Chapter 20: One of the Guys

After practice Sid drives me home and then has to leave, something about going shopping with Victoria. I just get in the house when my phone rings, an unidentified number popping up.

"Hey, it's me, do you think I could come over to your place?"

"Yes, 'me', you can. You know that sounded kinda stalkerish, right." I say laughing into the phone.

"Well, maybe I am stalking you, you never know. So where do you live?"

"Your not a very good stalker if you don't know where I live."

"Very funny, but seriously."

"I'm in the stone house next door to Sid."

"Wait, so you guys are neighbors?!"

"Yeah, kinda ironic, eh?"
"Just a tad, I'll be over in like 10 minutes. And I'm the Canadian here not you."

10 minutes late, there is a knock at the door. I open the door and Colby comes in.

"Alright, straight down to business," he says sitting down on the couch. Maggie jumps up next to him putting her head in his lap.

"Your in her seat, she thinks you're there to pet her."

"Don't change the subject,"he says petting Maggie.

"I didn't realize we brought up a subject."

"You and your sarcasm. Do you want to here what I have to say or not?"

"Okay fine, I'll just listen."
"Good, now like I said, Sid is not happy with Victoria, he's still in love with you. He just doesn't know it."

"Wait, when I left Florida Sidney hated me... then he told me he tried to find me... and then he met Victoria? I seem to be missing a few pieces."

"Okay, we'll start from the beginning. After you left the beach I gave Sid the note telling him to read it, he told me no that he hated you, and I told him that he didn't. He didn't come out to the beach that day, he just stayed in his room and sulked. After coming in at the end of the day, I went to talk to him. He told me he made the biggest mistake of his life letting you go."
"He said that," I ask.

"Yes, so he tried to find you. He went to the campus in Maryland, but he couldn't find you or anyone that knew you. The fact that he didn't even know your last name might of had something to do with that, that was in August when school was in. He basically had no way of finding you, and he went in kinda deep after that. He kept to himself, more so than usual, and every time he went out with us he would always stay away from the group, by himself, and shoot down all the girls that tried to make moves on him. He told us he didn't want another girl, he wanted you. I, of course, was really worried about him so I told him to move on, that he wasn't going to find you."

"Understandable." I replied listening intently.

"Well, he didn't date for a few years, and every time we went to D.C. to play the Caps, he would disappear for a day after the morning skate was over, then he would come back, depressed as hell."

"How do you know this, you just came back this year?"
"Staalzy was his room mate at the time, so he told me. He and I figured out that Sid was going down to the campus every time they went down there to play, looking for you. Well, the years passed and he didn't find you. Then one day, Staalzy said Sid came back, wicked ass drunk and extremely depressed. Apparently he went to the campus to find you, like always, and he found someone who thought they knew you; however, they proceeded to tell him that you had graduated and that they didn't know where you went."

"Oh, no." I sighed.

"Yeah, Sid was even more depressed because he knew he wouldn't be able to find you. He was still pretty depressed when we all went out one night. I was there and I told him to move on, find another girl, thinking we would never see you again. So that night, Victoria was the first girl to hit on Sid. And well, him being so depressed and all, he just kinda went for it. I didn't think he would end up asking her to marry him."

"Well, maybe they fell in love." I sigh.

"No. He's not in love with her. Caitlin he doesn't give her that look."
"What look?"

"The one he gives you, like your the only person in the room. The guys and I hate Victoria, maybe we'd like her a little more if she wasn't playing Sidney so much, or if he actually loved her. No, she's basically his rebound girl, he thinks he's in love but he's not. And Victoria, she's not in love with anything but his wallet."

"Thanks for telling me this Colby, but I'm not going to get between them," I say firmly.

"Yeah, I didn't think you would, your too much of a good girl to do that, even if you really want him. But, don't worry, if he doesn't come to his senses soon the whole team and I will tie him down and beat the sense into him, captain or not," he says getting up to leave, "Oh, and I forgot to tell you. We're having a big Christmas party coming up here pretty soon, your invited."
"Thanks, when and where?"
"Next week, the 22 at my house. It's just a little Christmas party, before the holidays."
"Sweet I'll be there."

"Good. You'll have fun all the guys love you. Victoria on the other hand might get a drink or two spilled on her if she's still around," he laughs opening the door.

"Alright Colby, I'll see you then, and thanks."
"You needed to know, Caitlin," he says before shutting the door.

A few days pass, Sid and I start hanging out more and more, it's basically to the point now where he can just come into my house and eat breakfast when I'm in the shower. And to my horror the whole hockey team is getting just as close to me. It's a Friday, and I don't have to work today. It's the 20th and being that everyone is getting ready for vacation, I decide close the business until the 27th. Anyways, it's about 11:00 in the morning and after sleeping in until 9:30 (Flash must have been having an off day) and going for my morning walk and jog, I hop in the shower. I hear the dogs bark a little bit and I figure Sidney just showed up.

"Caitlin you here?!" he yells up the stairs.

"Yeah, I'm in the shower, I'll be down in a little bit."I yell back down.

I get out of the shower and twist my hair into a quick braid. I slip on a pair of worn jeans with holes in the knees, an old t-shirt, and wool socks. After applying some foundation and mascara I go down stairs to make some breakfast, my guess is Sid has parked himself infront of the TV, like he does almost everytime I'm home after his morning skate. Boy was I wrong.

I go down the steps, with Bran fallowing behind, to see the entire team hanging out in my small living room.

"Holy shit! What are all of you doing here?!" I ask flabbergasted. My reaction bringing out a chorus of laughter.

"Well, the guys and I were talking about how we all needed a break from women and life. Remembering that you took off for the next few days, I said that I was just going to go chill at your place today, like I always do after a morning skate. Colby said I was lucky to have a friend like you, that I could just hang out with and you wouldn't expect anything in return,"Sid says.

'oh, Colby, as subtle as you are, he still didn't get it,' I think smiling as I look over at Colby who is grinning mischievously on the couch with Koda.

"So basically, we decided we'd all come here. I hope that's okay," Sidney finishes.

"Yeah, that's fine. I'm just astounded that you all fit in here. Oh, and you know I am a girl right?"

"Huh?"Sid responds.

"You said you guys needed a break from women? So you came to one's house, yeah, that makes sense."

"Awww... face it Caitlin," Ryan Malone says coming to put an arm around my shoulders, "your one of the guys."

"Gee, thanks." I say rolling my eyes, "so, I'm guessing your all hungry."

"Caitlin, you don't have to..."Sidney begins.

"Don't listen to him, yes, we're hungry." Max says who I spot kneeling down petting Hawkeye.

"Alright, well I don't have enough food in the house for you all, how's Chinese and pizza sound?" I ask. Immediately a plethora of orders are shouted out.

"Whoa, hold on," I yell above the rest. I disappear into my office area, grabbing two sheets of paper and writing "PIZZA" on one, "CHINESE"on the other. "Okay, write down your orders, I'll call and see how much money, then we'll make a money pot from there."

"You mean your not paying for us?" Ruutu replies sarcastically.
"Yeah, right! I've seen the way you guys eat," I look outside and see that Ryan Whitney's car is the one in the back, "Whit, you can get out the easiest."

"So." he replies.

"Well, someone has to go get beer." I smile.

"Yes, ma'am."he grins jumping up and out the door.

'It's going to be a fun day,' I think to myself.

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