picked up on it being a lullaby until right at this moment. I watch her by the window, and can't help but think of what a good mother she will be someday.

I hear the door quietly open before Zach walks in, carrying a bag of something or another.

"Look see, your daddy's back," Caitlin whispers to the baby walking over to Zach.

"Hey," I hear Zach says softly putting the bag down in the corner of the room so that he can take his son. "Is Beth asleep?"

"Yeah, she just fell asleep about 15 minutes ago," Caitlin says quietly, "Zach, we have to get going."

"Oh alright, I guess I'll see you later?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'll be back, but Sid has a game in New York tomorrow," she nods.

"Oh right, Good luck Sid," Zach says with a smile shaking my hand.

"Thanks and congratulations man," I smile looking down at the baby in his arms.

"Thanks," he grins, a very proud father.

Caitlin and I walk out of the hospital and I pull my hat down a little lower, hoping not to be recognized. Luckily, no one seems to notice me and we get to the car easily.

As soon as we get into the car I lean over the center console, giving Caitlin a quick kiss. I feel her smile against my lips as she kisses me back. I pull away and start the car.

"What was that for?" she asks with a smile.

"I just love you," I sigh with a smile.

"Well, I love you too," she chuckles as I start the car and pull away to go to the airport.

We arrive at the airport, but not so that I could leave. My parents and Taylor were leaving today and heading back home. It was 10:00 right now and I had to say goodbye, go home and pack, then get back to the airport at 2:00 and get on a plane to New York. We played the Rangers tomorrow in an afternoon game and coach wanted to sneak in a practice there tomorrow morning before the game and then as soon as we got off the plane tonight.

I sigh as a park in my normal parking space and head with Caitlin through airport security to the get to the gate my family was at.

They smile as we approach them, but I could see that sad look in their eyes, leaving me again in Pittsburgh while they went home to Cole Harbor. It had been years since I had been traded to the Pens, but it still hurt to know that they were going home to Canada. Don't get me wrong, Pittsburgh was great and it was feeling more and more like home, especially now that I had someone to come home to, but it wasn't the same.

"So you guys are all ready? You didn't leave anything in the hotel did you?" I ask remembering when Taylor lost her 'lucky Friendship bracelet' and we spent a week looking around the Lemieux house for it. She ended up finding it in the laundry, it had gotten stuck in one of her sleeves.

"Yeah, we have everything," My mom sighs sadly, she always got the most upset when they left.

"You need to get into the playoffs big brother so I can come back," Taylor says giving me a hug.

"I'll try my hardest Tay. And you stay away from the guys," I say looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

"Sid, my hockey team is basically all guys along with most of my friends,"she says frowning at me.

"Fine, just tell them I'll be on the first plane over there if they lay one finger on you,"I say hugging her again.

"Sidney..."she groans.

"Sid, let your sister have her own life," Caitlin sighs coming over to hug Taylor as well."If you need anything Taylor, or if you just want to talk just call me. I'll keep the boy details from Sid," she smiles.

"Hey!"I say looking over at her, only to have Caitlin grin at me and stick out her tongue.

"Thanks Caitlin, I'm so glad we met," Taylor smiles.

"We all are glad we met you, just take care of my boy," Mom says with a watery smile hugging Caitlin.

"I will," Caitlin smiles back, "Bye Trina, I'm sure I'll see you soon."

"I'm sure you will dear," she smiles.

"Sid, good luck tomorrow. Remember, Lunquist is weak up high and don't let Avery get to you," Dad says giving me a hug. 

"Will do Dad, I'll talk to you later," I reply before going over to Mom.

"Honey I really like her," she says whispering in my ear as I see Caitlin go over to my dad. I frown as he says something to her, hoping that it is nothing offensive. 

"Sidney, did you hear me?" I hear my mom ask.

"What, I'm sorry. What did you say Mom?"I say bringing my eyes back to my mom.

"I said that I really like her. You did well picking her. I was a little worried what she would be like after you and Victoria, but I really like her. Don't let her go hun," she smiles.

"I won't Mom," I say giving her a hug.

"I love you Sidney," she says kissing my cheek.

"Love you too Mom."

I turn to see my dad say something to Caitlin at which she grins at and nods her head, then something happens that I thought I would never see. Caitlin gives my dad a hug and he pulls away smiling. What the hell did I miss?!

"Alright, well we need to get going," Dad says coming over to Mom's side.

"Bye, guys be safe," I smile with a small wave as they walk down the terminal.

They wave good bye before disappearing from sight. I sigh heavily, again I watched my family go home without me.

I feel a warm body press against my side, her lips meeting my cheek briefly as her hand finds mine. I hear her let out a small sigh as she leans against me.

Then again...For once, as my family left for Canada, I didn't feel so alone.

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Chapter 59: Lunch and a Baby

Being a hockey fan I'm pretty superstitious, especially when it comes to playoffs. I can't buy anything Penguins during playoffs (yes I'm going on a shopping spree soon), I will not change my clothes or switch from glasses to contacts during the game, knocking on wood is a must, and when we are on a good streak I will not take any jewelry off or put any on. My 'Letang' shirt is unlucky so I can not wear it on game days, however the day after a win it is a must wear. I always drink coffee from the same black and gold cup on game days (no it's not a pens cup its a doctor's office cup) and if I have to travel with my coffee it goes in the green and yellow travel mug. The day after the hockey game coffee goes in my Penguins travel mug. And if I do something before the game and we win, I do it again the next game. Well, the Pens won when I wrote a chapter the night before game 6 and then I posted it after the game. So, you can bet that I did that again for game 7. Now that you've listened to me ramble, here is the chapter!

WAY TO GO PENS!!!!!!!!


Sid's POV

I can't believe we lost, and to the Leafs of all teams! I take a fast shower, wanting to get out of the arena. Right now I was steaming, we had just lost to the leafs 5-1, AT HOME! Ugh, what the hell happened?! Usually after a loss that was so devastating, I'd be checking out tape with the coach or go in the weight room, but right now I just wanted to leave. I drive home, perhaps a little faster than I should be and pull into the driveway. It was around 11:30, which wasn't too bad for all the interviews I did. Caitlin hadn't gone to my game, Beth had decided to cancel the baby shower because of the robbery, but Beth's sister was still flying in from New York. So Caitlin was trying to get work done in order to take a day off.

As I walk up the porch steps, I find that the house is completely dark, save for the soft glow of the TV. I open the door and let the hockey bag fall from my shoulder next to the coat rack. I see Caitlin look up from the couch. Right now I didn't want her to say anything. I didn't want to hear a "you'll get them next time" or a "what the hell happened," I didn't even want to hear her whisper the word "sorry." I just wanted to go to bed

She approaches me and I stare at her, warning that I am not in the mood.

"I just want to go to bed," I growl at her.

She frowns, and just stares at me. Not in fright, like some of the other girls I've been with have done, but in understanding. However, I can see that she is a little pissed at me for being so hostile toward her.

"Fine," she says in an equal tone,"I'll be up in a little bit.

I trudge up the stairs and basically rip off my constraining clothes, my strangling tie being the first thing to go. I crawl into bed in my boxers, still fuming. I tear the covers off of myself and stomp back down stairs. Maggie moves to greet me, but I push past her.

"Move Maggs," I growl shoving her a little harder than needed out of my way.

"Hey!" I hear her snap at me.

"What?" I turn, to challenge, I see that the dogs that are usually surrounding her have slinked off into the living room. All the dogs except for Bran that is. He stands by her side, adding to the wild look she is now sporting.

"Look, I know your pissed, but you never take it out on the dogs!" she growls.

"Whatever," I grumble going to the kitchen to find something to drink. I open the refrigerator as she closes in on me, Bran having left her side.

"Not whatever Crosby, you don't do it!" she says looking up at me. I can see in the light of the refrigerator her eyes have turned that reddish brown color. I should have known better than to mess with the dogs in any fashion. It would have been better for me to stay in bed.

I look at her as she glares up at me, her eyes hold a heat to them and her mouth looks inviting. I actually look at her for the first time since I got home and my breath catches for a moment. She was clad in a tank top and boy shorts, telling me that she was just about to head to bed. I set down the beer I was about to drink on the kitchen and turn to her again. The fire in her eyes had softened a bit, but I could tell she wasn't about to take down her wall anytime soon.

The next thing I know I'm giving into my instincts and pulling her roughly against me, and crashing my mouth down on hers. I hear her inhale in surprise, but easily give into me.

Caitlin's POV

I know he was pissed at how badly they played, hell I was pissed at how badly they played, but when he pushed Maggs away a little harder than he needed to he went to far. Now I watch as he puts his beer down on the counter and looks at me. I tense, trying to contemplate his next move. Suddenly he pulls me against him and before I can respond his mouth is on mine, hot and hungry.

I find myself giving in to his wants easily, and in the process fulfilling my own needs. I love the feeling of his muscular chest against my hand. I moan into his mouth as he nibbles my bottom lip until I begin to taste blood. His hands push up my tank top and his rough hands trace up my curves to cup my breasts. His hands travel further upward, freeing me of my tank top. His mouth comes back up to mine to take in a brief rough kiss before his mouth works down to my neck. He finds that spot that makes me moan with ease.

His hands find their way back down to my hips and push my underwear aside to dip a few fingers in. He groans at my readiness and detaches his lips from my neck. His mouth finds mine again in a mind blowing kiss, making me vaguely aware that he has gotten rid of the only clothing that was covering me and his boxers. His hands find my waist again and his finger tips dig into my hips painfully. He picks me up and carries me up to the bedroom never breaking the kiss. He lowers me on to the bed and before I can react I feel his weight on top of me. Without much warning, he thrusts swiftly into me. I bite my lip holding back a moan as he sets the pace. My hands move up his back to feel he muscles that were quivering and slick from sweat under my hands. My muscles clench around him, and he groans quickening the pace.

Usually Sid held himself in check, at least to a degree, but this time that wasn't the case. This was a side I had never seen before, and I must admit, I was a little intimidated, at least I was. I couldn't help but call out his name as he pushed me over he edge, my finger nails digging into his back as I swear I saw an explosion. Almost simultaneously, Sidney releases and moans my name into my neck. He stays on top of me panting just as I am, before rolling off of me and onto the bed. After a few minutes, he pulls me close to him and kisses my shoulder softly. Both of us too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

The Next Day

"Hey, how's Koda?" I ask.

"He's doing really well, he seems to be happy. Caitlin I really can't thank you enough. I just... I feel so much better having Koda around when Zach's not home,"Beth says as she sips a lemonade the waitress has just brought.

"I thought he would. I'm glad he is doing so well, you both deserve it," I smile. I look over Beth's shoulder to see a slim red head walk in. She was a little taller than I was and was pretty fit. She is in the most up to date fashion and her hair had natural looking highlights that you would think were the real thing unless you knew her like I did.

I grin upon seeing her as she takes off her sunglasses and grins back at me.

"Excuse me Ma'am," she says stifling a laugh and tapping on Beth's shoulder.

"Yeah, how can I..." Beth says turning around, "Oh My God!"

"Surprise!" Anna and I both say at the same time.

"How did you get here? What about the kids? I'm so glad to see you!"she says getting up and giving her a hug.

"Well I heard that you canceled the shower and Cait suggested that I still come down here. So I left the kids with Kevin and here I am!" she smiles looking over toward me, "Hey Cait!"

"Hey Anna, you seriously need to move closer," I smile getting up and giving her a hug.

"I know, I know. But New York really fits me. Although you just can't compare it to Pittsburgh," she smiles, "What Bran didn't come with you?"

"Nah, this was a girls lunch, he was perfectly fine staying at home," I say sticking my tongue out at her for the sarcastic comment.

"Oh that's mature," Beth laughs rolling her eyes as Anna sticks her tongue out at me. Leading us all to laughter.

We all sit back down at the table and order, I mean after all you can't keep a pregnant woman hungry.

"So Cait, how are you and Sid?" Anna asks with a smile while cutting into her chicken.

"Good, his parents are leaving tomorrow and ... he's going to move in sometime next week," I say slowly waiting for...

"Oh my God! Your moving in together?!" Anna squeals.

"It's about damn time you two made it official, he basically lives there already!" Beth says in a similar tone.

"Yeah, I know I know... So Anna how are the kids?" I ask trying desperately to change the subject.

"Oh yeah how are Kelsey and Cassie?" Beth asks.

"They're great, probably getting in trouble with their dad. I swear those girls can do no wrong in Kevin's eyes," she smiles.

"And how is the baby Beth? Did you and Zach think of a name for him yet?" Anna asks.

"Yeah we finally settled on Brad," she grins.

"Aww... that's been your favorite name since we were little," I laugh thinking back to all the times we played house. I was the one that always had not only kids but dogs too. Beth was always interested in taking care of us when we played sick. And Anna always was the one that made sure everyone looked pretty. Now I was a dog trainer, Beth was a nurse, and Anna worked at a museum.

"Yeah I know. I finally convinced Zach it was a good name, especially since it had a 'football player' ring to it," she smiles.

"Of course it does," Anna laughs along with me.

"Look at us, we're all grown up and most of us are married and have or are going to have a kid soon," Beth says looking over at me, Anna looks up from her ice tea at me smiling.

"Thank you for pointing that out Mom!" I say rolling my eyes.

"Ouch!"Beth yelps.

"Oh come on Beth, I haven't used that phrase since high school," Anna says laughs.

"No, ouch. I just had a twing of pain," Beth says holding her stomach.

Anna and I look over to each other in surprise.

"Aaah, there's another one," she breaths letting a long breath out.

"Alright, let's get you to the hospital Beth," Anna says getting out of her chair and going over to Beth.

"Umm... Can we have the check over here?" I ask the near by waitress.

"Guys, I'm fine," she says.

"Beth hun you're having contractions, we have to get you to the hospital," Anna says calmly.

"But... but I'm not due for another 2 weeks!" she says her eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh come on Beth your a nurse, you should know that babies come early," I smile.

"I know, but I never really thought about it," she says looking a little panicky.

"Hun, it's going to be fine. Kels was early too, everything will be fine."

"Yeah I was early too," I laugh.

"Probably the only time you ever were early for everything," Beth smiles at me.

"Yeah well..." I grin back.

"Alright, Beth I'll take you to the hospital..." Anna says walking over to her car with Beth.

"But...but... what about Zach?" she asks.

"I'll go get Zach and everything else you need. I'll get him to the hospital and then I can have Sidney pick me up on his way home from practice," I smile walking toward my car.

"Ok hun, just breathe, we'll be there soon," Anna soothes her sister.

I pull out of the parking lot and drive the ten minutes to Beth's house. I knock on the door prompting Koda to let out a warning bark.

'I knew I picked him for a reason,' I smile to myself.

"Koda, it's me." I smile. Immediately he ceases his barking and it turns to an excited whimper.

The door opens to reveal a tall man, blond hair and grey eyes.

"Caitlin what are you doing here? I thought you were having lunch with Beth and Anna," he says confused.

"I was," I say brushing past him and into the house where I briefly greet Koda. "Zach where is all of Beth's stuff she needs when she goes into labor?"

"It's in the bedroom next to the rocking chair, why?" he asks following me into the room.

"Zach, Beth started having contractions when we were eating lunch, Anna took her down to the hospital," I smile up at him as I see him pale and begin to panic.

"But she's not due for another 2 weeks, we had one more baby class to go to," he says almost to the point of hyperventilating.

"Whoa! Hold on there kid, slow down, take a seat," I say lightly pushing him onto the couch after I got Beth's stuff and headed back into the living room.

"Caitlin I'm not sure if I can do this?"

"Do what Zach?" I ask curiously, my head cocking to the one side.

"Be a dad... I mean what if I screw up... what if he doesn't love me...what if..," he begins.

"Hold on there! Zach, you are going to be a great dad! I honestly don't think Beth would have married you if she thought that you didn't want kids. And you are going to screw up, but that's parenthood, everyone screws up but your kid's going to love you. Seriously Zach, you're going to be a great dad!" I say looking him in the eye, "Now let's get you to the hospital and to Beth."

He nods and walks to his car, attempting to get into the drivers seat.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there speed racer. Your in no condition to drive at the moment. I'll drive you to the hospital in your car, that way you don't have to be wheeled in on a stretcher," I smile pushing him toward the passenger side of the car.

"But I'm going to need my car?" he says looking at me confused yet he obeys and hops in the car.

"I'll have Sid pick me up on his way home from practice, we'll stop by the house and I'll take Koda back to my place, that way you don't have to worry about coming home to let him out or anything," I smile as I pull out of the driveway.

"Ok," Zach says, still looking slightly stunned.

We arrive at the hospital about 20 minutes later.

"Beth's going into labor & I just dropped the daddy to be off @ the hospital. Can u swing by & pick me up on ur way home from pract. ?" I text Sid as we make our way through the doors.

"Hi, umm... Can you tell us where Beth Kelley is? She was brought in a little bit ago having contractions," I ask the nurse at the front desk.

"Are you two friends of the family?"the woman asks with a smile.

"Ummm... yes... I am. But he's the father to be,"I say pointing a thumb at Zach.

"Oh, alright. She just went into room 112, I think she's in there with her sister," the nurse says.

"Thank you!" I smile and pull Zach along to the room. I receive a txt on my search for the room.

"Yeah, sure thing. I'll be there in 15."

I stop infront of room 112's door and look at Zach, who has gotten most of his color back.

"Alright Zach, it's all you now. I'm going to go back home, tell Anna to call me and give Beth a bucket of ice chips for me," I smile giving him a hug.

"Thanks Caitlin, for everything," he smiles. I begin to walk away and he is just about to open the door.

"Oh, and Zach?" I call.


"Good Luck."

He smiles at me before proceeding through the door way and to his wife's side. I smile and walk to the entrance where I grab a magazine to wait.

Half way through the magazine, my phone goes off signalling a call.

"Hey, are you here?" I ask.

"Yup," I hear him smile on the other end.

I see his Range Rover parked in the parking lot adjacent from the hospital entrance. I smile and run across the street getting in the passenger side.

"Well how is she?" he presses as I buckle my seat belt.

"Ok I guess. Zach is a little shaken up though," I grin.

"I can't understand why," he says sarcastically pulling onto the road.

After picking up my car and Koda, I meet Sid back at the house. We decide to watch a movie and today was my pick. Much to Sid's dismay, I picked Father of the Bride II. I mean after all it was pretty fitting.

The movie had finished and we had cooked stir fry for dinner, I was slowing teaching Sid how to cook. Slowly, being the key word, the chicken was well done.

I sigh as I go through the night's routine, not hearing anything about Beth. The dogs went on last outs and they were all ready for bed. I had finished two cups of tea to try to make me sleepy, but I think all they did was make me have to pee.

At midnight, Sid finally had enough and came downstairs.

"Come on babe, I know your anxious to hear something, I am too. But sleeping is the best way to make time fly," he says pulling me into him and kissing shoulder where the tank top I was sporting didn't hit.

"I know," I sigh, "I guess your right, let's go to bed."

I reluctantly crawl in bed next to Sid and snuggle into him. He drapes and arm over my waist and sighs contently. I look to the phone one last time, as if willing it to ring and bring be good news.

"Go to sleep babe," he mumbles against my neck.

"I am, I am," I sigh, "I love you Sidney."

"Love you too babe, now sleep," he murmurs.

Slowly and unwillingly I drift off to sleep, giving into the heat Sid's body was giving off and the comfort of my pillow.


I glance over at the clock, 5:17. It seems like I had just fallen asleep... wait. I suddenly remember and quickly sit up, causing Sid to groan and try and pull me back to him. I brush him off and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Bradley Robert Kelley, born at 4:26. 9 pounds and 22 inches long," I hear Anna smile into the phone, "Oh and it's a healthy baby boy. But I guess you already knew that."

"That's great. How's Beth?" I ask.

"She's doing great, she's really tired though, but that's understandable," I hear Anna yawn.

"I'd come over now, but I'll give Beth some time to rest. Thanks Anna, go get some sleep," I smile into the phone.

"Mmkay, see you later Cait," she says before hanging up.

I turn around to see Sid looking at me with a smile on his face, he was rested on his arm as he looked at me.

"Well?" he asks in a sexy sleep gravelly voice.

"It's a boy. 9 pounds and 21 inches long," I say unable to keep the grin from my face.

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What more needs to be said than...


Way to go Pens, you guys definitely deserve it!

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Chapter 58: Koda

WoooooHoooo! Way to go Pens!!! They played a great game tonight, and Fleury did awesome in his goal! Now let's get that cup!

I have been with him for almost 5 years. We've been through so much together. Could I bear to leave him? Then again, Beth needed someone there for her, and after all Koda was the perfect dog for the job. It would be so hard to give him up though, he wasn't just some dog that I had helped rehabilitate. I had been with him since he was a puppy. But Beth...

"Ugh!" I groan in frustration, my mind had been at war since this morning.

Beth and Zach had left before Sid came home. They said that they needed to be at home, which even though I was happy to have them, I agreed with.

"Okay, that's it!" Sid says putting papers he was looking at down and walking over to the couch where I was sitting, "Move over Sam." He says pushing the rottweiler to the other side of the couch.

"Tell me what's going on?"

" What do you mean?" I ask, suddenly taking interest in the pillow fabric in my lap.

"You," Sid says putting a hand under my chin so that I will look a him, "have something on your mind, something pretty big if you ask me."

"Really? And how do you know this?" I ask, with a brow raised.

"You mean besides the frustrated groan you let out while watching a trident commercial? Well, let's see. You have been biting you lips like you do when you are thinking, you have tapped the remote on the end of your nose, you have constantly been changing your sitting positions, you've cracked your knuckles like you do when your in deep thought..."

I sigh threading my fingers through my hair.

"And you've been playing with your hair," he chuckles stopping my hand from going any further.

"It's just. Well, you know Beth," I sigh.

"Yeah, I think I've met her before," Sid grins sarcastically.

"Very funny smart ass," I smile, "I meant the robbery. She's home alone a lot of nights with Zach working the night shift and plus she's got a baby on the way. After this, she needs some one around. And I can't be over there every night and once the baby comes she can't travel over here all the time."

"So what were you thinking?" Sid asks.

"Well, when my dad worked the night shift my mom got a dog," I begin

"So get Beth a dog," he shrugs.

"It's not that simple," I sigh, my fingers coming up to rub my temples.

"Of course not, you're a dog trainer. I should have seen this being a big deal," he smiles.

"It is a big deal!" I say looking up at him.

"I know! So what are you thinking? You really haven't gotten to that part yet," he smiles.

"Well, with the baby on the way it would take too much of her time to get a shelter dog, or get a puppy. So I thought of giving her Sam, but he's too high energy, especially with a baby on the way," I sigh.

"So..." Sid says quietly, knowing that I'm on a break through.

"So... I think I'm going to give Koda to her," I sigh, feeling a lump in my throat.

"Why Koda?" he asks gently, rubbing my arm.

"Well... he is a big dog, which I think would make Beth more comfortable. He's good with kids, obedient, low maintenance," I say a tear breaking loose, "he's the perfect dog for the job."

"Shhh...babe..." Sidney says pulling me into him, I sigh as I feel another ear streak down my cheek. "You don't have to give him up, he is your dog after all."

"But I do. It's the best thing for Beth, and Koda loves them. Plus it's not like I would never get to see him. I could still take him to work with me if need be, it's just he won't be here anymore. It'll just be hard, he's been with me through a lot. He's part of the reason I'm so success ful. With out him, I would never be where I am today."

"I know babe, but like you said, it's not like you won't ever see him again," he murmurs into my hair.

"Yeah, I know'.

"Caitlin, you don't have to do this."

"Yeah. Yeah Sid I do," I sigh into his chest.


I pull into Beth's drive way, Koda and Bran in the back seat. I knew Zach had taken today off, so they would both be home. Plus, in all honesty, this would be eating me alive until I gave Koda to them. I walk up to the front door and ring the door bell. Moments later Beth appears, still looking a little worried, but she seems to relax when she sees me.

"I told you, we will be fine," Beth smiles letting me in the house. Luckily most of it was cleaned up. "Hi Koda and Bran"

"I know, I know. But that's not why I came. Where's Zach? I need to talk to the both of you," I say, a little unsure of how they would take this. Beth gives Bran a pat on the head while petting Koda.

"I'm right here, what's up?" he says walking into the living room where we have sat down.

"Alright... um... how do I start," I say rubbing my temples again.

"Caitlin are you ok?" Beth asks concerned.

"Yeah, fine," I mumble, "Ok, I would like to give you guys a gift. I've thought about it before, well not this specific gift, but in light of what just happened."

"Caitlin, you don't have to get us anything..." Zach begins.

"I'd like to give you Koda,"I sigh, just wanting to get it out there in the open.

"Caitlin! I..."Beth says speechless as she turns to Zach, both of their eyes wide in surprise.

"Just listen for a minute. I know that you gave Koda to me as a birthday present, and Koda and I have been through a lot together. But, I know that you are not going to feel safe or be 100% safe here at night Beth, when Zach is off working. So I thought about it on my jog today, getting you a dog I mean, and right now the best option for you is Koda. He's big, he's relaxed, good with kids, and he loves you guys. Koda will be great for when you have the baby, and he's big enough to keep you safe and comfort you when you need it. Plus, I can always take him in the day, or when ever you need me to for what ever reason,"I say getting it all out there.

"Caitlin... we can't just take one of your dogs..."Beth says struggling to find the right words.

"Beth, I know you gave Koda to me, and he's not one of my rescue dogs, but this is my job. Rehabilitating dogs and finding families that need them. And right now you need Koda," I say strongly.

"I would feel a lot better knowing that there was someone else here," Beth admits.

"As would I," Zach says, "Especially with the baby coming."

"Then it's settled. Koda is now your dog," I say with a slight smile.

"Well...when do we..." Zach hesitates.

"If you want, I have all of his stuff with me, so he can move right in. I figured since you will be going back to work tomorrow night."

"Alright, but Caitlin are you sure?" Beth says with that worried look on her face.

"I'm positive Beth. Right now this is for the best. But would it be ok, if I still took him to work with me, I mean once you go back to work?"I ask.

"Of Course! Anytime you need him, or just want to see him come on over,"Beth says.

I nod and head out the door to my car. With Zach's help I bring in all of Koda's things, his bed, toys, some food, his bowls...

Everything is in the house and we all stand on the front porch. It's time for me to leave.

"Well kid, I'm gonna miss you not being around all the time," I smile bending down to his level, "Now you be good for Beth and Zach, and the baby when it comes. I'll still see you a lot."

I bite my lips to hold back the tears and give Koda a hug. I pull away and licks my nose in understanding.

"Alright, guys," I sigh standing back up and wiping tears from my eyes, "I'll see you all later."

"Bye Cait, and thank you so much," Beth cries giving me a hug.

"See ya later Bud," I say ruffling Koda's fur, "Come on Bran let's go."

I walk to the car with Bran by my side, to my surprise Koda doesn't try to follow he just stands by Beth and watches me leave, as if he knows that he is supposed to stay.

I drive home, wiping the tears out of my eyes when need be. As I pull into my street, I find cars lining my drive way and Sid's. Must be a boys night.

I walk in my front door to be greeted by the sound of video game and yelling hockey players, the smell of chinese and pizza, and am pulled into the arms of one of my best friends.

"Hey Ace, I heard about Koda. How are you feeling?" his deep voice asks, I can feel the vibration of it as my head is pressed to his upper chest.

"I'll be ok Kris. I'll still get to see him a lot, so I'll be ok,"I smile, Tanger always made me feel better.

"Good," he smiles down at me.

"So you want to bring me up to speed here," I laugh gesturing to the mass of hockey players in my house.

"Well, we ordered Chinese and Pizza, and I'm sure there is beer still left in the kitchen. Ummm... let's see. Pokers in the dining room, wii fit, and I think they pulled out LIFE on the coffee table," he chuckles.

"Poker it is, thanks Tanger," I say standing on tip toes to kiss his cheek.

"Go get 'em Ace," he laughs as he heads over to play wii and I head to the dining room.

I walk into find, Army, Max, Flower, Orps, and Bugsy at a my table, which was littered with cards, chips, pizza crusts, and some beer bottles. I am hit by uncontrollable laughter as I see that Flash is sitting on Colby's lap watching the poker game.

"Hey Ace!" they greet.

"Colby, why is my dog on your lap?" I ask getting over my laughter.

"Because he's been a good luck charm for me!" he says holding up his hands.

"What ever. And the pizza crusts, I mean really guys," I say picking pizza crusts off the table,
"This is a house full of dogs, just give it to them." I toss a pizza crust to Flash.

"Ok, now that that's settled, what are we playin?" I ask, sitting down at the table.

Later that night, after everyone went home, I walk up to my room and get ready for bed. I sigh loudly as I fall in bed next to Sidney. He laughs and pulls me close to him.

"Are you feeling better?" he asks, looking down at me.

"Yeah, I am. I mean, I really miss not having Koda around, but he's with Beth, so I'll see him all the time. And after Beth goes back to work, he'll come with me to work everyday."

"I'm glad you're feeling better. I heard you cleaned out the boys to night," Sid chuckles against my shoulder.

"Eh, they could have folded if they wanted to," I shrug with a smirk.

"They should have known, I mean after all they were playing with the Ace of poker," he grins.

"Damn right!" I grin.

He laughs before connecting his lips with mine. His lips press against my lips and I feel his tongue worm it's way between my lips to dance with mine. After some effort, I pull away after a moment and his lips find my neck.

"I didn't get to tell you thanks," I smile, my fingers threading through his hair.

"For what?" he murmurs against my skin.

"For inviting all they guys over to help cheer me up," I grin as he pulls away to look at me.

"I don't know what your talking about," he says seriously, but I can see the smile in his eyes.

"Ok, they just all decided to show up?"

"Must have," he mumbles his lips finding their way back to mine before he rolls over and turning out the light. I snuggle into him and we both begin to drift off to sleep.

"Sidney?"I ask quietly.

"Yeah?" he whispers back.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome babe," he whispers, kissing my forehead.

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