Chapter 37: What the Hell is on Your Arm?!

"YES!!! Wooo, way to go Geno!!!!" I shout at the TV, as I watch Geno do his signature fist pump after his tie breaking goal with 30 seconds to go in the 3rd.

"An amazing goal by Evgeni Malkin, giving the Penguins a 5-4 victory over the Rangers. On behalf of Bob Errey and FSN, I'm Paul Steigerwald..." the TV Bellows.

"Alright, guys. Last outs," I say pushing Maggie off my lap before walking to the door.

The dogs get up from their spots and stretch before heading outside. I run upstairs and get ready for bed, going to the bathroom to clean my stitches. I hear Rob King say they are going to post game reactions from the players. I race down the steps just in time to see Kris Letang finish his short interview. They next move to Sid, who being the modest guy he is, says that he missed some key plays.

"Oh, please, Crosby. You got a goal and 2 assists, how much more can you improve," I smile at the TV.

"Sidney, are you and Victoria still together?" I hear a reporter ask. I quickly turn up the volume awaiting the answer.

"Umm... no, we're not," he replies uncomfortably.

"Can you tell us what happened between the two of you?" the reporter pushes.

"We both realized that we wanted different things in life, concerning family and career," he replied simply.

"Good job Sid. Boy, whoever coached him to say that should receive a medal," I joked to myself. I turned to let the dogs in when I hear,

"There have been some pictures that have surfaced with you and another woman. Do you have any comment?"

I stop dead in my tracks, I turn to look at the TV and to my surprise I see, Bran, Flash, Hawkeye and I walking next to Sid in the airport. My mouth hangs open in shock as they flash the picture back to Sid in the locker room, who has turned a little red.

"She's a good friend of mine," Sid replies threw his teeth at the pushy reporter.

"Well, are you two in a relationship?" the reporter pries.

"She has been a great friend to the team," Sid says not answering the question.

"Yes, but are you..." the reporter begins again.

"Sid, how do you feel about the new line mix up, tonight?"Dan Potash interrupts the guy.

I let out a sigh of relief and see that Sid does the same.

"Umm... I think we had some great chemistry going on our lines. Staalzy and Max were looking fabulous out there with Kennedy, and I think that we could really have something going there. Thanks for asking Dan." he replies.

"Thank you Danny!" I sigh. I was going to have to give that guy a hug the next time I saw him, I think as FSN goes to commercial.

I go to the door and whistle out into the darkness. Maggie goes racing up the steps and passed me into the warm house. Flash, Hawkeye and Koda follow, with Bran looking up at me from the steps.

"Go on Bran, go get Sam," I tell him.

Bran disappears, I hear him bark in the distance and then a growl from another dog. I hear the start of a small tussle only to hear the other dog whine, signaling me that he has given into Bran's authority. A few moments later, a rottweiler comes slinking in the house with a watchful Bran behind him.

"Good boy Sammy. Thanks Bran," I say petting Bran on the head before slipping into the house after him.

I say goodnight to the dogs, who are instructed to sleep in their room because of the new addition, before heading up to bed myself. I crawl under my covers, just as my phone vibrates signalling a text message.

"I'm coming over when I get home, I miss you."

"I miss you too, but I won't be awake, so just let yourself in. Good game, stupid reporter." I text back.

"Thanks and yeah, I was ready to strangle that guy. See you when I get home."

I smile, there was no way in hell I was waiting for him to come home, it was already 10:30, and I had a pretty long day. The dull aching in my wounded arm was bugging me again, so I got up and took an aspirin before finally drifting off to sleep.

* * * *

I had been in a very deep sleep when I felt the bed shift beside me. Strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me close to a warm, hard body. His cold hand traced my curves before settling around my waist. His cold lips pressed against the spot where my shoulder was bare making me shiver.

"Your hands are cold," I mumble, my voice husky from sleep. I turn around so that I'm laying down and facing him. I snuggle in against him, pillowing my head on his shoulder and placing my hand on his chest.

"Sorry, babe, I didn't have my gloves with me. Go to sleep," he replies quietly placing a kiss in my hair.

I sigh contently, taking in his masculine scent as I drift off to sleep next to his warm body.

* * * *

"Ruff... Ruff..."

I groan in response to the whisper, ugh, what time is it? 8:00, time to get up.

"Flash we don't have to be at work until 11:00 today," I groan quietly, trying not to wake the man who had his arms around me.


"Alright, I'm coming," I sigh, knowing that the dogs need out. I carefully untwist myself from Sidney, who stirs in response.

"Where are you going," he replies with his eyes still closed, his voice sexy and husky from sleep.

"I'll be right back, I have to let the dogs out. Go back to sleep," I whisper slipping out of bed. I head downstairs to find my pack waiting for me at the edge of the steps.

"Good Morning,"I yawn.

This causes a reaction of tail wags from everyone. I head the rest of the way down the steps. I give everyone a pat on the head including Sam. He gives me "the look" paired with a low growl, telling me he will bite.

"Hey, that's enough," I growl back. Bran comes to my side and lets out his own low growl. The rottweiler immediately stops his growling, and reluctantly lets me pat his head.

"You're going to like me by Monday, just wait and see," I smile at him.

I let the dogs out and turn on the news to check the weather. I wait a good 15 minutes, channel surfing impatiently, I want to get back up to that bed. I go to the door and whistle, the dogs rushing into the house past me, this time, Sam obeys coming in the house with out a problem.

"We're getting somewhere," I smile.

I leave Animal Planet on, as I head upstairs, knowing that Flash and Hawkeye will watch it, and the other dogs will just lie in the living room, waiting for me to come back down stairs.

I stand at the edge of the bed, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful sleeping, I pull the cover back on the bed, before crawling in. He stirs and inhales deeply, before stretching his arms above his head. He lowers them, putting a muscular arm around me and pulling me toward him. I snuggle into his warmth, tilting my head up to kiss his jaw.

"Good morning," I say warmly.

"Morning," he mumbles, before opening his eyes and looking at me.

"You played a good game last night."

"Thanks, the team is looking pretty good right now."

"Most definitely. You handled the Victoria thing pretty well too."

"Yeah, well, they still found out about me and you."

"Well, technically you didn't say if we were dating, you said we were just friends,"I grin at him.

"True, but I'm sure it will be all over the Internet tonight," he frowns.

"Sid, don't worry about it. Everything will be fine."

"I hope so," he sighs. There is a bit of an silence, both of us trying to find what to say next.

"What time did you get in last night?"I finally ask breaking the silence.

"Around 3, it was pretty late... what the hell is on your arm?" he asks suddenly aware of the bandage on my forearm, as he moves his hands up my arm.

"Oh, I was going to call and tell you but then I guess I forgot. I was training an aggressive Rottweiler yesterday, and well, I didn't trust my gut. I should have brought Bran in with me, but for some reason I didn't, anyway. We were doing pretty well, when he latched onto my arm."

"Oh my God, are you okay? How bad is it?" He asks sitting up to look at my arm.

"Calm down, it's not like this is the worst I have ever gotten. It's just a few stitches no big deal."

"You got stitches?! How many?"

"Calm down mom," I say sarcastically, "I have 9 stitches, no big deal. I've gotten more before."

"I can't leave you for a day without yo getting hurt in some way." He sighs.

"Hey, Mr. Hockey, you're not the only one who can get hurt on the job. Seriously Sid, don't make a big deal out of this. I'm fine."

"I know, I just worry I guess."

"Well you shouldn't, I'm a big girl I can take care of myself."

"Yes, I know. So can I see them," he asks like such a guy.

"What my stitches?"I say laughing at him.

"Yeah, let me see."

I laugh as I sit up and show him the jagged line of black stitches closing the deep gash in my arm.

"Ouch, damn that looks like it hurts,"he says gingerly touching the purplish bruised skin around the wound.

"Yeah, it's kinda this dull ache that's just annoying,"I grimace,"I think it might leave a bit of a scar."

"To add to your collection, eh?"he grins at me.

"Yeah, I'll wear it proud, like any warrior would," I smile thinking of the other reminders of accidents I have had, most of them had to do with dogs.

"So what happened to the dog?"he asks.

"Um... well, he's kinda down stairs waiting for his breakfast," I respond, dreading his reaction.


"Well, I couldn't let the people put him down, I mean, with a bit of training on both sides he can be a good dog. I've done it before, he will spend a week or two with the pack and I, learning his manners. Then I will continue to work with him with his owners, if things don't work out, I'll probably end up with a new dog."

"You're really something else you, know that?"he says kissing me sweetly on the lips.

"Well I try," I smile at him,"Why don't you go back to sleep for a little while longer, I don't have to get up for another hour."

"Okay, good idea," he mumbles his eyes already closing. I kiss him on the shoulder before snuggling into him. He drapes an arm around my waist, making me fit into me perfectly. I fall asleep thinking how damn lucky I am.

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Hahah I can totally imagine Sid freaking out when he found out she brought the offending dog home! I remember when he delivered season tickets last year he freaked out about them having dogs at one of the houses

I love that Sid is protective of her and that she is so independent, yet appreciative of it...loved this chapter, update soon, please!

There's Sid having to be the protective boyfriend... its adorable. I loved the update, hopefully there will be some more in the near future. =]

awh, i love your story.
it's so cute. sid being the cute, protective boyfriend.
and i think it's awesome that you include dogs so much in your story.
i love dogs. :)
anyways.. keep up the great writing. :)

omg its so sweet i love sid reaction to the scar

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