Chapter 67: Coming Back to Me!

“Alright boys. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” I shout running into the office where the two dogs were laying and I grab the stack of folders. I run out of my office into the lobby the two dogs following behind me as I shut everything off and set the alarm up. I get to the car and open the back so that Finn can jump in, and then the passenger side so Bran can hop in, before I hop into the drivers seat.

I look at the glowing green digital clock, 5:30. He was suppose be home in 15 minutes. I wanted to leave at 4:00 to be home, but well that didn’t happen.

I pull into the driveway and let the two dogs out before running up to the door. I open the door to the rest of my pack and allow them out while I run up the stairs to quickly shower and change so I didn’t smell like sweat and dog anymore.

I take what is quite possibly the quickest shower of my life before changing into orange shorts and a Penguins shirt. It was actually a Letang t-shirt, but well… I didn’t have a Crosby one. Why didn’t I have a Crosby one? Ah, no time to think get dress.

I ran coconut milk leave in conditioner through my hair before combing out my chestnut locks a little. I applied some mascara and was just about to reach for flip-flops when I heard the dogs barking outside. I looked out the window and saw a silver Range Rover parking in the driveway. I squealed with delight. Fuck shoes, it’s summer.

I run down the steps and out the door, feeling the warm cement on the sides walk beneath my bare feet. The dogs were swarming around the car; Maggie was in the middle of it all, while Finn and Ty hung back a little. They probably didn’t remember him; after all they hadn’t seen him in over two months.

He gets out of the car with and pushes past the dogs, a grin on his face. I laugh and jump into his arms, pressing a kiss hard against his lips to which he responds to eagerly, each of us smiling into the kiss. He pulls away resting his forehead on mine, looking into my eyes grinning. God I missed those hazel eyes.


“Hi,” I laugh back at him, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” he laughs, putting me down. “So how was work?”

“Long, I got home an hour later than I wanted to,” I sigh dramatically, linking my fingers with his.

“Hence the wet hair, eh?” he smiles bending down to kiss my cheek, “You smell like coconut.”

“I always do,” I laugh.

“Yes, well… I missed the smell,” he states as we walk into the house, “And what’s with the Letang shirt?”

“I don’t have a Crosby on, just the jersey you gave me, but it’s too hot to wear a jersey,” I laugh, “It was before we started dating.”

He immediately goes to the couch, pulling me onto his lap.

“Well we’re going to have to do something about that,” he growls before his lips are on mine. His lips move quickly over mine before his tongue glides over my bottom lip. I quickly oblige and let him in, our tongues dancing together after 2 months of being apart. I had wanted to go up to Halifax, but I could never take off work. It seemed like everyday I was doing at least 4 sessions and I had been going in on Saturdays too. And when I wasn’t at work doing sessions, it was paper work, and training the puppies. I was working like… well like a dog, but now that school was starting for the kids everything seemed to begin to quiet down.

I pull away for air and nuzzle my nose into his neck, resting my head on his shoulder. I take a deep breath, inhaling his scent and let it out with a sigh. His arms wrap securely around me.

“Did you eat dinner yet?” I ask quietly.

“Nope, I was kinda hoping that you would make me some dinner,” he smiles.

“Alright,” I laugh, “what do you want?”

“Whatever,” he shrugs with a smile.

“Good, cause I have chicken marinating in the refrigerator.”

“So this one is Finn?” he asks pointing to the white pup.

“Yup, and the other is Tyko, but I have been calling him Ty,” I smile.

“How are they doing? With training, I mean.”

“Well, like I told you on the phone last night, they have been great so far! Luckily with the other dogs I don’t have to do as much training. For example, they are pretty much housetrained already. And Finn has been following Bran around everywhere. ..So how bout that dinner I’m starved!” I say quickly, I hadn’t eaten since 11:00.

He chuckles as I get off his lap and make my way into the kitchen.

“Hi, Maggie,” I hear him laugh; no doubt she was on the couch next to him.

I put a pot of water on to make some pasta to go with the chicken and get the bag of fresh green beans out of the refrigerator. I begin snapping the beans in the sink when a pair of arms find their way around my waist. I lean back against him as he places a kiss below my ear.

“I missed you,” he whispers.

“I missed you too, Sid,” I smile turning to kiss his soft pillowy lips.

Sid’s POV

“Ruff… Ruff…”

I inhale and go to move my arm but it is weighed down by someone. I smirk and look over to her side. She was pressed against me, her head on my shoulder and her hands splayed on my chest. Her long dark lashes were splayed out on her cheeks and her mouth was open ever so slightly.

I loved waking up to this, waking up to her. I can’t believe that I ever slept…

“Ruff!” Flash whisper barks a little louder pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Shh… Alright Flash I’m up, I’m up,” I whisper as I carefully get up.

I throw on my boxers that were in the door way and follow the trail of clothes we had shed last night after dinner down the steps. The dogs have all pooled around the door like every other morning in this house.

“Alright guys, out!” I say opening the door for the dogs to flood past me and outside.

I move over to the TV and turn it on to the news. But it doesn’t capture my attention and my thoughts drift back to what I had been thinking of previously. Should I tell her? I mean I was wasted when it happened, I could hardly remember the events of that night. But would she forgive me? I didn’t want to risk losing her. Should have thought that before it all happened. I didn’t know if I could lose her... again. It was just one drunken night of mistakes. But it was eating me alive not telling someone. I was meeting Army and Flower to talk about it today; I would just wait to see what they said.


I look out the door to see Hawkeye standing by the door wanting in along with half the pack. I sigh and let them in before heading up stairs. I walk into the room to Caitlin sitting up in bed, clad in my jersey. Her hair was tousled from sleep and her eyes had a look of lust in them.

“Good morning,” she says in a seductive voice.

I swallow quickly and cleared my throat,

“Morning. Nice outfit.”

"Thanks, there's this really hot Captain on the team that seems to know how to treat a girl right," she winks.

"Is that so?"


I move toward the bed, the closer I got the broader her smile grew. I crawl into bed and gently pressed my lips against hers. I went to pull away but her hand found the back of my head, her fingers threading through my hair and she presses her lips to mine harder. She pushes me down forcefully in the bed and straddles me. She kisses me again, her tongue finding it’s way into my mouth. She pulls away and moves her head so that her mouth is by my ear. Her hair tickles my shoulder as it was swept to one side.

“I want you,” she whispers into my ear, her lips barely touching it before she playfully nips my earlobe.

I groan at her bluntness as my hands travel up her thighs to her hips where I find that she was wearing nothing under the jersey. What the hell was she trying to do to me?!

Caitlin’s POV

He smacks the alarm again, his mouth never moving from mine. We were supposed to get up 20 minutes ago.

“Sidney, we have to get ready you have to meet Colby and Marc in an hour and I have to be at work soon,” I groan against his lips, before they travel away from mine.

I moan as he finds that one spot on my neck to make me squirm. I couldn’t help but give into his mouth as it worked and I tilt my head giving him more room to work with. He lets out a throaty chuckle at my response and I can feel his lips turn up in a smirk against my skin.

He ceases his task and moves so that his arms are on either side of me pressing into the soft mattress and holding him above me. His lips hover over mine, barely touching them.

“Well then I suppose we should stop for now, eh?” he says in a throaty voice. I can feel his hot breath against my lips, driving me insane.

“We should,” I say licking my lips and glancing up at him.

He is at such a close distance that I can see the gold flecks in his smiling eyes framed by dark lashes. I look back down to his bee-stung lips that played in a crooked smile. I bite my lip, trying to resist temptation, but some how my hands have a mind of their own and one travels around his neck. My fingers play with hair on the back of his neck.

My other hand moves down his neck, and across one of his bare broad shoulder, the skin smooth under my touch and slightly sticky from the sweat of our recent good time. It travels across his collarbone before descending down his muscular chest. I could feel the muscle packed tightly to his ribs, before my fingers rand down his abs, feeling the grooves of the individual muscles.

“Caitlin?” he mumbles in a husky voice.


“You’re driving me insane,” he whispers holding himself in check. I knew he was waiting for me to make a move.

I smirk looking up at him only to have his hazel eyes burn into mine, my breath catching in my throat and my stomach does a summersault. It somewhat amazed me that he still had that affect on me, the same effect he had on me when I first ran into him on the beach 5 years ago.

My hand travels up his forearm and over his biceps, feeling the hard muscles shift slightly under my touch as he kept himself steady above me. My hands both come to his broad shoulders and I look up into his face again, the air between us was heavy and thick. I pull myself up and lightly touch my lips to his before I feel him press his against mine. He lowers himself, pressing me into the plush mattress. Our lips move slowly in unison as we savored the moment. It seemed like time stilled, every thought seemed to fly from my head. At that moment nothing mattered, I would be content to be here, kissing Sidney Crosby for the rest of my life, but of course the alarm had to go off insisting that I get out of bed and get ready.

I shift underneath him, trying to escape. But he holds me tight not letting me move, and connecting his lips with mine again. I’m certain that if that alarm weren’t blaring next to the bed I would be a puddle. I try to move again, my lips still connected to his. They were addicting

“Just push the snooze,” he mumbles against my lips. As his fingers trace my inner thigh, making it so that I couldn’t see straight. Before I can respond, two of his fingers ease inside of me teasing me. His mouth coming to meet mine again to muffle my moan.

“We already did 3 times,” I groan my fingers my fingers raking down his back at the feeling of him hard against my thigh and his fingers moving inside me. My hips grinding against his hand, pushing his fingers in deeper as his thumb moves on my clitoris, sending additional waves of pleasure through my body.

“Oh, Sidney,” I moan breathless as he finds that spot that almost puts me over the edge. I throw my head back relishing in the immense pleasure that is building up and bite my lip to muffle a scream. I’m losing my ability to think, the alarm becomes louder but it seems to add to the pleasure. His mouth moves over to my breast, hot tongue sweeping over its swollenness before he takes it into his mouth.

"Oh my God," I moan breathlessly my back arching up into him, begging him to continue "Sid please"

"What do you want babe?" he growls, "Tell me what you want?"

"You. Oh God, Sidney, fuck me," I moan my hands twisting in the sheets.

He stops his sucking, as I’m about to climax, his mouth coming to mine for a brief moment before he whispers

“Let’s make it four,” taking his fingers out of me suddenly and slamming his hand down on the alarm clock. Before I can protest he thrusts into me, making me scream with pleasure. What the hell, make it four!

Sid’s POV

After quite the eventful morning we finally managed to get dressed. She left before I did with all of the dogs. As soon as I got in my car, the memory of why I was meeting Colby and Marc came back to me and I let out a groan. I pulled into the small coffee shop that no one knew about and saw Colby and Marc sitting in the corner booth when I walked in.

“Hey guys have a good summer?” I ask cheerfully sitting down across from the both of them.

“We’ll talk that shit later, what’s up Sid?” Colby asks me seriously.

“What makes you think something is wrong?” I ask.

“Because we’re your best friends, “ Marc continues taking a sip of whatever hot beverage he had gotten.

“Ok, well… Caitlin never came up to Halifax. I saw her for the first time in over 2 months yesterday,” I start staring down into my coffee.

“Whoa! Bet you had fun last night,” Army grins.

“Yeah,” I chuckle, thinking of last night, and then again this morning.

“Well you really can’t blamer her Sid. She does have a job, I mean she runs her own business that can’t be easy,” Flower reasons.

“I know, but I still wish she would have come up,” I sigh.

“And…?” Colby draws out.

“Well… ok. It was my birthday and the guys up home took me out drinking and to some club. Told me that we were all having fun for my birthday that I wasn't going to mope at home waiting for my girl that wasn't coming. Normally I wouldn’t have gone, or I guess I would have but I wouldn’t have drank so much… I don’t know,” I say stirring my coffee, “but I had talked to Caitlin that day and she had told me that she wasn’t going to make it up there at all before I left. I had been kind of hoping that we could come home together and I’d show her around my home a little. And of course I was kind of hoping I could see her on my birthday. That being said I was a little pissed and disappointed, so I drank a little more than I should have.”

“Come on Sid you didn’t call us down here at 11:00 to tell us you got wasted one night… Oh God, Sid. You didn’t,” Colby says, his eyes suddenly widening.

“What did you do?” Marc asks confused.

“Well… I honestly don’t remember. I remember dancing with her a little and then the next thing I know I wake up next to her in my bed,” I whisper.

“Oh, Sid,” Marc groans putting his head in his hands.

“Shit, did you tell Ace?” Colby asks.

“No, you two are the only ones that know. I don’t know if I should tell her or not.” I shake my head.

“No” “Yes” Marc and Colby say at the same time.

“You don’t want to mess up what you have with her, she just started trusting you again with her heart. You can’t tell her something like that,” Colby says.

“But Ace runs on honesty, she might be pretty pissed at you but she would get over it after awhile. You can’t not tell her, and the longer you wait the worse it gets,” Marc points out.

“Ugh, well that was helpful,” I groan, I already knew all that.

I was leaving for a preseason game in a week, I would tell her after that.

Caitlin’s POV

“Good boy Bran!” I sigh cupping his head in my hands and scratching under his chin. We had just had our first training session with a dog aggressive, food aggressive yellow lab. No one was bitten so I think we could call it a success.

I frown as I feel Bran’s lymph nodes in his throat, they seemed to be a little enlarged. My mind immediately panics, but I brush it off, it was probably just a bug he was fighting off.

“What’s a matter kid, you fighting off a cold?” I smile at him, before planting a kiss on his head and walking to the lobby with him right behind me.

In the pit of my stomach something told me that something wasn’t right, but I pushed it away. If he wasn’t better in a week, I’d take him to the vet.

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