Chapter 86: It's Time!

“Ruff… ruff…”

‘Is it 7:30 already?’ I think, closing my eyes tighter in a hope that it will somehow turn back the time a few minutes so I can sleep again.

“Ruff… Ruff…” it was a little more urgent this time.

“Shh… Flash let her sleep,” I hear his sleep gravely voice whisper from beside me, “Come on, I’ll let you out.”

I feel the bed move slightly, I hear him pull on his jeans from last night and the slight jingle of Flash’s collar as he moves quickly out of the room and downstairs. I keep my eyes closed willing sleep to come back to me, even for just a little bit, but to no avail. I sigh, and open my eyes. When did I become my mother, getting up early and never able to fall back asleep? I groan slightly as I sit up in bed, letting the pillows help the ache in my lower back.

I hear the door open from downstairs and a rush of paws passing the threshold. The sound of claws on wood and id tags jingling becomes louder and louder, until the door that was closed but not latched swings open and I’m met with a flurry of fur.

“Good Morning,” I chuckle as the bed groans with the weight that has suddenly been jumped on it.

Maggie wiggles her way to my side and Sam places a wet kiss on my cheek (the boys had gotten back from a road trip late last night, Tanger had yet to pick him up). Finn and Ty make themselves comfortable at the foot of the bed, while Flash and Hawkeye take the Sid’s spot next to me. I see Sid look around the door with a sigh, his shoulders slightly slumping in defeat.

“I didn’t close the door the whole way, eh?” He ran a hand through his hair now longer hair, that had just begun curling at the ends.

“Nope,” I smirk, letting my eyes wander over his solid and bare torso. Watching as his bicep jumps slightly when he moves his arm away from his hair.

“Sorry, babe. I tried to get you more sleep,” he sighs walking over to me, “Alright, everybody off, go lay somewhere else.”

The dogs just look at him like he’s crazy.

“Come on you heard him, Off!” I laugh, pushing Finn with my foot.

They all grumble in protest but move anyway, giving Sid space to lie down. He chuckles as they all plop down on the floor, waiting for me to get up and feed them.

“Good Morning,” he smiles at me, bringing his lips sweetly to meet mine.

“Morning,” I mumble against him, the slight scruff of his playoff ‘beard’ tickling my face. It wasn’t as bad as it was when he was 21, but it’s still rather pathetic, I think smiling into the kiss.

“And good morning to you too,” he mumbles, pressing a kiss against my huge exposed stomach. It was just easier sleeping in a sports bra these days. “I missed you,” he says looking up at me, those hazel eyes softening.

“I missed you too. What time did you get in last night?”

“It was around 1:30,” he yawns, “Tanger said he’d pick up Sam after practice.”

“Alright, sounds good.”

“And how are you?” he asks, his eyes never leaving mine.

I knew the question he was asking.

“You mean since I talked to you after the game last night, ok. But not yet Sid,” I smile.

He smiles at me sheepishly, his hand coming to my stomach as he presses another kiss to my lips.

Sid’s POV

“Anything yet?” Bylsma asks me as I lean against my stick and watch the boys shoot pucks at Flower playfully.

“Not yet,” I sigh, my eyes not leaving them.

“It will be soon Sid, just be patient,” he smiles.

“I know… it’s just… What if I’m on the ice? Or God forbid we’re on the road….” I begin, finally verbalizing the thoughts that had been worrying me.

“We’ll get you there. One way or another, we’ll get you there,” he laughs.

I sigh and nod. I wanted to focus my thoughts on the game tonight. We were in round 2 of the playoffs, game 6 against the Bruins and if we won tonight we were moving on to round 3. But I couldn’t, the imminent May 24th due date was approaching fast, 10 days to be exact, and I couldn’t imagine Caitlin’s stomach getting any bigger. I was ready to be a dad and after all we had been through it was so close!

I had mostly moved back into the house in the past two months, shivering because the air conditioning was cranked up so high. I’m pretty sure the dogs had yet to lose their winter coats. We were officially together again… finally. It felt right. It felt wonderful to come home to her again, even though she was getting crankier as her belly increased in size. I was with her whenever I could be, soaking in her pregnancy and helping when she would let me. A few days before she had cleaned out the entire kitchen with the intent of reorganizing it. I came home to find her leaning against the cupboard exhausted. I ended up putting everything back as she went to bed early.

The baby’s room was ready. We had converted the guest room into the new nursery, with the help of some of the guys of course. The walls were painted a soft green, and white wooden furniture added to the softness of the room. Tiny clothes were in the drawers and a few soft toys were placed in the appropriate places. The room was set, we were set … and still waiting.

After a month of trying, I had finally convinced her a few days ago to stop working until AFTER the baby was born. She had found a place going around to all the shelters in the area, helping to match people with dogs and to train problem dogs. I could tell she was still restless with her job, being that she didn’t have a definite one. I knew she missed Utah sometimes, even if she didn’t say it, and I knew she missed owning her own business too.

I step out of my car and knock on the door. Hearing a dog bark, informing his owner that I was at the door. The door opens not even moments later, to reveal a grinning red head and a big white dog.

Caitlin’s POV

I let out another heavy sigh as I change the channel. Finn lay next to me with head on my lap. The dogs all laying around me, asleep. I was SO BORED!!! I couldn’t really do anything! And Sid, made me promise not to step foot in a shelter until at least 2 weeks after the baby was born. Like I said, BORED.

Sid’s POV

“What about that one?” I ask, pointing to a rather large one in the corner of the display case.

“I’m sorry, who are you shopping for?” Beth asks, “Cause, she would never wear that.”

“Ok… what about that one.”

“Do you want her to wear it?”

“Of course I do!”

“All the time?”

“Well… yeah!” I reply, I wanted people to know she was taken, that she was mine.

“Then stop thinking of the ring that every girl wants, and think about what Caitlin would want,” she says sternly.

I sigh, she was right. If I wanted Caitlin to actually wear the ring, it had to be one that wouldn’t get in her way. Not only did I feel like I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring, I felt that I couldn’t. I wanted to spoil her, to give her an over the top ring that would remind her and everyone else that she was mine, but she wouldn’t wear it. It would get in her way.

I look at all the sparkling jewelry for what seems like the billionth time. Scanning over ring after ring, trying to find the right one.


“Yeah, Sid?” she says breaking her gaze from the jewelry.

I take a deep breath. I asked her to come with me to pick out a ring, because I knew she would know best… and I knew that if anyone knew what the answer would be, it would be Beth.

“Do you think she will say ‘yes’?” I ask quietly, searching her green eyes for truth.

“Honestly Sid, I’m not sure,” she replies, almost sadly.

I sigh, breaking eye contact and looking back at the rings. I was so afraid she would still say no. I wasn’t sure if she completely trusted me yet, but I hoped that she did.

I feel Beth touch my forearm gently,

“But I do know that someday she will say yes. Sid, she is so in love with you and she knows that she needs you, and I think that scares her. But she’s not going to run again. She’s always been afraid of a forever commitment, and let’s face it. Forever, is a damned long time,” she grins at me, “But Sid, someday… it could be tomorrow or in a year… but someday, she will say yes.”

I smirk and nod, looking back down when one catches my eye.

“What about that one?” I ask pointing out the wedding ring.

It wasn’t an engagement ring, so to speak, it was meant to go along with a solitary diamond ring. But it was one that she would wear. One that she wouldn’t take off. The ring was perfect, and I knew it even before Beth gasped.

“Sid, it’s perfect!”

Caitlin’s POV

“Hey guys,” I hear him greet the dogs at the door, making me crane my head back from the crossword I was doing.

“Hey! Where have you been? It’s almost time for your nap,” I ask curiously.

“I had some interviews and stuff,” he sighs, coming over to kiss my lips before sinking down in the lazy boy, being that I was taking up the entire couch with Hawkeye.

“What are you doing?” he asks curiously.

“Crossword puzzle,” I grumble, as Joshua Radin sings in the background.

“Since when do you do those?” he says taken back.

“Since I’m bored out of my fucking mind! I can’t do anything else without getting tired,” I snap.

“Aww, babe, she’ll be here soon,” he smiles cautiously.

He had been the brunt of my cranky mood for a while now. I felt bad, but on the other hand, it was partly his fault that I was like this.

“Well, why not now?! I’m sick of being pregnant. My back hurts, and my feet hurt, and I’m tired, and I want a beer!”

“I know babe, I know,” he sighs, “Why don’t you come take a nap with me.”

I sigh. Sure I was nervous about giving birth and wasn’t looking forward to the pain factor AT ALL, but I had been craving a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and I wasn’t allowed to have bread! I tried to convince Sid bagels weren’t bread they were bagels, but he wouldn’t listen. I was ready to be a mom!

“Ok,” I grumble, accepting his hands as he helps me hoist myself off the couch and walk up the stairs. “Do you know how many times I’ve peed today?! A LOT!”

* * * *

“Are you sure you don’t want to come to the game?” He asks, tying his tie and looking back at me through the mirror.

“No, I’m exhausted and I don’t think I would be able to handle those stairs too well. Beth is gonna come over and we’re just going to watch here,” I shake my head with a sigh.

“Alright,” he nods.

“I really want to though,” I pout, “Your daughter just wears me out.”

He snickers and comes over to the bed where I’m sitting.

“I love you,” he smiles at me before kissing me sweetly.

“I love you, too,” I smile, “Now help me up, please.”

He laughs lightly and helps me off the bed so that I can go downstairs and let the dogs out. I let them all out, but Finn refuses to go out, and instead follows me into the kitchen where I make popcorn.

“Alright, I’ve got to get to the rink,” Sid says coming down the stairs and fixing his sports coat across his broad shoulders.

“Stop Hulk, you keep doing that and you’re going to burst the seams,” I say with a smirk, going up to him to fix his collar and smooth the shoulders of his coat.

“Like what you see Miss Shaw?” he smirks, as my hands come to the back of his neck.

I look up at him, his hazel eyes sparkling with mischief as his lips move into a lazy smirk.

“Eh, not bad,” I shrug, biting my lip to hold back my grin before pulling his neck down to attach my lips to his. I wasn’t able to come up on my toes anymore.

“You sure you’ll be ok?” he asks, looking worriedly in my eyes.

“Yes, Beth will be here,” I smile, “I know this will be hard for you, but try not to think about it ok? I want you to focus on the game. You’re not going to miss anything. I will cross my legs if it means waiting for you to get there.”

He chuckles before kissing my forehead.

“I’ll try.”

“Thank you, cause I’ve been told that doesn’t work,” I smile, leaning back against the counter. He kisses me one last time before he makes his way to the door.

“Go kick some ass, Crosby!” I shout as he walks out the door. I hear his laugher echo down the hallway before he closes the door.

“UGH I have to pee AGAIN!” I shout to no one in particular.

* * * *


“Hey! In the living room!” I call back.

“Hey, Momma, how’s baby?” Beth grins at me, coming into the living room followed by Koda.

“She won’t come out,” I pout at her, "Hi, Koda!" I smile petting the furry white dog.

“Aww, honey. I know how you feel, but she will eventually,” she smiles knowingly at me, “How’s Daddy handling everything?”

“He’s worried about it, more worried and anxious than he’s trying to let on. He’s afraid he’s going to miss the birth.”

“That’s understandable.”

“Yeah, but it’s playoffs and he can’t focus on the game like he usually does.”

“Well, life will all turn upside down soon enough,” she smiles before handing me a colorful plastic bag.

“Jelly beans?”

“They’re not bread!” she smiles plopping down next to me.

I laugh and turn on the TV, turning it to the FSN just in time to see Chris Kunitz doing a pregame interview on the ice with Dan Potash.

“YES!” I yell throwing my arms up in celebration as Kris almost tackles Sid in celebration of the beautiful goal he had scored. The score was now 1-0 Pens, with 8 to go in the first.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain shoot up my abdomen and all through my lower back. I wince before I feel another pain shoot through. I let out a deep breath. 2 minutes left in the period.

We go into the intermission, Dan Potash interviewing Sid as another sharp pain shoots through me, making me miss him talking about his goal.


“Yeah?” she says looking over to me.

“It’s time. You need to take me to the hospital,” I wince.

Her eyes go wide before she shoots off the couch.

“Ok… ok…"

“My bag in the closet,” I say beginning to get up, Finn standing next to me protectively as the other dogs watch nearby.

Here we go!

Sid’s POV

‘Alright, focus. Focus on the game. She’s fine, the baby’s fine. Focus on the game,’ I think waiting to walk down the tunnel and hop on the ice along with everyone else. I begin walking down, after Max and Marc have finished their fight, bringing up the rear.

“Come on boys,” I yell out, along with the other shouts, trying to pump everyone up as the Consol Energy Center rumbles with the noise of the crowd. The line begins to move and my mind begins to go to the ice. The feel of the puck on my stick, the intensity of playoffs, hard checks... fight hard, score big…

“Sid!” I hear Dana Heinze call, as he comes running out of the locker room, “You’ve got somewhere else to be. Caitlin called, she said ‘it’s time’”

I fell my jaw drop along with my stomach, my breath is sucked out of me, and my skin immediately pales as I’m hit with a wave of nausea. It’s time!

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AHHH! baby time!
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This story is so sweet and the thought that it is almost over is so hard to bear right now! I will wait patiently for the last chapter knowing it will be fabulous as they become parents. Please consider another Sid story when you are done!

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I hate that there is only one more chapter to go!!!!!

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