Chapter 41: Busted by Ace

Only 2 days left until the event. The whole team left today, while I was leaving tomorrow morning, I had a few sessions I was trying to get in so I could take the next few days off. I had decided to take Bran with me and the rest of the dogs were taking a vacation at a local dog spa, which was better than some of the hotels I had stayed in. Sam's owners had decided that they didn't want to put the work into the rehabilitation process of training him, so he was staying with me for now. I hoped that with a bit more training that he would be able to be adopted. It is 9:00 in the evening and I had just dropped the dogs off at their hotel. I was packing my suitcase in my room, Bran watching me contently from on the bed.

"Just like the old days, eh Bran? Just you and me,"I smiled as he watched me with those piercing blue eyes.

After I finished packing all my stuff and the things Bran would need, we ate a late dinner and watched a movie before turning in for the night.

I walked with Bran in the airport with all my luggage and looked for someone I knew. Sid said that someone would pick me up at the airport, but I had no idea who.

"ACE!!!" I heard someone yell. I turned around to see Ryan Malone, Max Talbot, and Evgeni Malkin running to catch up with me. The team, specifically Colby and Malone, had nicknamed me 'Ace' over the course of the last couple weeks because I always whipped them in poker and on the Wii. Yep, I was just one of the guys. I some how got pretty lucky with the nickname, however Colby has been calling me 'Caity' for the past few times I've seen him, I hated that nickname. I like the name Katie, but not for me.

"Hey guys. Sid have media stuff?"I smile as they approach me.

"Yeah, we're taking you back to the hotel, hey Bran!" Max says petting Bran and taking the leash from my hand along with a bag. Geno picked up my other bags and before I had a chance to say anything, I was lifted off my feet and over the shoulder of Ryan Malone.

"Bugs, come on put me down," I whine trying to squirm out of his grasp.

"Alright, guys I think we have everything let's go," he laughs and starts walking toward the door.

"Ryan put me down," I hiss in his ear, "People are staring."

"If you don't start squirming Ace I'm going to drop you and then you'll have to wear a cast with what ever pretty dress you got."

"Come on Malone. Let me down," I growl in his ear.

"Shut up and enjoy the view, Ace. I know I am," I hear him chuckle mischievously as he smacks my ass.

"I'm sure your wife would love to hear that one Bugs!" I snarled.

"Ok, fine," he said slipping me off his shoulder and letting me land with a gentle thump on the floor, "You just had to play the wife card."

"Thank you!" I grin getting up, "So how long had you guys planned on that little routine?"

"What are you talking about?! That was spur of the moment, pure wit," Max says looking to be hurt by my comment.

"Uh, hu, sure," I laugh rolling my eyes.

"It's ok, Ace, we won't tell Sid about you and Bugsy," Geno grinned at me,"Your secret is safe with us."

"Ha, ha very funny Geno!" I smiled at him throwing a soft punch into his shoulder.

Sid's POV

'Ugh, media. They were really annoying sometimes, they kept me for hours when all I wanted to do was go see Caitlin. Finally!' I thought making it to our room, 'I couldn't wait to see her, spend some time with her and...' I thought, my excitement to see her building. I walk in the room, the lights are turned out and there is a movie on. Pillows were everywhere with other guys all over the room.

'and the rest of the team.'I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, Sid! You're just in time for Robin Hood Merry Men in Tights!" Army flashes a grin at me from his spot on the couch next to Max.

"Where is Caitlin?" I ask searching around for her with only the light at the TV.

"Over here Sid!" I hear her laugh. I fallow the voice to the bed where she is laying across the bottom of the bed. With Ruutu and Jordan occupying the space above along with Bran.

"Is everyone here?" I ask stepping over Tangers and Duups to get to her.

"Yep, just us guys," Whit replied from next to the TV.


"Face it, Ace, you're one of the guys," I heard TK laugh from the window ledge.

"What I want to know is how all of you guys can manage to fit in one hotel room with my girl friend, but we have trouble on an airplane," I say sitting next to Caitlin.

"Sid shut up, I can't hear the movie," Sykie says hushing me. Causing Caitlin to laugh.

"I missed you," I continue kissing Caitlin quickly on the mouth.

"I missed you too," she smiles. I go in for another kiss but some one kicks me sharply in the side.

"Crosby, quit trying to make out with Ace. If we wanted to see that we would have ordered a romance movie," Ruuts hisses.

Caitlin's POV

"Finally, I have you all to myself!" Sid says tackling me on the bed landing on top of me.

"Mmmmm... I missed you," I say kissing his jaw and down his neck.

"Missed you too 'Ace,'" he moaned using my nickname. His hands reached down and brought my face back up to his. He kissed me slowly, taking his time. His tongue brushed my lower lip asking for entrance, but I made him wait. I felt him smile into the kiss, knowing that he was going to take this as a challenge. He pushed me into the mattress even more, his one hand coming to the small of my back pushing me into him. He began to nibble on my lower lip then swept his hot tongue over my lip, and then he repeated the same action. I couldn't hold back anymore and I opened my mouth to him with a moan. His tongue speared into my mouth and tangled with mine. We were both gasping for air as I broke the kiss to pull his t shirt over his head and he took it as a chance to pull off mine leaving me in only a sports bra. His kisses traveled down my neck and onto my collar bone before his mouth came up to meet mine again. I traced the muscles in his back and dug my finger nails slightly into his shoulders, making him groan into my mouth. His mouth moved south again and hit the magic spot on my neck,
"Sidney,"I moaned my hands tangling in his hair. His response was to push his hips into mine and I could feel him growing large in his jeans. I bit my lip to stifle another groan as his hands came to the button on my jeans. But I thought I heard something. He slowly unbuttoned them and went to pull the fly down, but I stopped his hands and put a finger to his lips to silence him. He gave me a confused look and I heard it again.
"Babe... what?" he whispered as I slipped from under him and tiptoed to the door. I put my ear against it and frowned. I walked back a little ways toward the bed again.
"Mmmmm... Sidney," I groaned. He looked at me in confusion as I quietly tiptoed back to the door to hear stifled laughter. I pulled Sid over to the couch and he looked at me bewildered. I went over to the door and made sure he was watching. He was.
I flung the door open to reveal at least 8 guys on the other side, listening at the door. They all looked like hockey players, one of them I knew to be Sean Avery. They all looked at me in shock.
"Hi boys. Whatcha doing?" I asked smoothly with my hands on my hips.
"Busted!"I heard one of them mutter, before they all ran full speed down the hall way.
"Bran!" I yelled into the bathroom where he had been hiding. Which made me feel really bad. He immediately ran out the door and after the guys. I knew he wouldn't hurt them unless I gave the signal, but I did know he would scare the shit out of them. He ran ahead of them and stopped them before they could go any further. He crouched snarling and baring his teeth like he was trained.
"Holy shit!" I heard one of them yell as they saw Bran.
They turned but soon found that they were trapped between me and Bran, and Sid was coming up behind me looking very pissed.
"What the hell guys?" I yelled at them, my temper flaring. They all looked around looking for escape but there was none. They just stood there looking at me, and then looking back at Bran. I looked over my shoulder to see that my yelling had prompted Max, Staalzy, Bugsy, Ruuts, Geno, and Whit out of their rooms and it looked like Sid was explaining what had happened. First their eyes opened wide in shock and then fist clenched and they started walking toward the other guys. I held up my hand and stopped them.
"I can't believe you people are so perverted! I mean I'm sorry that you can't get laid, but to come and listen at someone else's door, that's just sick!"I yell loud enough to shake the walls.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I knew I was scary when I yelled, but with dogs I learned that I was even more intimidating when I kept my cool instead of flipping out. Bran was still growling at them holding them in a tight little herd, like sheep. I whistled for him, and it was like someone had flipped a switch. He went from looking like a wolf ready to attack crouched down, ears back, teeth bared to a normal big dog running to his owners side. He sat down in front of me. I crossed my arms across my chest only to realize I was still in a sports bra. However, I kept a death stare on them, none of them were stupid enough to check me out when I was pissed.
"I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I wouldn't come near this hall again, cause I don't think you find yourselves a very warm welcome." I say calmly using the low voice I did when a dog was misbehaving, "Right now, you all need to get out of my sight, Now!"
They all muttered sorry before slinking back to their rooms. I turned on my heels and went back into my own room brushing past the guys with Bran close behind. I sat down on the bed and just stared at the wall, my fists clenched at my sides.
"Babe, are you ok?" I heard Sid ask softly, the other guys were standing behind him, looking at me with pity.
"Fine," I bit out,"This hotel has a pool right?"
"Umm... yeah, why?"
"I need to burn off some anger, " I muttered going in my suitcase for my bathing suit. I found my sporty two piece and went into the bathroom to change. "I'll be back later," I said slamming the door behind me.

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And I agree..more Sids' POV

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