Chapter 9: Where will the Night Take Us?

(Its kinda a short chapter, but there will be more to come soon.)

The next couple days were basically the same. Sidney and I were together everyday on the beach getting to know each other. Yet he still hasn't told me he's a hockey star, but then I haven't told him that I know he's a hockey star. There are three days left before the girls and I leave, and Sidney and the guys are leaving the day after us. Everyone has decided that tonight we should all go out together and go to a club that the girls and I found the day we were sight-seeing. I'm a little reluctant to go because I'm not much of a party girl, but neither are my friends, I was actually really surprised that they suggested it when we were all talking at the beach.

"Are You guys almost ready?!" I call up stairs.

"Yeah, almost."

"Well hurry up, they're going to be here any minute."

Allie comes down stairs in a short skirt and a clingy top. Tonight is the night, we girls decided, to dress up like the over-the-top girls you always see at clubs, instead of the laid back, go with the flow girls we are.

"Well, doesn't some one look incredibly sexy," she says referring to my red halter top dress, that hits my mid thigh, perfectly accenting my legs and butt. And the strappy red heels make my legs look extremely long. I would have never picked this out for myself, but the girls and I went shopping to get clothing to wear just for tonight.

"Thanks, I love the short skirt with the stilettos." I laugh.

"Ha, thanks. Wait til you see Brooke, she went all out, she even put on fake eye lashes!" she laughs.

A few minutes later we are all down stairs laughing at how ridiculous we all look. There is a knock on the door, and I open it to find Sidney and his friends mostly in dress shirts opened at the collar and faded jeans. A look of surprise and lust written across his face as his eyes travel up my body.

"WOW!" he grins his eyes coming to meet mine.

"right back at ya, shall we."

The girls all file out of the door, getting similar remarks from the other guys. Jamie takes my car and I go with Sidney.

after everyone is piled in cars, I close the front door behind me with Sid waiting close by. As soon as the cars are out of sight, Sidney pulls me into a bruising kiss.

"This outfit blows my mind, but it doesn't seem really... I don't know... like something you'd wear!" he says trailing kisses down my neck and onto my collar bone.

"Thanks, we girls decided to 'dress up' this evening, and no I would never wear this if they hadn't made me. We'd better get going, they're going to wonder where we are," I grin.

"How 'bout we just stay in tonight," He growls coming back up to my mouth.

"Sidney, I won't hear the end of it if we do," I groan.

"Alright fine." he sighs and leads me to the car.

A few minutes later we pull into a place with a neon sign that says "Night Oasis."

"Okay, Sid before we go in, I just want to warn you I'm not much of a party girl, and I'm not a big fan of dancing."

"The why did you come?" He asks.

"I dunno, I just wanted to hang out, try something new."
"I get were your coming from, I'm not a huge partier either, like some of these guys. How about you tell me when you want to leave, and we'll leave."

"Okay. And then what will we do?" I ask with a grin on my face.

Sid turns to look at me and I can see the lusty look in his eyes that he before we left the house. "We'll just have to see were the night takes us," he grins.

July 24, 2008 at Thursday, July 24, 2008

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I really love this story! They are so cute!

Update again soon, please!

Ooohhh la la!!! can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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