Chapter 31: Talk!

The rest of the night, he seems kind of distant and doesn't really hang around me much, which is really weird. Sid is leaving early tomorrow morning to go back to Pittsburgh, and I figure I might as well wait until then to go with him. I stay the night at his house, and he insists I sleep in his bed. However, much to my dismay he takes the couch down stairs. The next morning after going through all the security and getting the dogs in the plane, which I really hate doing, I sit next to Sid who is just looking out the window.

"So did you have a good trip?" I ask, breaking the silence.


"Umm, that's good. Sid thanks again for letting me stay with you, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. "

"No problem," he says still looking out the window.

'weird,' I think to myself. He's never like this. The flight to Pittsburgh is a pretty quite one, we either slept or listened to music. I must still be off on my sleep schedule because I woke up to Sidney gently shaking me.

"Caitlin wake up, we're almost at the airport," he whispers.

I had my head pillowed on my shoulder, I stretch slightly and wait for us to land. As soon as we land, I'm the first one up. I need to go get my dogs. Once happily reunited with my dogs, I go to the parking lot where I left my car.

"Do you think you could give me a ride home, I don't really want to call anyone to pick me up, and I left the car at home," Sid asks hesitantly.

"Yeah, sure, if you don't mind, I want to pick up Mags and Koda first though," I respond. It's only 5:30.

"Okay, that's fine."

I pick up the phone to call Beth to let her know I'm coming. I pull into her driveway, her house is about 15 minutes from mine and get out of the car. I go around to the back and let Hawkeye, Bran, and Flash out so that they can see the rest of the family. Sid gets out too and quietly follows me. I knock on the door and a moment later Beth answers.

"Hi, how was your trip... Oh my God is that Sidney Crosby?!" she stands wide eyed looking behind me.

"Yeah, Sid this is Beth Kelley, Beth this is Sidney Crosby. I stayed with Sid, for two days in Nova Scotia before we came home. I'll tell you all about the trip later, where are my dogs?" I ask impatiently.

"There upstairs, I'll call them," she begins.

"No need," I say before letting out a whistle. All of a sudden Maggie and Koda come bolting down the stairs.

"Maggie, Koda," I say excitedly as the dogs run into my arms and kiss my face.

"Geez Caitlin, it's disgusting how much your dogs can't stand you," Beth's husband Zach says with a smile.

"Yeah, I know," I giggled over the kisses, "Alright you two, that's enough."

At my command they reluctantly stopped and headed over to the rest of the pack for yet another excited hello.

"So please tell me a little bit about your trip, God girl, you lost some weight," Beth says giving me the once over.

"Yeah, and some sleep,"Sidney says,"She was really exhausted when she came to my place."

"Caitlin, I hate it when you do this to yourself, you really shouldn't it's not good for you physically and it can't be good for you emotionally either."

"Yeah, I know. But my dogs and I can help, so we should help you know."

"Uh huh, how many bruises do you have? Any stitches this time?" Zach asked.

"No, no stitches, I only had to get stitches once and that wasn't even a big deal, I only had to get 5," I say sticking out my tongue at him.

"She does however have an extremely nasty bruise on her leg and shoulder," Sid threw in.

"Oh Caitlin, you need to get those looked at..."Beth starts.

"Beth, I'm fine, I can take care of myself. If I think I need some help I'll get some."

"Yeah, but the last time you said that I had to drag you to the hospital and we found out you had cracked ribs!"

"Beth, it was one cracked rib, and the doctor couldn't do any thing about it, I was fine. Don't worry, I call someone if I need help, and Sid's right next door."

"Thank God for that!" Beth sighed.

"Beth seriously stop worrying about me, I can take care of myself, have been for years. Plus you already have someone else to worry about," I grin looking down at her pregnant stomach, "Did you find out what it is?"

"It's a boy!" she said excitedly.

"Oh, congrats girl! You and I have to go shopping for him now,"I smile giving her a hug.

"Oh definitely,"Beth says all smiles.

"Alright, well we'll see you two... I mean three later, Thank you so much for taking care of the dogs," I smile pulling my coat back on.

"Caitlin, you seriously have the perfect dogs. They are so great, we love having them here. Although poor Zach gets a little jealous of Koda,"she says holding her husbands hand.

I smile at the couple, 'I really want what they have,' I think to myself. I look over at Sidney and he's looking at me, as if reading my thoughts.

"Alright, see you two... I mean three later,"I say walking out the door.

"Bye Caitlin, bye Sidney."Beth waves from the door way.

I drive home and it is again pretty quiet, which allows me to think. I really want a family. I already had one with the dogs, but I needed a human partner. Sid really has been a rock for me these past couple days. My thoughts wander, thinking of what it would be like being married to him and having his kids. The image is to my surprise, extremely clear. Sid and I living in a house with kids and dogs running all over the place. Boy, would they ever be athletic kids. I get out of the car and let the dogs out. I'm so happy to be home and the dogs are too as they run around the yard checking out all the smells.

"Well thanks for giving me the ride," Sid says interrupting my thoughts.

"No problem,"I frown upon seeing him turn to walk away,"Sid what's the problem, you seem kinda distant."

"Nothing I'm fine," he says stopping and staring at the ground.

"Sid, you made me talk to you, now talk to me." I frown crossing my arms.

"I can't do this, right now," he says quietly.

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Posted by Anonymous ( September 21, 2008 at 4:54 PM )

Don't leave it there! I want to know what's wrong with Sid.
Great lsat few chapters. I aways get so excited when I see this updated!
Great job!

Posted by Anonymous ( September 21, 2008 at 6:01 PM )

Okay, I am now officially addicted...update soon, please...this is a great story!

hmm...what's going on in that pretty little head of his? Update soon, please!

Oh come on, don't leave us hanging! I really, really want to know what's wrong with him! Please post soon!! =]

Man, you had to stop there.

Anyways cant wait for more!!

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