Chapter 59: Lunch and a Baby

Being a hockey fan I'm pretty superstitious, especially when it comes to playoffs. I can't buy anything Penguins during playoffs (yes I'm going on a shopping spree soon), I will not change my clothes or switch from glasses to contacts during the game, knocking on wood is a must, and when we are on a good streak I will not take any jewelry off or put any on. My 'Letang' shirt is unlucky so I can not wear it on game days, however the day after a win it is a must wear. I always drink coffee from the same black and gold cup on game days (no it's not a pens cup its a doctor's office cup) and if I have to travel with my coffee it goes in the green and yellow travel mug. The day after the hockey game coffee goes in my Penguins travel mug. And if I do something before the game and we win, I do it again the next game. Well, the Pens won when I wrote a chapter the night before game 6 and then I posted it after the game. So, you can bet that I did that again for game 7. Now that you've listened to me ramble, here is the chapter!

WAY TO GO PENS!!!!!!!!


Sid's POV

I can't believe we lost, and to the Leafs of all teams! I take a fast shower, wanting to get out of the arena. Right now I was steaming, we had just lost to the leafs 5-1, AT HOME! Ugh, what the hell happened?! Usually after a loss that was so devastating, I'd be checking out tape with the coach or go in the weight room, but right now I just wanted to leave. I drive home, perhaps a little faster than I should be and pull into the driveway. It was around 11:30, which wasn't too bad for all the interviews I did. Caitlin hadn't gone to my game, Beth had decided to cancel the baby shower because of the robbery, but Beth's sister was still flying in from New York. So Caitlin was trying to get work done in order to take a day off.

As I walk up the porch steps, I find that the house is completely dark, save for the soft glow of the TV. I open the door and let the hockey bag fall from my shoulder next to the coat rack. I see Caitlin look up from the couch. Right now I didn't want her to say anything. I didn't want to hear a "you'll get them next time" or a "what the hell happened," I didn't even want to hear her whisper the word "sorry." I just wanted to go to bed

She approaches me and I stare at her, warning that I am not in the mood.

"I just want to go to bed," I growl at her.

She frowns, and just stares at me. Not in fright, like some of the other girls I've been with have done, but in understanding. However, I can see that she is a little pissed at me for being so hostile toward her.

"Fine," she says in an equal tone,"I'll be up in a little bit.

I trudge up the stairs and basically rip off my constraining clothes, my strangling tie being the first thing to go. I crawl into bed in my boxers, still fuming. I tear the covers off of myself and stomp back down stairs. Maggie moves to greet me, but I push past her.

"Move Maggs," I growl shoving her a little harder than needed out of my way.

"Hey!" I hear her snap at me.

"What?" I turn, to challenge, I see that the dogs that are usually surrounding her have slinked off into the living room. All the dogs except for Bran that is. He stands by her side, adding to the wild look she is now sporting.

"Look, I know your pissed, but you never take it out on the dogs!" she growls.

"Whatever," I grumble going to the kitchen to find something to drink. I open the refrigerator as she closes in on me, Bran having left her side.

"Not whatever Crosby, you don't do it!" she says looking up at me. I can see in the light of the refrigerator her eyes have turned that reddish brown color. I should have known better than to mess with the dogs in any fashion. It would have been better for me to stay in bed.

I look at her as she glares up at me, her eyes hold a heat to them and her mouth looks inviting. I actually look at her for the first time since I got home and my breath catches for a moment. She was clad in a tank top and boy shorts, telling me that she was just about to head to bed. I set down the beer I was about to drink on the kitchen and turn to her again. The fire in her eyes had softened a bit, but I could tell she wasn't about to take down her wall anytime soon.

The next thing I know I'm giving into my instincts and pulling her roughly against me, and crashing my mouth down on hers. I hear her inhale in surprise, but easily give into me.

Caitlin's POV

I know he was pissed at how badly they played, hell I was pissed at how badly they played, but when he pushed Maggs away a little harder than he needed to he went to far. Now I watch as he puts his beer down on the counter and looks at me. I tense, trying to contemplate his next move. Suddenly he pulls me against him and before I can respond his mouth is on mine, hot and hungry.

I find myself giving in to his wants easily, and in the process fulfilling my own needs. I love the feeling of his muscular chest against my hand. I moan into his mouth as he nibbles my bottom lip until I begin to taste blood. His hands push up my tank top and his rough hands trace up my curves to cup my breasts. His hands travel further upward, freeing me of my tank top. His mouth comes back up to mine to take in a brief rough kiss before his mouth works down to my neck. He finds that spot that makes me moan with ease.

His hands find their way back down to my hips and push my underwear aside to dip a few fingers in. He groans at my readiness and detaches his lips from my neck. His mouth finds mine again in a mind blowing kiss, making me vaguely aware that he has gotten rid of the only clothing that was covering me and his boxers. His hands find my waist again and his finger tips dig into my hips painfully. He picks me up and carries me up to the bedroom never breaking the kiss. He lowers me on to the bed and before I can react I feel his weight on top of me. Without much warning, he thrusts swiftly into me. I bite my lip holding back a moan as he sets the pace. My hands move up his back to feel he muscles that were quivering and slick from sweat under my hands. My muscles clench around him, and he groans quickening the pace.

Usually Sid held himself in check, at least to a degree, but this time that wasn't the case. This was a side I had never seen before, and I must admit, I was a little intimidated, at least I was. I couldn't help but call out his name as he pushed me over he edge, my finger nails digging into his back as I swear I saw an explosion. Almost simultaneously, Sidney releases and moans my name into my neck. He stays on top of me panting just as I am, before rolling off of me and onto the bed. After a few minutes, he pulls me close to him and kisses my shoulder softly. Both of us too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

The Next Day

"Hey, how's Koda?" I ask.

"He's doing really well, he seems to be happy. Caitlin I really can't thank you enough. I just... I feel so much better having Koda around when Zach's not home,"Beth says as she sips a lemonade the waitress has just brought.

"I thought he would. I'm glad he is doing so well, you both deserve it," I smile. I look over Beth's shoulder to see a slim red head walk in. She was a little taller than I was and was pretty fit. She is in the most up to date fashion and her hair had natural looking highlights that you would think were the real thing unless you knew her like I did.

I grin upon seeing her as she takes off her sunglasses and grins back at me.

"Excuse me Ma'am," she says stifling a laugh and tapping on Beth's shoulder.

"Yeah, how can I..." Beth says turning around, "Oh My God!"

"Surprise!" Anna and I both say at the same time.

"How did you get here? What about the kids? I'm so glad to see you!"she says getting up and giving her a hug.

"Well I heard that you canceled the shower and Cait suggested that I still come down here. So I left the kids with Kevin and here I am!" she smiles looking over toward me, "Hey Cait!"

"Hey Anna, you seriously need to move closer," I smile getting up and giving her a hug.

"I know, I know. But New York really fits me. Although you just can't compare it to Pittsburgh," she smiles, "What Bran didn't come with you?"

"Nah, this was a girls lunch, he was perfectly fine staying at home," I say sticking my tongue out at her for the sarcastic comment.

"Oh that's mature," Beth laughs rolling her eyes as Anna sticks her tongue out at me. Leading us all to laughter.

We all sit back down at the table and order, I mean after all you can't keep a pregnant woman hungry.

"So Cait, how are you and Sid?" Anna asks with a smile while cutting into her chicken.

"Good, his parents are leaving tomorrow and ... he's going to move in sometime next week," I say slowly waiting for...

"Oh my God! Your moving in together?!" Anna squeals.

"It's about damn time you two made it official, he basically lives there already!" Beth says in a similar tone.

"Yeah, I know I know... So Anna how are the kids?" I ask trying desperately to change the subject.

"Oh yeah how are Kelsey and Cassie?" Beth asks.

"They're great, probably getting in trouble with their dad. I swear those girls can do no wrong in Kevin's eyes," she smiles.

"And how is the baby Beth? Did you and Zach think of a name for him yet?" Anna asks.

"Yeah we finally settled on Brad," she grins.

"Aww... that's been your favorite name since we were little," I laugh thinking back to all the times we played house. I was the one that always had not only kids but dogs too. Beth was always interested in taking care of us when we played sick. And Anna always was the one that made sure everyone looked pretty. Now I was a dog trainer, Beth was a nurse, and Anna worked at a museum.

"Yeah I know. I finally convinced Zach it was a good name, especially since it had a 'football player' ring to it," she smiles.

"Of course it does," Anna laughs along with me.

"Look at us, we're all grown up and most of us are married and have or are going to have a kid soon," Beth says looking over at me, Anna looks up from her ice tea at me smiling.

"Thank you for pointing that out Mom!" I say rolling my eyes.

"Ouch!"Beth yelps.

"Oh come on Beth, I haven't used that phrase since high school," Anna says laughs.

"No, ouch. I just had a twing of pain," Beth says holding her stomach.

Anna and I look over to each other in surprise.

"Aaah, there's another one," she breaths letting a long breath out.

"Alright, let's get you to the hospital Beth," Anna says getting out of her chair and going over to Beth.

"Umm... Can we have the check over here?" I ask the near by waitress.

"Guys, I'm fine," she says.

"Beth hun you're having contractions, we have to get you to the hospital," Anna says calmly.

"But... but I'm not due for another 2 weeks!" she says her eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh come on Beth your a nurse, you should know that babies come early," I smile.

"I know, but I never really thought about it," she says looking a little panicky.

"Hun, it's going to be fine. Kels was early too, everything will be fine."

"Yeah I was early too," I laugh.

"Probably the only time you ever were early for everything," Beth smiles at me.

"Yeah well..." I grin back.

"Alright, Beth I'll take you to the hospital..." Anna says walking over to her car with Beth.

"But...but... what about Zach?" she asks.

"I'll go get Zach and everything else you need. I'll get him to the hospital and then I can have Sidney pick me up on his way home from practice," I smile walking toward my car.

"Ok hun, just breathe, we'll be there soon," Anna soothes her sister.

I pull out of the parking lot and drive the ten minutes to Beth's house. I knock on the door prompting Koda to let out a warning bark.

'I knew I picked him for a reason,' I smile to myself.

"Koda, it's me." I smile. Immediately he ceases his barking and it turns to an excited whimper.

The door opens to reveal a tall man, blond hair and grey eyes.

"Caitlin what are you doing here? I thought you were having lunch with Beth and Anna," he says confused.

"I was," I say brushing past him and into the house where I briefly greet Koda. "Zach where is all of Beth's stuff she needs when she goes into labor?"

"It's in the bedroom next to the rocking chair, why?" he asks following me into the room.

"Zach, Beth started having contractions when we were eating lunch, Anna took her down to the hospital," I smile up at him as I see him pale and begin to panic.

"But she's not due for another 2 weeks, we had one more baby class to go to," he says almost to the point of hyperventilating.

"Whoa! Hold on there kid, slow down, take a seat," I say lightly pushing him onto the couch after I got Beth's stuff and headed back into the living room.

"Caitlin I'm not sure if I can do this?"

"Do what Zach?" I ask curiously, my head cocking to the one side.

"Be a dad... I mean what if I screw up... what if he doesn't love me...what if..," he begins.

"Hold on there! Zach, you are going to be a great dad! I honestly don't think Beth would have married you if she thought that you didn't want kids. And you are going to screw up, but that's parenthood, everyone screws up but your kid's going to love you. Seriously Zach, you're going to be a great dad!" I say looking him in the eye, "Now let's get you to the hospital and to Beth."

He nods and walks to his car, attempting to get into the drivers seat.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there speed racer. Your in no condition to drive at the moment. I'll drive you to the hospital in your car, that way you don't have to be wheeled in on a stretcher," I smile pushing him toward the passenger side of the car.

"But I'm going to need my car?" he says looking at me confused yet he obeys and hops in the car.

"I'll have Sid pick me up on his way home from practice, we'll stop by the house and I'll take Koda back to my place, that way you don't have to worry about coming home to let him out or anything," I smile as I pull out of the driveway.

"Ok," Zach says, still looking slightly stunned.

We arrive at the hospital about 20 minutes later.

"Beth's going into labor & I just dropped the daddy to be off @ the hospital. Can u swing by & pick me up on ur way home from pract. ?" I text Sid as we make our way through the doors.

"Hi, umm... Can you tell us where Beth Kelley is? She was brought in a little bit ago having contractions," I ask the nurse at the front desk.

"Are you two friends of the family?"the woman asks with a smile.

"Ummm... yes... I am. But he's the father to be,"I say pointing a thumb at Zach.

"Oh, alright. She just went into room 112, I think she's in there with her sister," the nurse says.

"Thank you!" I smile and pull Zach along to the room. I receive a txt on my search for the room.

"Yeah, sure thing. I'll be there in 15."

I stop infront of room 112's door and look at Zach, who has gotten most of his color back.

"Alright Zach, it's all you now. I'm going to go back home, tell Anna to call me and give Beth a bucket of ice chips for me," I smile giving him a hug.

"Thanks Caitlin, for everything," he smiles. I begin to walk away and he is just about to open the door.

"Oh, and Zach?" I call.


"Good Luck."

He smiles at me before proceeding through the door way and to his wife's side. I smile and walk to the entrance where I grab a magazine to wait.

Half way through the magazine, my phone goes off signalling a call.

"Hey, are you here?" I ask.

"Yup," I hear him smile on the other end.

I see his Range Rover parked in the parking lot adjacent from the hospital entrance. I smile and run across the street getting in the passenger side.

"Well how is she?" he presses as I buckle my seat belt.

"Ok I guess. Zach is a little shaken up though," I grin.

"I can't understand why," he says sarcastically pulling onto the road.

After picking up my car and Koda, I meet Sid back at the house. We decide to watch a movie and today was my pick. Much to Sid's dismay, I picked Father of the Bride II. I mean after all it was pretty fitting.

The movie had finished and we had cooked stir fry for dinner, I was slowing teaching Sid how to cook. Slowly, being the key word, the chicken was well done.

I sigh as I go through the night's routine, not hearing anything about Beth. The dogs went on last outs and they were all ready for bed. I had finished two cups of tea to try to make me sleepy, but I think all they did was make me have to pee.

At midnight, Sid finally had enough and came downstairs.

"Come on babe, I know your anxious to hear something, I am too. But sleeping is the best way to make time fly," he says pulling me into him and kissing shoulder where the tank top I was sporting didn't hit.

"I know," I sigh, "I guess your right, let's go to bed."

I reluctantly crawl in bed next to Sid and snuggle into him. He drapes and arm over my waist and sighs contently. I look to the phone one last time, as if willing it to ring and bring be good news.

"Go to sleep babe," he mumbles against my neck.

"I am, I am," I sigh, "I love you Sidney."

"Love you too babe, now sleep," he murmurs.

Slowly and unwillingly I drift off to sleep, giving into the heat Sid's body was giving off and the comfort of my pillow.


I glance over at the clock, 5:17. It seems like I had just fallen asleep... wait. I suddenly remember and quickly sit up, causing Sid to groan and try and pull me back to him. I brush him off and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Bradley Robert Kelley, born at 4:26. 9 pounds and 22 inches long," I hear Anna smile into the phone, "Oh and it's a healthy baby boy. But I guess you already knew that."

"That's great. How's Beth?" I ask.

"She's doing great, she's really tired though, but that's understandable," I hear Anna yawn.

"I'd come over now, but I'll give Beth some time to rest. Thanks Anna, go get some sleep," I smile into the phone.

"Mmkay, see you later Cait," she says before hanging up.

I turn around to see Sid looking at me with a smile on his face, he was rested on his arm as he looked at me.

"Well?" he asks in a sexy sleep gravelly voice.

"It's a boy. 9 pounds and 21 inches long," I say unable to keep the grin from my face.

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