Chapter 1: Road Trip!


Caitlin Marie Shaw
age 19

Born June 25, 1988
standing 5'3 and weighing 130 lbs.
Features: Big dark brown eyes, with shoulder length, dark chestnut-brown hair. Curvy/ athletic body (She's in shape, but she's got hips)
Personality: She is a people person, but is a little on the shy side. Pretty mellow, but she has a breaking point. having Irish blood she has a temper.
She is a big hockey fan, but she has never had on a pair of ice skates. She loves cold, snowy weather. Despises hot and humid, it can only be tolerated for so long. Likes hanging out with friends, but enjoys being home and having alone time.
Life: She grew up in a little town near Pittsburgh, before her parents moved to Maryland after she graduated high school. Now she's in her junior year at the University of Maryland, studying Animal Behaviorism (dog psychology).

Chapter One

The gravel crunches and rumbles under my Jeep Wrangler's tires as I pulled into the driveway. Turning the key and shutting off the engine I look at the black puppy sitting in the passenger's seat next to me.

"Ready?" I ask to the black 9-month-old puppy next to me.

Bran listens intently, cocking his head to the right as he tries to figure out what I'm saying. I laugh and ruffle his black fur before getting out of the car. I walk around to the other side, and let him out, before we walk up to the brick house and ring the door bell. Soon a taller woman comes to answer the door. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, shorts and a t-shirt covering her athletic swimmers body. Her blue-green eyes covered by glasses. She smiles and opens the door upon seeing us.

"Hey you two, come on in!"

"Hey, Brooke! Is everyone here yet?" I ask following her into the very clean house.

"Nope, we're still waiting on Allie and Jamie."

"Ah, what's new, they're always the latest,"I reply.

"I wouldn't talk if I were you. It's a rarity that you're on time," she says laughing.

"True, but I'm not last today," I add, following her into a room with two other girls and a bunch of luggage. "Good Lord, how much stuff did you guys pack?"

"Most of it's Brooke's, you know how she always packs everything but the bath tub," replies a brunette wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops. She was about an inch shorter than me and a little curvier.

"You're no light packer either, Amber," replies a blond haired blue eyed girl, shorts and a t-shirt covering her lean athletic body, "Hey you brought Bran!"

"Yeah, he goes everywhere with me. Since he's only 9 months old he needs to be with me so he can learn to be totally loyal and handle any situation. Especially since someday he will be helping me train other dogs," I say glancing down at the puppy sitting contently at my feet.

"Come here, Bran, you're such a good boy!" the blond says. Bran looks at me waiting for my approval.

"Go ahead, go see Emma."

Bran trots over to get his ears scratched by the other girl.

"He looks like a black wolf puppy, except for those blue eyes,"she says.

"Yeah I know. The shelter said he'll probably be just as big as a wolf too," I reply as the door bell rings.

"That must be Jamie and Allie," Brooke says leaving the room.

Within moments two more girls enter. Both only an inch or two over 5 foot with brown hair and light brown eyes. Jamie has short hair and a dusting of freckles across her nose. Allie has a darker complexion and is more petite than Jamie.

"Hey guys!" they say in greeting as they enter the room and exchange hellos with everyone.

"Alright, now that everyone's finally here, we can get going."

As previously agreed upon we take two cars, my four door jeep wrangler, and Brooke's mini van. After driving 9 hours to Charlotte, NC to spend the night. We drive 10 more hours to Brooke's parent's vacation house in Florida, arriving at 8:30 that night.

"Ugh, we're finally here!"Allie sighs.

"Yeah, I'm, glad we're spending 10 days here, because I need to rest from that long trip," Amber groans.

"Well, can we go out to eat somewhere? I'm starving!" Brooke whines.

"Uhm, no. I don't want to get in the car again today, how about we order take out," I suggest.

"Yes! Now to find the Phone book," Jamie says searching through drawers.

"Try the one by the sink," Brooke suggests.

After finding the phone book we decide to order Chinese, and proceed in ordering basically the whole restaurant. While we wait for the order to come, I decide to take Bran outside to have a look around. The house is in a line with two other houses, but other than that it is pretty remote. We are staying in the house on the end, and someone is supposedly staying in the house next to us, the last house is vacant. The houses are right on the edge of the water, the back deck leading straight out to the sandy beach. Bran and I decide to check out the beach. I go out the back door with him by my side, not taking a flashlight but standing on the deck a minute before venturing out, allowing my eyes to get used to the darkness. I step off the deck and immediately feel the coarse white sand on my bare feet and hear the waves lapping against the shore.

“Come on Bran,” I say with encouragement to the puppy that has never been in the sand, “its okay.”

He cautiously steps out onto the sand. I venture further out until by feet feel the warm salt water gently hitting them. We travel up the beach hearing music coming from the house next to us. From the window I could see into the lite room where it looked like some guys were partying.

“Ooo, looks like we got some hot neighbors,” I think to myself. I look out to the ocean just in time to see the last bit of sun slip below the horizon.

“Come on,” I call to the Bran, who is checking out the tall grass, “I think we’ll take a jog out here tomorrow.”

As I walk up the steps and about to go inside, I hear the door from the neighboring house open. Out walks a fairly tall man (taller than me anyways, but who isn’t). From the distance I could make out his seemingly well toned body and broad shoulders, yet because of the darkness I can’t make out anything more. A shiver of excitement goes up my spine, as I hear “girls dinners here!” calling from the house. I open the door letting Bran in, and look back to see the pair of broad shoulders look my way before I slip into the house.

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