Chapter 4: Brown Eyed Girl

Upon hearing the knock on the door everyone becomes silent.

"I think they might be here,"I say a smile slowly creeping onto my face. Half is in anticipation of seeing Sidney again and the other half is because I know what's about to happen when the girls come to their senses. 3...2...1...I count in my head.

"Oh My God!"

 "I need a shower!"

 "I look like shit! Tell them to come later!" Allie, Jamie, Amber, and Brooke say in a panic.

"No. I told you 2 hours ago that I invited them. So you lazy butts better get ready now," I laugh as the girls run upstairs to get ready.

I hear another knock on the door.

 "Coming!" I yell out. 

Opening the door and I'm greeted by a pair of light brown eyes and a smile that would make any girl melt. Behind him stands five other guys, clad in swim trunks and t-shirts, who seemed to be looking around him to see what I look like. 

Guys, I sigh to myself trying not to roll my eyes.

 "Hey, guys come on in." I say opening the door for them. They filed in and I see each of them sneak a peak at me before looking around the house. Sounds of hair dryers and running water comes from upstairs. 

"My LAZY friends are still getting ready." I say loud enough so at least one of them could hear me.

"Shut it, Caitlin!" I hear someone yell downstairs, which I return with a loud laugh.

"Well these are my friends, Marc, Jordan, Geno, Max, and Colby," Sidney says pointing to each one as they called out their names, "Guys this is Caitlin."

"Hey." I say putting an award winning smile on my face. I am extremely gitty inside because I get to meet some of hockey's greatest stars, but on the outside a I try to remain cool and collected. I don't want to be one of the those crazy fans, throwing themselves at the players.

A chorus of hellos are returned in greeting.

"So what did you guys have in mind for today?" I question.

"Well we were thinking we could just spend the whole day at the beach," Marc says looking at the others.

"Yeah, we've got a volleyball net set up and everything. So I'm sure we can keep ourselves busy," Jordan says grinning at me as his eyes move up my body.

"Sounds Good! Let's go out the back," I say pretending to have not caught the suggestive remark that Jordan said. "Bran Come," I say telling the puppy to walk with me as I lead them outside. Bran comes reluctantly, but not before glaring at Sidney.

Sid's POV.

"Alright Sid, so let's go meet this 'amazing girl' you saw today," Max says running up the steps to the other house.

"If she's as good-looking as you said, I might have to steal her for myself," Geno jokes following Max up the stairs. 

That sets a frown on my face. I know that all the guys with me were very charming, especially Geno with his deep Russian accent that made the girls just swoon. 

No, I thought, Your going to have to turn up the charm on this one Crosby. Don't let the other guys snatch her away.

I get to the door and knock twice. Inside it was silent and then all of a sudden I hear some yelling.

"What's going on in there?"Flower asks. I shrug and after waiting a moment I knock again.

"Coming!" I hear from inside.

The door opens and she stands in the door way fresher than I remember her, but of course I did see her after her jog. She has shoulder length brown hair with under tones of red, and she doesn't have the "perfect body" like the other girls I've dated. She is some what muscular but she has curves too... just where there wanted. As soon as she opens the door though, my eyes immediately connect with her amazing big, dark chocolate brown eyes. She stands looking like she's about to go surfing in a bikini top and board shorts that come to mid-thigh.

She invites us in and after introductions leads us through the house and onto the deck.

"Bran come," She calls for that devil dog to follow her. He reluctantly follows her, but I swear he glares at me.

"Wow, nice pick Sid." Max says from behind his hand, so Caitlin won't hear. There are murmurs of agreement from behind me.

"But it looks like her dog doesn't like you very much,"Colby laughs, "He probably knows what you want from his owner."

I just grin in response.

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