Chapter 2: Long Legs

Description of Narrator in Chapter 2

Name: Sidney Crosby
Age: 20
DOB: August 7, 1987
Height/Weight: 5'11'',  210lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel eyes, curly dark brown hair
Other Features: built muscular body, thick legs and broad shoulders
Personality: Hockey star & Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Loved by the media and the object of many crushes. Tries to keep personal life out of the limelight but doesn’t avoid it completely.
Life in General: Lived in Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia. Became Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins at age 20. Going to Florida after being convinced by friends/ teammates Marc Andre Fleury, Jordan Staal, Evgeni Malkin, Max Talbot, and Colby Armstrong (traded).

Chapter 2

“Florida? Why Florida?” I ask looking at the other guys.

“Oh come on Sid, don’t you want to get away from this cold PA air for a little while?” Marc asks in his French Canadian accent. Marc was right. For the beginning of June, it was unusually cold in PA.

“Yeah, come on, you can get a good tan before you go back home,” Jordan adds, his blue eyes pleading with me.

“I don’t know,” I hesitate.

“Ah come on Sid,” Max says, “Flowers going, Staalzy’s going, Geno and Army are going, plus I’m going.”

“Yeah, come on you need to get your head out of hockey for a while, the season’s over,” Malkin adds.

“Oh all right I guess I’ll go,” I sigh bring cheers through out the room.

“Great we’re staying in a fairly secluded house right on the water. There are only two houses next to us, and from my understanding only one will have people in. This way you can avoid people for a while.”

After arriving in Florida via private jet, the boys go to their house and find that their neighbors haven’t moved in yet.

“I call for pizza, beer, and a good movie,” Jordan says.

“Yeah, you're right, it's already 7:30. We might as well stay in for the night,” Flower says. After 
starting the movie they hear a car pull in the driveway.

“Sounds like the neighbors are here,” Colby says. 

The guys look at each other then rush to the window to see what they look like.

“God I hope they’re not an old couple,” Max says.

“Well let's hope they’re some hot, easy girls,” Geno adds as the a mini van’s doors open.

“Sweet, looks like four girls gentlemen, I call the skinny brunette!” Max says.
“Well since we’re calling, I get the one with shorter...” Colby says.

“Guys come on,” Flower says disgusted.

“Hey look another car is pulling up,” Geno points out. 

Sure enough a light green jeep pulls up next to the mini van, and out steps two more girls. They talk to the other girls, and the one with glasses grabs a bag and heads to the door. The girls start to unpack their cars. A brunette is the last one and catches my eye. She pulls out a bag, then lets out a sharp whistle. The whistle prompts a black dog to jump out of the car.

“Well, we’re going to have to get acquainted with them tomorrow,” Jordan grins. We all laugh in agreement, before returning to the movie.

Later, I see something moving out of the corner of my eye. I get up to go and investigate. I look up and down the beach, just catching the sun as it disappears over the horizon.

Suddenly I hear, “girls dinners here,” come from the other house. I look over to see a dog slip into the house followed by one of the girls, which I assume is the brunette that caught my eye before, she seems a bit short. For a split second, I swear she looks back at me before going into the house. As she goes in the house I catch a glimpse of surprisingly long legs on the short frames. They are well toned as I see the muscles play beneath the smooth skin as she moves inside.

“So much for avoiding people for a while, those legs are gonna stick in my mind,” I think to myself letting out a sigh and looking at the ocean before returning inside.

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AWESOME sid notcied me! Well not me but u know what i mean lol

very cute story :)

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