Chapter 5: In Trouble

I step into the white sand and look out into the clear blue ocean. As always, I take a deep breath inhaling the unique salty scent that can in no way be bottled up and sold.

"So what first?"Geno asks in his deep Russian accent, which just happens to be extremely sexy.

"Hmm, I'm not dieing of heat stroke yet so no swimming. How about some volleyball since Jordan said you put up the net?" I say cheerfully.

"Yeah...about that..."Jordan hesitates running a hand through his shaggy blond hair.

"See, hot shot Staalzy said we put up a volleyball net to get a suggestive comment in," Max smiles.

"I see," I say frowning, "So no volleyball."

"Actually we do have a volleyball and a net, we just need to put it up," Sid says.

I look up to find him looking at me. I connect my eyes with his, starting to get lost when Colby interrupts bringing us back to reality.

"We'll put it up. It'll only take a sec," Colby says running to the house, "Sid come help me get the net."

I watch as Sidney follows Colby up their deck stairs and just as he goes in he glances back at me before closing the door.

"You really put a spell on Sid you know,"Marc says as soon as Sidney's out of sight.

"How do you know?"I ask feeling my cheeks tinge pink.

"Well, let's see. He came home this morning from his jog all starry eyed and started blabbering on about this hot girl he ran into on the beach," Max says.

"Good Lord, you were all he talked about this morning," Geno adds rolling his eyes skyward.

"He doesn't even know me though!" I say astounded, "for all he knows I could be some slutty bitch."

"Come on, if your a slut, I'd like to see you try a little harder, like say a skimpy bikini. So I think we can rule out slut. However the bitchy part is still up in the air," Jordan says with a crooked grin. Even though Sidney is supposed to be the one that's head over heels for me, he hasn't flirted with me since I ran into him this morning. Jordan on the other hand has been... a lot.

"Oh, Ouch! You trying to start something Jordan?" I ask playfully.

"You come for a walk up the beach with me and I'll show you EXACTLY what I want to start," he says putting his arm around me.

"We'll see about that," I laugh looking up at him. And boy do I have to look up too cause he's a good foot taller than me. I have to admit, he is good looking with his shaggy blond hair and blue eyes that remind me of the ocean I was looking at before.

"Okay we got the net where do you want to put it up?"Colby asks.

"What about right over there," I suggest, "It's nice and flat, this way we don't fall."

"I think some of us already have,"Jordan says bending down to whisper in my ear. I smile, but I'm confused. Is he talking about Sidney or about himself?

I look at Sidney to find him staring back at me with a jealous and hurt expression on his face. I'm about to ask what's wrong when I realize Jordan still has his arm around me.


"Ouch! Damn it Colby, watch where you swing that pole," I hear Max shout.

About 10 minutes later the guys are still trying to put up the volleyball net. I'm standing 'out of their way' like they told me to.

"Colby, I thought you said this would only take a second," I sigh sarcastically.

"It's coming! God women are so impatient," he mutters.

"Oh for God's sake let me see," I say picking up the directions that were tossed in the sand because they were 'unneeded.'

"Now see, your doing this all wrong," I state after reading the directions. "Pole A connects to Pole B here, and Pole C goes here," I say snapping them together.

I continue to fix there mistakes, when I'm tackled from behind. I hit the sand with a solid thud and someone sits on top of me so I can't move.

"Alright, where did you put my phone?" a voice demands.

"Phone? What phone, your phone? Amber, I know nothing about a phone?" I say sarcastically.

"Oh please I know you hid it or had a part in hiding it," She spits out,"Now where is it?!"

"First of all, why do you even need you phone? You're on vacation stop texting. Second I'd ask Brooke not me," I say trying to contain my laughter.

"I did and she told be to ask you," Amber retaliates twisting the skin on my arm giving me Indian brush burn, "Now where is it?!"

"OUCH! Alright its under Bran's bed," I yelp.

"Oh yuck! you put it under the dog's bed," She says getting off of me and running to the house to retrieve her phone as i suffer from uncontrollable laughter.

I look up to see all the guys staring at me with grins.

"Well you gave in pretty quickly and now we know how to get what we want from you," Jordan grins.

"HA! Are you kidding me? like I would really hide it under the dog bed, that's too obvious," I laugh.

"So where did you hide it?" Marc asks.

"In the cereal box after breakfast."

"Hmmm... clever," Colby grins.

"Thanks, that was Amber by the way. I'm sure she'll be back soon," I say with a grin.

"Alright I think it's ready," Geno says pulling the net tight.

"Great let's play!" I say.

"OK, teams. Sid come be a captain with me," Jordan says, "Okay I pick Max."

"Colby." Sid points.

"Caitlin," Jordan grins.

"Flower," Sid says with a note of disappointment.

"And Geno."

So in case you weren't keeping track the teams are Jordan, Max, Me, and Geno, and Sid, Colby, and Marc.

I serve first and it sails perfectly over the net. The game continues and of course my team wins 15-12.

The guys continue to mess around with the volleyball but Sid walks off somewhere. I hurry after him.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Your team had an extra person, that's the only reason you won," he says pushing me playfully.

"Ha, you just keep telling yourself that. What ever makes you feel better," I say walking with him to the edge of the water. He gently touches my arm stopping me.

"There is something that would make me feel better."

I look up at him our eyes connecting making me melt. He cups my face with one hand and his thumb sweeps across my cheek, sending a current through me.

"You had sand on your cheek," he explains huskily.

"Thanks," I whisper as he starts to lean down to kiss me.

"CAITLIN!!" I hear the girls yell running out of the house with armfuls of stuff.

"Damn," I groan putting my head on Sid's chest. He chuckles and puts his head on mine pulling me close into a hug.

We brake apart and I walk over to them, introductions are in order.

"Guys this is Amber, Emma, Brooke, Jamie, and Allie. Girls this is Sidney, Jordan, Geno, Colby, Marc, and Max," I say pointing everyone out.

Everyone exchanges hellos and the girls start setting up all the stuff they brought out (umbrellas, a cooler w/ assorted drinks, towels, music, etc.) as the guys go into the water.

"Alright, I think that's the last of it, now we can...AH!"I scream as I'm lifted off my feet by strong wet arms.

"JORDAN! Put me down!" I shout as he carries me to the water.

"Nope. You're coming in the water."

"Ah, I will. Just let me get in myself."

"Nope!" he grins.

"Uh, oh you're in trouble now, here comes Bran," I giggle as I see the puppy running to come to my rescue.

"Shit!"Jordan says running into the water.

He walks over to the other guys who are in the waist deep water, which is chest deep on me. Suddenly he stops.

"Jordan don't you..." I start to warn, but its too late. He drops me in the water. I stay under for a minute feeling the water wash over me. Then I pull his feet out from under him with a mighty tug, making him fall flat on his face.

He glares at me under the water and I grin back. I come up for air and shake the wet hair out of my face.

"Well, that was incredibly sexy!" Sid grins.

"So what are ya gonna do about it?"I ask as the other guys swim to retrieve a beach ball.

"Well for right now I'm going to do this before we get interrupted for the third time," he says looking down at me.

My eyes widen at his words, which makes a crooked appear on his bee stung lips. His one hand comes up to cup my cheek, brushing his thumb along my jaw. He bends his head down to mine, his breath warm against my lips making my eyes flutter shut. He presses his lips to mine in a feather light kiss that sends a tingling sensation all the way down to my toes.

He breaks away briefly, his eyes meeting mine asking to continue. I nod, biting my lip before he smirks again and his lips meet mine in a more heated kiss, making fireworks go off. My lips press against his as my arms find their way around his neck, my fingers tickled by the curling ends of his hair. His hands snake around my waist pulling me close against his wet body, his hard muscles against my curves as his tongue brushes my lower lip, asking to enter. I quickly oblige, letting his tongue in to dance with mine.

I moan quietly into his mouth as our tongues dance together, He is an excellent kisser, I think to myself. The most perfect first kiss.

Suddenly a beach ball hits Sid in the head and the guys let out whistles and catcalls.

I brake away blushing. Sid grins and hold my chin giving me a final quick kiss.

"You said it was going to get hotter. And it is, its going to get a lot hotter," he whispers seductively as his tongue traces the edge of my ear causing me to shiver. He then brakes away heading back to the group of guys.

"Oh boy, your in trouble girl," I process, trying to think straight as I watch Sid's strong upper body move through the water.

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OOOooohhh LaLa!!! I really like this story keep updating!! Ha ha Colby hit max in the head wth the pole! ha ha lol! this such a great story!

love your story!!

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