Chapter 58: Koda

WoooooHoooo! Way to go Pens!!! They played a great game tonight, and Fleury did awesome in his goal! Now let's get that cup!

I have been with him for almost 5 years. We've been through so much together. Could I bear to leave him? Then again, Beth needed someone there for her, and after all Koda was the perfect dog for the job. It would be so hard to give him up though, he wasn't just some dog that I had helped rehabilitate. I had been with him since he was a puppy. But Beth...

"Ugh!" I groan in frustration, my mind had been at war since this morning.

Beth and Zach had left before Sid came home. They said that they needed to be at home, which even though I was happy to have them, I agreed with.

"Okay, that's it!" Sid says putting papers he was looking at down and walking over to the couch where I was sitting, "Move over Sam." He says pushing the rottweiler to the other side of the couch.

"Tell me what's going on?"

" What do you mean?" I ask, suddenly taking interest in the pillow fabric in my lap.

"You," Sid says putting a hand under my chin so that I will look a him, "have something on your mind, something pretty big if you ask me."

"Really? And how do you know this?" I ask, with a brow raised.

"You mean besides the frustrated groan you let out while watching a trident commercial? Well, let's see. You have been biting you lips like you do when you are thinking, you have tapped the remote on the end of your nose, you have constantly been changing your sitting positions, you've cracked your knuckles like you do when your in deep thought..."

I sigh threading my fingers through my hair.

"And you've been playing with your hair," he chuckles stopping my hand from going any further.

"It's just. Well, you know Beth," I sigh.

"Yeah, I think I've met her before," Sid grins sarcastically.

"Very funny smart ass," I smile, "I meant the robbery. She's home alone a lot of nights with Zach working the night shift and plus she's got a baby on the way. After this, she needs some one around. And I can't be over there every night and once the baby comes she can't travel over here all the time."

"So what were you thinking?" Sid asks.

"Well, when my dad worked the night shift my mom got a dog," I begin

"So get Beth a dog," he shrugs.

"It's not that simple," I sigh, my fingers coming up to rub my temples.

"Of course not, you're a dog trainer. I should have seen this being a big deal," he smiles.

"It is a big deal!" I say looking up at him.

"I know! So what are you thinking? You really haven't gotten to that part yet," he smiles.

"Well, with the baby on the way it would take too much of her time to get a shelter dog, or get a puppy. So I thought of giving her Sam, but he's too high energy, especially with a baby on the way," I sigh.

"So..." Sid says quietly, knowing that I'm on a break through.

"So... I think I'm going to give Koda to her," I sigh, feeling a lump in my throat.

"Why Koda?" he asks gently, rubbing my arm.

"Well... he is a big dog, which I think would make Beth more comfortable. He's good with kids, obedient, low maintenance," I say a tear breaking loose, "he's the perfect dog for the job."

"Shhh...babe..." Sidney says pulling me into him, I sigh as I feel another ear streak down my cheek. "You don't have to give him up, he is your dog after all."

"But I do. It's the best thing for Beth, and Koda loves them. Plus it's not like I would never get to see him. I could still take him to work with me if need be, it's just he won't be here anymore. It'll just be hard, he's been with me through a lot. He's part of the reason I'm so success ful. With out him, I would never be where I am today."

"I know babe, but like you said, it's not like you won't ever see him again," he murmurs into my hair.

"Yeah, I know'.

"Caitlin, you don't have to do this."

"Yeah. Yeah Sid I do," I sigh into his chest.


I pull into Beth's drive way, Koda and Bran in the back seat. I knew Zach had taken today off, so they would both be home. Plus, in all honesty, this would be eating me alive until I gave Koda to them. I walk up to the front door and ring the door bell. Moments later Beth appears, still looking a little worried, but she seems to relax when she sees me.

"I told you, we will be fine," Beth smiles letting me in the house. Luckily most of it was cleaned up. "Hi Koda and Bran"

"I know, I know. But that's not why I came. Where's Zach? I need to talk to the both of you," I say, a little unsure of how they would take this. Beth gives Bran a pat on the head while petting Koda.

"I'm right here, what's up?" he says walking into the living room where we have sat down.

"Alright... um... how do I start," I say rubbing my temples again.

"Caitlin are you ok?" Beth asks concerned.

"Yeah, fine," I mumble, "Ok, I would like to give you guys a gift. I've thought about it before, well not this specific gift, but in light of what just happened."

"Caitlin, you don't have to get us anything..." Zach begins.

"I'd like to give you Koda,"I sigh, just wanting to get it out there in the open.

"Caitlin! I..."Beth says speechless as she turns to Zach, both of their eyes wide in surprise.

"Just listen for a minute. I know that you gave Koda to me as a birthday present, and Koda and I have been through a lot together. But, I know that you are not going to feel safe or be 100% safe here at night Beth, when Zach is off working. So I thought about it on my jog today, getting you a dog I mean, and right now the best option for you is Koda. He's big, he's relaxed, good with kids, and he loves you guys. Koda will be great for when you have the baby, and he's big enough to keep you safe and comfort you when you need it. Plus, I can always take him in the day, or when ever you need me to for what ever reason,"I say getting it all out there.

"Caitlin... we can't just take one of your dogs..."Beth says struggling to find the right words.

"Beth, I know you gave Koda to me, and he's not one of my rescue dogs, but this is my job. Rehabilitating dogs and finding families that need them. And right now you need Koda," I say strongly.

"I would feel a lot better knowing that there was someone else here," Beth admits.

"As would I," Zach says, "Especially with the baby coming."

"Then it's settled. Koda is now your dog," I say with a slight smile.

"Well...when do we..." Zach hesitates.

"If you want, I have all of his stuff with me, so he can move right in. I figured since you will be going back to work tomorrow night."

"Alright, but Caitlin are you sure?" Beth says with that worried look on her face.

"I'm positive Beth. Right now this is for the best. But would it be ok, if I still took him to work with me, I mean once you go back to work?"I ask.

"Of Course! Anytime you need him, or just want to see him come on over,"Beth says.

I nod and head out the door to my car. With Zach's help I bring in all of Koda's things, his bed, toys, some food, his bowls...

Everything is in the house and we all stand on the front porch. It's time for me to leave.

"Well kid, I'm gonna miss you not being around all the time," I smile bending down to his level, "Now you be good for Beth and Zach, and the baby when it comes. I'll still see you a lot."

I bite my lips to hold back the tears and give Koda a hug. I pull away and licks my nose in understanding.

"Alright, guys," I sigh standing back up and wiping tears from my eyes, "I'll see you all later."

"Bye Cait, and thank you so much," Beth cries giving me a hug.

"See ya later Bud," I say ruffling Koda's fur, "Come on Bran let's go."

I walk to the car with Bran by my side, to my surprise Koda doesn't try to follow he just stands by Beth and watches me leave, as if he knows that he is supposed to stay.

I drive home, wiping the tears out of my eyes when need be. As I pull into my street, I find cars lining my drive way and Sid's. Must be a boys night.

I walk in my front door to be greeted by the sound of video game and yelling hockey players, the smell of chinese and pizza, and am pulled into the arms of one of my best friends.

"Hey Ace, I heard about Koda. How are you feeling?" his deep voice asks, I can feel the vibration of it as my head is pressed to his upper chest.

"I'll be ok Kris. I'll still get to see him a lot, so I'll be ok,"I smile, Tanger always made me feel better.

"Good," he smiles down at me.

"So you want to bring me up to speed here," I laugh gesturing to the mass of hockey players in my house.

"Well, we ordered Chinese and Pizza, and I'm sure there is beer still left in the kitchen. Ummm... let's see. Pokers in the dining room, wii fit, and I think they pulled out LIFE on the coffee table," he chuckles.

"Poker it is, thanks Tanger," I say standing on tip toes to kiss his cheek.

"Go get 'em Ace," he laughs as he heads over to play wii and I head to the dining room.

I walk into find, Army, Max, Flower, Orps, and Bugsy at a my table, which was littered with cards, chips, pizza crusts, and some beer bottles. I am hit by uncontrollable laughter as I see that Flash is sitting on Colby's lap watching the poker game.

"Hey Ace!" they greet.

"Colby, why is my dog on your lap?" I ask getting over my laughter.

"Because he's been a good luck charm for me!" he says holding up his hands.

"What ever. And the pizza crusts, I mean really guys," I say picking pizza crusts off the table,
"This is a house full of dogs, just give it to them." I toss a pizza crust to Flash.

"Ok, now that that's settled, what are we playin?" I ask, sitting down at the table.

Later that night, after everyone went home, I walk up to my room and get ready for bed. I sigh loudly as I fall in bed next to Sidney. He laughs and pulls me close to him.

"Are you feeling better?" he asks, looking down at me.

"Yeah, I am. I mean, I really miss not having Koda around, but he's with Beth, so I'll see him all the time. And after Beth goes back to work, he'll come with me to work everyday."

"I'm glad you're feeling better. I heard you cleaned out the boys to night," Sid chuckles against my shoulder.

"Eh, they could have folded if they wanted to," I shrug with a smirk.

"They should have known, I mean after all they were playing with the Ace of poker," he grins.

"Damn right!" I grin.

He laughs before connecting his lips with mine. His lips press against my lips and I feel his tongue worm it's way between my lips to dance with mine. After some effort, I pull away after a moment and his lips find my neck.

"I didn't get to tell you thanks," I smile, my fingers threading through his hair.

"For what?" he murmurs against my skin.

"For inviting all they guys over to help cheer me up," I grin as he pulls away to look at me.

"I don't know what your talking about," he says seriously, but I can see the smile in his eyes.

"Ok, they just all decided to show up?"

"Must have," he mumbles his lips finding their way back to mine before he rolls over and turning out the light. I snuggle into him and we both begin to drift off to sleep.

"Sidney?"I ask quietly.

"Yeah?" he whispers back.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome babe," he whispers, kissing my forehead.

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I'm happy she's feeling better about giving up her dog, but that was so sweet of her. Great chapter and keep updating!

Aww.. Sid's such a sweetie.

She took it better than I would have. I would be a mess if something happened to one of my dogs. :-S

You would think the guys would learn about the poker thing, but sometimes it does take a while for guys to catch on to things.. haha Cute update. :-)

Okay, this sucks... I cried... That was so sad! I know it was a good thing for her to give Koda to Beth, but my GOODNESS! Grr!

But two thumbs up to Sid for inviting the guys. And Colby and his good luck charm. Oh Colby...

Excellent! Keep it up!

I <3 Colby

And Sid is so thoughtful!

Sweet chapter!

Posted by Anonymous ( June 10, 2009 at 6:29 PM )

aw koda's gone :[
but i loved the rest!
sid's a sweetheart.
and i love colby. he's my favorite ex-penguin!

Dude, I friggen cried when she gave up Koda. That was such a mature and thoughtful thing for her. I could never do that.

Sid and the guys are amazing.

Great chapter, hope to see more! =)

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