Not sure if you noticed but voting has officially timed out and I would just like to say WOW and thanks so much! I'm not exactly sure how many of you voted because I set the poll so that each person could cast numerous votes. When I put up the poll I was expecting maybe 20, at most 25 votes, whoa was I wrong. 155 VOTES!!! That blows my mind! I had absolutely no idea that I would get so much feedback, and I would like to say thanks! This shows me that you lovely readers at least tolerate my writing and would like me to write more. So I will continue to do just that.

So, who will be my next leading man... well, I'm not 100% sure BUT as of right now, I am leading toward choosing.... BRRRRRRRRRRR (That's my drum roll by the way).... Max Talbot!

Ok, now before those who didn't vote for him let out a groan and say,"But there are already a billion and 1 Talbot stories!" hear me out. Yes, I am quite aware that there are a lot of Max Talbot stories and if I were you in your computer chair I would probably be saying the same thing. However, Max did win the poll and out of all of them I have the most ideas for at least the start of his story. So when I eventually do put up the next story, which I'm still deciding on on when to put it up, I would ask you to please at least read the first chapter. I'm trying to go a little bit different way than many of the Talbot stories and I would love your input.

A few notes about Discovering... Love?, I just finished the first week of the new semester so I've been pretty busy lately and don't have that much for the next chapter. However, this semester I I won't have to work on Saturdays, so I have that day completely to myself! Which is totally different from last semester where I was working or going to class everyday of the week. So hopefully I can spend sometime writing then. I apologize for the last chapter's extremely depressing mood, but, well, that's how I planned the story out. Thank you for all of the great comments on it, it gave me a confidence boost and I wasn't sure how some of you would take it. Thanks for the feed back, it's much appriciated.

@ Lexi, I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your comment. There is absolutely no need to apologize for not loving dogs like I do, I completely understand! In fact, believe it or not, but my brother isn't a big dog fan either. But your comment was VERY much appreciated. I wasn't sure if I was putting too much of the dogs into the story, especially in the last few chapters (and I'm sure I probably am), but your continuing interest in the story let me know that you understand why I am and that's very important.

Ok, that's all. I'm sooo sorry I took up so much of your time with all of this, but it all needed to be said. I want to keep everyone, who shows interest, up to speed with my doings. Honestly, I had no idea that so many votes would be cast, it really did shock me. So THANKS SO MUCH everyone, it really means a lot!


P.S. The Max story won't be as long as this one. Maybe I'll make it 25 chapters? I'm not sure, I haven't gotten that far, but if you wanted a different leading man hopefully I will do a story on him at some point in time. Like I said, I have ideas for most of the people I put up, but only time will tell. Thanks again!

January 15, 2010 at Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Comments to "WOW!"

Posted by Anonymous ( January 15, 2010 at 3:48 PM )

Awww:( i reallyyy wished you would've picked jordan! :(((((

Yay - I was one of those people that voted for Max. I like that you're going to write it a "little differently" though.
And also, I know you said that you set it up so that people could cast votes numerous times... but I don't know if it really let people vote numerous times. I tried and couldn't, but that might mean I'm computer illiterate and can't figure them out, lol. I don't know if anyone else could vote more than once. My point is that, those 155 votes could be from different people if no one could vote more than once!
Anyway, I can't wait until you update again!! =)

thanks aeryn(: I wasn't sure how my comment would be taken but I'm really glad you didn't get super mad at me(: and the dogs are just making the story better in my opinion- they're a huge part of Caitlin (and your) life so its just letting us see more into Caitlin's life which is important. and I voted for Kris- I think, but I can't wait for your Max story!

Posted by Anonymous ( February 2, 2010 at 11:59 AM )

can you please hurry and update!!!! I'm sooo anxious! It's been almost a month! Ahhhhhh hurry!!

Posted by Anonymous ( February 8, 2010 at 10:46 PM )

ughhh can u please hurry up nd post more blogs?! i love ur story!!!

Hey Aeryn! I know this probably won't make you able to post any sooner, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway... Please update soon!! I cannot wait to see what happens! =)

update soon? Please...

Posted by Grace ( February 13, 2010 at 6:32 AM )

Like everyone else I can't wait for more. I miss my favorite story and can't wait to see what happens with Caitlin and Sid. Please update as soon as you can!

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