Chapter 40: Swallowed by a Banana

"Alright, tell me!" I say walking in the door. The dogs run passed me into the house as I hang up my coat and take off my boots. He looks back at me from his place on the couch with a smile.

"How was your day?" he asks.

"Fine. How was yours? That's good," I say not waiting for him to answer and sitting next to him, "Now will you ask me what you were going to ask me?"

"Actually, I'm kinda thirsty. I think I'll get a drink first," he says moving to get up. However, I swiftly push him back down. I straddle his legs and look him in the eye,

"Tell me. It's been killing me all day!"

"Babe, it's nothing big," he smiles.

"I don't care. I need to know!"

"Alright, fine. But don't say anything until I'm done. Just hear me out." he begins, " There is this charity event that I have to go to. It's a big dinner and everything, it's to help the victims of natural disasters. And I was wondering if you wanted to be my date?" He replies cautiously and brings his eyes up to look at me. I look at him for a moment, and think. I guess he sees the hesitation on my face and he quickly adds.

"The whole team, actually the whole NHL, is going to be there, so there will be people you know. It's in Montreal in 2 weeks, and I know you have been dieing to go there. And they welcome Search and Rescue dogs, so you can have the dogs with you too. Please! I would really like if you came with me, and it's for a good cause one I know that you are involved in. Please, Caitlin."

"Ok," I shrug.

"Ok?! That's it? I don't have to argue with you about?" he says looking taken back by my answer.

"Yeah, I'll go."

"But, you aren't going to freak out about not having a dress or it being to short notice?" he says obviously still baffled.

"Do you want me to?"

"No, I just thought I'd have to put up a good fight to get you there."

"Well, I already knew about it. They send all SARs an invitation. I've avoided it every year, but since you are going, and you asked, I guess I will. One thing though. You know if I go to this with you, the world will know that Sidney Crosby is off the market?"

"Oh, I know. And I want people to know that. I think people are need to know, that is if you're okay with it, I mean there will be girls that will want you head," he smiles kissing my lips sweetly.

"I can handle it."

"I know, but they're going to say some pretty awful things about you because they are jealous. But just remember that at the end of the day it's you I'm coming home to. I love you," he says seriously looking into my eyes.

"I know, Sidney," I smile and kiss him lightly on the lips. He takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss threading his fingers through my hair and pulling me closer to him. After a few moments he breaks away giving me one last quick kiss.

"Oh, by the way. Laura and Sara are going too, and they want to go dress shopping with you."

"Ugh, shopping. Can't I just go in jeans?" I pout.

"Sorry, babe. I think this is a little more formal than that, "he smirks.

"Oh, alright. As long as I don't come out looking like Barbie." I mutter snugging into him.

"Never," he laughs.

* * * *

"Sid, you're going to miss your plane," I smile as he starts walking with me to the bedroom, kissing my neck.

"I'm not going now," he mutters.

"Nice try Crosby," I smile between kisses, "You need to go cream the Caps and decimate the Canes."

"I know. Why can't you come? I'll kick Army out of the hotel room for tonight, and we can have it all to ourselves..."

"And then Colby will know what we are doing in there and we'll probably have to whole team listening at the door. Sorry Sidney I have to stay here."

"I know," he sighs before kissing me again.

"Sid, seriously you have to leave, you're going to be late,"I laugh.

"Oh alright, pick out a pretty dress when you go. And try to have fun with Sara and Laura." he sighs, kissing me before picking up his hockey bag.

"Bye babe, I love you," he pulling me into a hug.

"Love you too. Seriously, tell Orps to plaster Ovechkin into the boards."

"Sure thing. I'll call you when we land," he laughs getting into the car.

I watch until his car is out of sight and then head inside to get the dogs some breakfast.

* * * *

The boys had been gone for three days, tonight was there last game against the Caps and then they were coming home. It was 11 days and counting until the charity event, and I was on my way out with Laura Fleury and Sara Armstrong to pick out a dress.

"Woohoo, shopping!" I said aloud, the sarcasm pouring out of my mouth as I slip on my boots just as a sleek black SUV pulls into the drive way.

"Hey how's it going guys?" I smile getting in the back.

"Great. I'm so excited to go dress shopping, especially for you. It's going to be a blast!" Sara says excitedly from the passenger seat.

"I tried to explain to Marc how fun this is before he left and he looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head." Laura laughs.

"Oh, I know I tried to explain the same to Colby and he just gave me that vacant stare,"Sara laughs.

"Sid suggested we take Max with us. He said that he could teach us the catwalk," I laugh.

"He totally would too," Laura laughs.

"Alright so where are we going?" I ask.

"Umm... there is this cute little dress shop down town, they usually have some good dresses there," Sara replies.

'great' I say sarcastically to myself.

"Oh, girl there is no way you can wear that. It looks like you got swallowed by a banana "Sara said wrinkling her nose in disgust at the bright yellow dress I had tried on.

They had both picked out the perfect dresses for them, and here I was 23 dresses, 4 hours later, and I still hadn't found one. I was beginning to give up and my patience was hanging on by a thread. I looked at myself in the mirror. I really did look like a banana. I saw the dress attendant look at me and he too wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Yes, yes... hmm...what's your favorite color?" the dress attendant asks me.

"Umm... green," I reply not knowing where he's going with that.

"Green...hmmm... Wait, that's it," he says swiftly walking out of the dressing area.

I stare after him.

"What was all that about?" Sara asks wearing the same expression as Laura and I.

"I have no idea..." I sigh before the man comes rushing back in carrying a dress bag.

"Now this, try this, I've been saving it for just the right person," he says pushing me into the room.

He pulls a gorgeous green dress out of a bag and hands it to me over the screen. I slip it on and walk out for the others to see.

"Oh my God!" I hear Sara say astounded.

"Caitlin, you look gorgeous,"Laura smiles at me.

"Perfect!" the dress attendant says smiling at his good work.

I step in front of the mirror and my breath catches. The dress fit me like a glove. It showed off everything I wanted to show off and nothing that I didn't. It was the perfect color to compliment my light olive skin tone and bring out my brown eyes. It made me feel sexy but it wasn't in the least bit skanky.

"It's perfect!" I whisper, "Thank you." I say turning to the attendant.

"You are quite welcome. It's an exact replica to Keira Knightley's dress she wore in Atonement, it is a little long now, but I assume you will be wearing heels so you should be ok. You, my dear, are going to kill at this event!" he smiled.

"Sid is going to have to keep you close. Basically all the NHL is going, he's going to have to take a hockey stick to beat the men away from you," Sara smiles.

"Thanks. I can't believe this fits so well," I grin turning around to look at my back in the mirror.

Laura drops me off at home and I slump into the couch after hanging my dress up in the closet. All my dogs come up on the couch and attack me for attention. Sam had become a lot closer to me and he was really improving in his training. He came up and sat next to me taking Hawkeye's place as he and Flash chased each other around the house. He put his head in my lap and I stroked him as I turned on the Penguins pregame.

The Pens lost against the Caps 5-4, with Ovechkin getting 2 goals, and Sid getting only 1 assist. Damn I really didn't like Ovechkin. I knew that Sid wouldn't call because they lost, if he did it would be a while. So I dragged myself upstairs and Bran followed, he always slept with me unless I told him other wise, or if Sidney was there. All the other dogs were downstairs, but it wouldn't be shocking to wake up tomorrow morning in a big furry pile while almost falling off the bed. I turned on my side and laid down after turning the lights off, Bran laying down beside me and putting his head on my shoulder.

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i love your story!

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More soon, please!

I love that dress, can't wait for the party!

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