Chapter 72: Not Enough?

It was over. I couldn’t believe it. I stood my back to the door looking into the house that now seemed foreign to me. This had once been my house, but over the past few months with … him, it had become our house. Now, it was a barren house. It’s home like feeling ended when he said that he had slept with some other girl while we were together, and not just some girl, Victoria. When she came prancing in and broke the news that she and Sid had slept together it was if someone had punched me. I didn’t want to believe her, but as soon as he came in and my eyes met his I found her statement to be true. I was so angry at him and then he mentioned Bran. That’s when I realized that I would be without both of them. Bran was only going to be around awhile longer and I thought Sid would be there for me. That he would help me through the hard times and be my partner. But how could he now, my partnership was based on trust, he destroyed it.

I felt broken. Betrayed. Hurt. Angry. How could he do that to me? The question, ‘was I not enough’ popped into my head. Suddenly a wave of melancholy washed over me. What was I going to do? I felt the tears pooling in my eyes and they blurred my vision as I watched my pack come over to me. My hands came to my stomach thinking of the child growing inside of me. What were WE going to do?

“No,” I found myself saying aloud.

I wasn’t going to let him do this to me. Not again. I was not going to cry over Sidney Crosby. Not again. I was done. I wiped the annoying tears away and walked into the kitchen, picking up the phone that was on the counter. I looked at the old calls and when I found the number pushed send.

“Hello, DogTown, how may I help you?” a voice replied after the third ring.

“Hi yes this is Caitlin Shaw, is John there?”

“One moment please, I’ll transfer you,” the secretary replied.

After only a few seconds of waiting I heard her voice on the end.

“Caitlin, how are you?” she asks.

How was I? That was a loaded question at the moment that sends a wave of emotions my way. I took a deep breath calming myself.

“Fine thanks,” I lie, “John, I’ve been doing some thinking and if the offer still stands I would like to take the job.”

“Great! Of course the offer still stands, you’re one of the best, it’s my honor to invite you to work here.”

“When do you need me?”

“Oh take your time, there is no rush,” he says.

“I can be there on Monday,” I find myself saying.

It felt like my whole world was collapsing around me. Sidney and I were broken up because he cheated on me, Bran was dying from cancer, and I was pregnant. I had to get out of here; there was no other choice.

I look back at the house as I put the last bag I’ll need in my jeep. I had hired a moving truck to take all of my stuff to Utah, making sure they were here to get everything when I knew Sid would have practice. I take a deep breath looking at the house one last time. Thinking briefly of all the events that played out in the house, and all that had happened in the past year. I sigh as a tear escapes down my cheek. I brush it away quickly and whistle for the dogs to get in the car.

I pull up to her house and get out of the car.

“I’ll be right back,” I tell the dogs through the windows of the car.

I go up to the door knocking on it to have it open minutes later to Zach and Koda.

“Hey Zack is Beth home? Hi Koda,” I say bending down to pet the fluffy white dog.

“Yeah, sure come on in. Do you want anything to drink or anything?” he asks.

“No thanks, I’ve gotta run.”

“Alright, I’ll go get her,” he says.

Moments later Beth comes into view.

“Hey Cait, what’s up?”

“Beth, I’m leaving.”

“What do you mean you’re leaving,” she says stopping to stare at me.

“Sid and I broke up. I took the job in Utah. I start Monday.”

“But Caitlin that’s in 2 days!” she says exasperated, “And you and Sid will make up, you two are meant to be together.”

“No we’re not,” I snap back bitterly.

“But Cait, what happened?” she pushes, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“It… it just didn’t work out. Beth I have to leave the dogs are in the car,” I say taking her in a hug.

“But… you can’t just leave,” she says tearfully.

“I have to Beth,” I sigh.

“What about your business?”

“I already took care of everything. I called my clients, referenced them to a new dog trainer. Mary is working at the vets now. Everything is taken care of. I need to get out of here.”

She looks at me knowing that I have already made up my mind. She nods. I hug her before I turn away to leave, saying goodbye to Koda on my way out.

“I’ll be back for Christmas,” I smile weakly at her as I watch her hold in her tears, “I’m sure Brad will be as big as Shaq by then.”

She let’s out a watery laugh.

I smile and leave, getting back in my jeep. I take a deep breath the car was packed with all the dogs. My hands again come to my stomach subconsciously. It was going to be a long ride.

November 17, 2009 at Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Wow, so sad!! Can't wait to see what happens with the rest of this story!!

:( That was sad, and a REALLY quick decision for Caitlyn!

Posted by Anonymous ( November 17, 2009 at 5:31 PM )

I was a really quick decision by Caitlyn.
Is she ever going to tell him about the baby?
Hopefully this wakes him up & he realizes what he lost by doing something so stupid!

Thank God for an update! LOL I was begining to think that it was never coming! I hope classes are going good for you! I'm in class now myself :) Can't wait to see what happens!

Posted by Anonymous ( November 17, 2009 at 6:56 PM )

whatttt she can't just LEAVE?!??!?!

i hope sid flies out and surprises her. dfiughjndf. pleaseee!??! haha

Posted by Grace ( November 17, 2009 at 7:02 PM )

Nooooooo! I mean, I sort of saw it coming, especially when you said it was like a breaking point or whatever, but... NOOOOOO! :(

*Going off to cry*

I am a blubbering mess. Aeryn you have made me a blubbering mess!

Sidney Patrick Crosby. GO AND GET HER! Damnit!

Sigh... I still loved it!

Wow. He'd better get his act together and go get her back! And hopefully they both realize how much they need each other.

Ps. I know I've said this about a million times. Ah, what the hell, I'll say it one more time. Bran had better survive cancer or I swear a little part of me will die.

Great update, seriously cannot wait for more! (:

awww): so sad. I'm probably in the minority that would love for Sid not to go run and get her and then she shows up like 5 years later and is like- surprise here's your daughter. lol that would be rather funny. But still, if Sid even goes after her, would she tell him about the baby or shut him out? I'd bet she just shuts him out.

Posted by Anonymous ( December 16, 2009 at 4:38 PM )

I miss this story. I don't want to seem like I rushing you or don't understand, because I know exactly how busy things get, lol. I just really like this story and thought I'd let you know I'm really excited for an update!! =)

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