Chapter 6: Just a Summer Fling?

I stumble through the water to Bran who is waiting anxiously on the beach. He wags his tail, causing sand to spray every where. Then he tries to dry me off by licking the salt water from my legs.

"Your such a good boy. I'll be right back, then we can go swimming.," I say bending down to ruffle his hair. He licks my cheek and fallows me to where all the girls are sun bathing.

"Are you lazy butts gonna get in the ocean, or work on your tans?" I ask, "Ugh... Yuck... I've got some sand in my mouth."

"That's not all that was in your mouth," Allie grins. There are giggles from the surrounding chairs as I choke on my water.

"You saw that?!"I ask guiltily.

"Well your dog was going mad over here without you, and when we looked to see where you were, we saw you with Sidney," Jamie giggles.

"Yeah, we thought the ocean was going to catch fire the way you two were going at it,"Amber smiles.

"Ookayy, I'm going to teach Bran to swim, so have fun gossiping about my love life," I laugh nervously as I try to get away.

"Hold it! Are you going to tell him?" Emma asks.

I look back at her knowing exactly what she means.

"I don't know," I reply simply.

I walk to the waters edge to see the sun start to lower near the horizon. I get Bran in the water little by little allowing him to get used it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the guys messing around farther out. I notice that Sidney keeps glancing at me.

The next thing I know the sun is headed below the horizon and the girls are already back inside. I look and see the guys making their way up the beach to their house too. They wave and shout their good-byes. I wave back as Sidney runs over to me.

"So will I see you tomorrow?" he asks pulling me close to him.

I wrap my arms around him and look into his light brown eyes.

"Actually the girls and I were gonna go sight see a little tomorrow."

"Oh," Sid replies, disappointment written all over his face.

"But, maybe we can do something tomorrow night?"

"How bout just the two of us. I really want to get to know you better, how about over dinner and a movie?"He asks cautiously.

"Sounds Good, I really want to get to know you too. How bout you pick me up at 7?"

"Great! I gotta go," he says gently kissing my lips.

" Mmmm, hmm." I mumble as my hands move up to his neck and I press my body closer to his.

"SID! Quit making out and get you ass in here, I'm hungry!" Colby calls from the house.

"Alright, see ya tomorrow." he says brEaking away and giving me another quick kiss. Yet once again the "quick" kiss ends up being not so quick.

"SIDNEY!! I will personally come out there and separate you two, then take Caitlin for myself!" Jordan yells a little later.

"Alright!" Sid yells back after breaking away, "I need to go, cause there is no doubt in my mind that he would do something like that."And he starts jogging to the house.

"What should I wear tomorrow?"I call after him.

"Jeans and a T are good, nothing fancy," he calls back, "See ya at 7!"

That kid and I have incredible chemistry, i think to myself. Then it hits me, I'm going on a date with Sidney Crosby! Should I tell him I know who he is or just let it go. I mean it is only for a few days and then I'll probably never see him again.

"Its just a summer fling," I say to myself, "he doesn't need to know."

"is it just a summer fling?" a voice inside me says.

July 13, 2008 at Sunday, July 13, 2008

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OOOooohhhh!!!!!! this is SO GOOD!! I love it make more soon plz!!!!! IT rox my socks wait i'm not wearing socks but if i was u would rock em'!!!!

I just discovered this story today and I LOVE it! They are so cute! I am so anxious to see what her big secret is! Can't wait for an update! :)

PLease update, I love this story!!

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