Chapter 49: Speed Racer

I see them sitting at the table in the small restaurant. She sips her ice tea, he glances at his watch.

Now I was really nervous. My palms were getting all sweaty and my breath was caught in my throat, a slight queasiness moved over my stomach.

I take a deep breath and get out of the car, following Sid’s lead. I step onto the cool pavement that makes a slight ‘click’ under my heels. I smooth non-existent wrinkles out of my skirt as random worry questions begin popping into my head.

‘Did I leave the dryer running?’

‘Did I give Koda and Maggie their medicine?’

‘Why am I worrying so much? I never worry when I meet a guys parents.’

‘What if they don’t like me?’

And the all-important question,
‘Shit, Did I put deodorant on today?’

Sidney’s hand gently touches the small of my back making me jump. He leans into me, his lips brushing my ear.

“Calm down. They’re going to love you.”

I look up at him, with worry filled eyes.

“You don’t know that. They could see me as a puck bunny, or a slut, or…”

He puts his hand over my mouth silencing me.

“They will love you because I do. Besides they already met Victoria, you’re a shoe in,” he grins at me, “Okay?”

I nod in response and he smiles taking his hand off my mouth.

“Are you ready?”I sigh and nod again. He gently entwines his fingers with mine and kisses my cheek.

“Just be yourself,” he whispers, before leading me in the restaurant and to their table.

“Mom, Dad, this is Caitlin,” Sid addresses them, his hand returning to the small of my back.

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Crosby,” I say, mustering up enough courage to speak.

They stare at me for a moment with inquisitive eyes and I hold my breath waiting for their response.

But of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. So let’s back track a bit, shall we…

"I'm sorry, bud. Next trip we'll try to make a road trip, OK. Be good."

I sigh as I close the door on Bran's crate and watch him disappear so he can be loaded on the plane. This was the part I hated most about flying. I almost always had to take the dogs with me when I flew, and every time my nerves would be shot because they were somewhere on the plane, and I didn't know exactly where.

I stand there for a minute looking out the airport window, at beautiful Montreal. I didn't want to leave so soon, but I had to. I have been taking way to many vacations from work, plus Sid only had one day before going on a 5-day road trip. After he came back, he had 3 home games, giving his parents plenty of time to come and visit. God, I'm nervous about that.

I sigh heavily as I look out into the beautiful city. Kris Letang coming to stand by me, and taking the time to match my heavy sigh.

"So you like it here?" he asks, in that adorable French accent.

"Yeah, I do. I wish I didn't have to leave so soon," I sigh stealing a glance at his handsome face.

This team seriously was no fair, there was not an ounce of ugly, perhaps with the exception of Colby's nose. Even still, they had plenty of gorgeous looking guys to make up for it.

"Then why are you? You could stay here, I'm sure some Max, Flower, and I could plan a few days for you," he smiles at me.

"As tempting as that sounds Tanger, I have to get back to work. Plus I miss the rest of my kids," I smile thinking of the dogs at home waiting for me.

"Well, next time I come up here to visit my family, I'll take you with me," he says looking out into the city with a sad look in his eye. I knew it was probably hard for him living so far from home, for all these guys actually.

"That'd be great Kris," I smile giving him a hug. At first he seems to resist but then his arms tighten around me.

Of all the guys, Tanger and I probably connected the most. I mean, I had my own different bond with each of them, but Kris was kind of like the male version of me. A little shy at first, but always the center of the sarcasm and he could dish it back out too.

"Thanks Ace, I needed that," he says pulling away and smiling down at me.

"Sure thing," I smile before I see a blur out of the corner of my eye. Before I know it, Kris is tackled to the ground by Max who is now laughing hysterically as he runs away. Kris shouts something in French as he takes off after him. I , of course, am laughing hysterically at the scene being played out.

"Hey Ace! Let's go!" I hear Colby call from the other end of the terminal where all the guys were. I take one last look out the window, before shouldering my carry-on and running to meet the guys.

"Where's Sid?” I ask as I give my ticket to the woman behind the desk.

"Media," Petr throws over his shoulder before going down the tunnel.I wait until all the guys go down the tunnel to the plane.

"Sid where the hell are you? We're going to miss our flight!" I whisper.

Over the intercom they announce the last boarding call. Moments later, I see a pair of broad shoulders jogging to our terminal. A smile lights my face.

"A tad late, aren't we Mr. Crosby?" I smile coyly at him.

"Hey it's your fault," he grins taking my hand and walking with me down the tunnel and onto the plane.

"My Fault?! How do you figure?"

"Well, it was all you that they wanted to talk about. If you would have been there it would have gone faster," he states matter of factly as he puts something in the overhead compartment.

"No, if I would have been there, we would both be late and probably would have to wait for a later flight," I smirk.

"whatever," he says rolling his eyes.

"Say it."


"Say it Sid," I grin.


"Sidney," I growl.

"Fine, you're right. Ya happy," he says putting his arm around me.

"Yes, thank you," I smile snuggling into him for a nap.

"Whoa! Slow down there Speed Racer!" Sid says holding on to the door handle for an exaggerated effect.

"Oh, please. I'm only going 5 over the speed limit," I say rolling my eyes.

"Caitlin, the dogs will still be there if you slow down," he says grinning.

"Would you stop! I'm not going that fast. Oh look we're here," I smile pulling into the parking lot of the dog hotel.

"And in record time too," Sid says putting a hand over his heart, "I wouldn't be surprised if Bran left a puddle back there."

"Oh, stop," I laugh pushing his shoulder before getting out of the car. I open up the back for Bran to get out. I wanted to stop on our way back from the airport, but Mr. Practical thought it would be a good idea to drop the luggage off at home first. Okay, so maybe that was a good idea, but I wouldn't admit it to him.

I walk across the gravel driveway and to the front of the building, Sid and Bran trailing behind me.

"May I help you,” one of the receptionist asks not looking up from her paper work.

"Umm... yeah. Caitlin Shaw. I 'm here to pick up the Shaw pack," I say politely, Sid coming to stand behind me.

The woman could have gotten whip lash her head snapped up so quickly.

"Oh, wow. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Shaw, oh my gosh, and you too Mr. Crosby."

"Umm... thanks." I say looking at her awkwardly. Her eyes looked like they were ready to fall out of her head. I look at Sid who just has a smile plastered on his face watching me.

"Is that Bran. Wow! He's even more gorgeous in person!" she gasps coming from around the desk, "Where did you get him?"

'ok I'm confused'

"Ummm... I got him at shelter on a trip to South Dakota. I'm sorry you know Bran... and me?" I say trying to piece everything together.

"Oh course. I've heard of the wonders you do with dog training. And then I saw you on TV the other night. If you don't mind me saying you looked stunning."

"Umm... wow thank you!" I say stunned. I really hadn't thought about other people seeing the awards broadcast. I mean I did, but I didn't.

"Do you mind if I get a picture with all of you guys. After your other dogs come up of course," she smiles.

"Um sure,” I say glancing at Sid, who I know is trying very hard to contain his laughter.

She disappears from sight for a moment to go downstairs and I'm assuming call for the dogs.

"Ok. I wasn't expecting that," I say still a little shocked.

"I told you that once we said we were together, everyone would know," he laughs.

"Yeah, but I didn't know it would happen so fast!" I say.

"Ah, the power of the Internet," he sighs wrapping me in a tight hug, "You did look stunning the other night," he continues, nuzzling my neck with his nose.

I'm about to lose it right there, but the sound of running paws up the stairs tells me I am about be reunited with my kids. I break away from Sid, waiting impatiently.

Sidney chuckles as I let out a loud whistle. Everything goes quiet a minute before it's like a mad scramble to get up the steps. People were shouting at my dogs, and I knew that wouldn't do any good. I knew they had them on leashes transporting them from one end of the building to another.

"Just let them loose!" I call.

Suddenly the running gets louder and before I know it Flash leaps over the gate from the steps, looking around for me as he perfects his landing.

"Flash!" I call out. He spies me and comes bolting in my direction, jumping up into my arms.

Somehow, a worker has managed to get to the top of the stairs and opens the gate for the rest of the dogs. A huge mass of fur comes barreling my way.

I say my hellos to all the dogs that have gathered around my feet, running my hands through all their different types of fur. Koda's long thick white fur, Maggie's to the skin, fawn coat, Hawkeye's course black lab coat a little longer because of the golden in him, Flash's long thin black and white coat, with a spotting of blue merle, and of course Sam's burly Rottweiler fur.

After everyone settles down, the staff of 15 or more people all take individual pictures with my gang and Sid, and then of COURSE we have to take a group picture. To my surprise all my dogs stayed still, well enough, to get the pictures done.I pay the bill and load up the car, making the half hour trip home.

"Ah, finally home!" I say throwing my keys on the end table near the door and walking in as my dogs check out the place, making sure that everything was the way they left it. I race up stairs and fall onto my bed, face first into my pillow.

"Hello bed. I missed you so much," I smile inhaling my own clean scent, the feeling of my soft worn comforter beneath me.

I feel the bed shift beside me and arms pull me close to the body that has just flopped on the bed. He buries his head in the crook of my neck, before placing a trail of kisses from my ear to my shoulder with his bee stung lips.

"Am I going to get the kind of welcome you just gave your bed after I come home from the road trip?" he chuckles against my neck.

"It depends on if you play your cards right Crosby," I smile, before the phone rings startling me.

"And that will be Beth calling to see if I'm home," I groan wiggling out of Sid's grip on me to retrieve the phone.

"Hey how's my best pregnant friend," I smile into the phone.

"Ready for the baby to come," Beth sighs into the phone.

"Awwww... only 2 more months Hun," I laugh, "I can't wait to see you, are you as big as a house yet?”

"Wow, I feel loved,” she groans into the phone, "Well I just called to see if you were home. Wanted to see how your trip was.... oh and why did you not tell me you were dating SIDNEY CROSBY?!?!?!"

"I... umm... well..."I begin, sitting down on the bed.

"Caitlin, you announce it on national television but you don't tell me. I mean I knew that there was something going on between the two of you since that day in the hospital, and then even I got jealous the way to you two were looking at each other when you got back from Newfoundland. But I didn't know it was official!" she says going on.

"Well, first off I'm pretty sure it was international being that I was in Canada, but if it helps not many other people did either. It's just that we've both been really busy and this is all kind of new. Look I'm really sorry, you had to find out like that," I sigh.

"I know it's fine. By the way you looked fabulous on the red carpet, nice dress my dear, poor Sid probably had to beat the guys away... although with Sid and that tux, you probably had to beat the girls away too. You two make a great couple. So tell me, how was the rest of your trip? Did you two do anything... fun?" she says suggestively, I can tell she has that smile on her face. You know that smile, when they know what you did and they want all the dirty details. Yeah, that smile.

"Well if you want to Beth, you can ask Sid, I mean he's right next to me," I smile.

"Oh good lord would that be awkward!" she all but shouts.

"How about we go to lunch tomorrow. That way I can tell you about the trip and I can see how big your tummy is?" I say with a smile as Sid's arms snake around my waist pulling me into him. His lips finding my shoulder and working their way up my jaw.

"I'm going to go shower," he whispers.

"okay, I'll start dinner," I say putting my hand over the phone.

"Really, you're not going to join me?" he pouts.

"No, not if you want to eat dinner before 9:00 tonight," I smile.
I can see him think about that for a minute.

"Fine," he says, "but only because I love your cooking. I'll get you next time."

"Lookn forward to it," I wink before getting back to my phone conversation," Alright Beth, I need to go. I've got to go make dinner and get the dogs out."

"Okay, I'll swing by your office tomorrow at 12:30ish."

"Alright, talk to you later, bye." I hang up the phone as Sid walks by me in only a pair of dark gray boxer shorts. I stand there almost drooling as I watch his broad shoulders and muscular back walk away from me. And those hockey player, delicious legs, and oh man that ass. I hear Hawkeye bark from downstairs, signaling me that he needs out.

"Not fair Sid," I yell as Sidney walks into the bathroom chuckling.

Sid's POV

I watch as she flops onto her bed, snuggling into her pillow.

"Hello bed. I missed you so much!" she sighs into the pillow.

God, that was a luck pillow. It made me think of what kind of welcome I would get when I got home from road trips. Her running into my arms, telling me never to leave her side again. I chuckle to myself. Like that would ever happen. However, I could picture her with that gorgeous smile on her face as I walk through the door. Maggie would probably be the first to greet me, and Caitlin would walk to me, probably from the kitchen, her hips with that slight swing in a sexy pair of jeans with holes that were not bought, but from old-fashioned wear and tear. She'd probably slide halfway across the hard wood floor on her wool socks, laughing to herself as she would slide into me. She would have on one of her college t-shirts that was a few years old, and that was softly worn in. I could feel those soft curves against me as I would pull her into a hug, murmuring that I missed her against her neck. I could smell her fresh citrus scent. I could feel those soft sweet lips against mine as she smiled into the kiss that I would inevitably give her after she whispered she missed me too and congratulated me on my win. Congratulated me on those goals that I scored for her, and told me I would get the other team next time when we lost.
I smile to myself, before flopping onto the bed next to her, reaching to pull her into me. My head finds it's way to the crook of her neck as I get a whiff of her citrus smell and the coconut sweetness of her hair. My lips finding the sensitive skin under her ear and journey down to her shoulder.

"Am I going to get the kind of welcome you just gave your bed after I come home from the road trip?" I can't help but ask.

"It depends on if you play your cards right Crosby," she replies sending a sweet smile my way.

I grin back, and am about to kiss her when the phone rings.

"And that will be Beth calling to see if I'm home," she groans trying to wiggle free of me to retrieve it. I smile slightly before letting her go.

"Hey how's my best pregnant friend," I hear her say.

She wonders back over to the bed to sit down again, and I watch her. She bits her lip as I hear Beth say something rather loudly into the phone. I love how she bits her lip when she’s nervous or holding back a laugh, very sexy.

"… Look I'm really sorry, you had to find out like that," she sighs.
‘oh, she’s talking about us. We really should have planned that out better, oh well, too late now.’

I really needed a shower, I just felt disgusting after that plane ride, and I want her to join me.

"Well if you want to Beth, you can ask Sid, I mean he's right next to me," I she grins looking at me. I give her a confused look, what could she possibly be talking about. She looks away and I grab her waist pulling her flush against me, like a puzzle piece. My lips gravitate to her smooth shoulder again like a magnet and with a mind of their own they travel up to her soft jaw. I can smell her citrus scent again, and it’s driving me insane.

"I'm going to go shower," I whisper into her ear, lightly touching my lips to it..

"okay, I'll start dinner," she says putting her hand over the phone.

‘what? But I want her to come too!’

"Really, you're not going to join me?" I pout.

"No, not if you want to eat dinner before 9:00 tonight," I smile.

I have to think about that for a minute. Her cooking is damn good, and there is always time later for ‘dessert’.

"Fine," I say, "but only because I love your cooking. I'll get you next time."

"Lookn forward to it," she winks before getting back to her phone conversation.

Hmmm… I think. How can I make sure she’ll want dessert and regret making dinner.
I chuckle to myself as I strip down to my boxer shorts when she’s not paying attention. I slowly walk by her toward the bathroom. She glances at me as she puts the phone down and does a double take. She bits her lips with out knowing she’s doing it. I can tell from the sudden silence that she is fighting following me. I hear a bark from down stairs and I know that she is snapped out of the trance that I had put her in. Damn.

"Not fair Sid," she yells getting up and walking down stairs as I walk into the bathroom laughing.

While in the shower I notice something that I hadn’t noticed before. My stuff was occupying her shower now. My body wash was next to hers, my shampoo accompanied her on the shelf. Now that I thought about it, my toothbrush had found a place next to hers in the medicine cabinet, I had a few shirts and a pair or two of jeans in the her closet. In one of her dresser drawers my socks and underwear mingled with hers. My hockey bag was thrown in the corner by a basket containing both of our laundry. When was the last time I was home? I had been to my house before we went on the trip to pack some stuff, but could I still call that home?
What the hell? Why am I even thinking about this? It’s only been like 2 month since we officially got together, we couldn’t move into together yet, especially since my parents haven’t even met her!

I quickly washed the thoughts away with my shampoo. Maybe in time, but right now, it was too soon, at least to move in officially.

After finishing my shower and drying off, I throw on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. Running my hand through my hair so that it wasn’t falling in my face I made my way down stairs, immediately being hit with a heavenly aroma.

I walk through the living room, which is currently harboring all the dogs that are lying on the different chairs, watching something on the discovery channel with wolves. I smile and shake my head as I follow the fantastic smell into the kitchen.
Caitlin is currently stirring some kind of wonderful masterpiece in a pot. I wrap my arms around her midsection, and resting my head on her shoulder.

“What’s cooking?” I ask, inhaling the aroma.

“Umm… I guess chicken soup w/ dumplings. I kinda just started with the chicken and it turned into this. Plus it only takes like 30 minutes,” She shrugs.

“Smells good, and it is a nice cold day for soup,” I smile.

“Glad you think so, other wise you’re going to have to make your own dinner,” she laughs.

“Is it dinner time yet? I haven’t had homemade soup in forever.” I ask as I watch dumplings float to the top of the simmering soup.

“Yup, as soon as you put the bowls and spoons on the table.””Now that I can do,” I say quickly getting bowls from their designated spot in the cupboard.

After dinner, I wash the dishes as Caitlin feeds the dogs and let's them out.

"If you want, I can make some smoothies. I need something sweet after dinner," she says as she looks in the refrigerator.

I walk over to her and pull her toward me shutting the refrigerator door.
"Some thing sweet, eh?" I grin at her.

She smiles and licks her lips as her gaze drifts to my lips.
"Yeah, something sweet would really hit the spot."

"Hmm... I bet I can hit just the right spot," I smile before I plant a kiss softly on her lips.

I journey my kisses down her jaw and onto her neck, finding her 'sweet spot'. She moans and her fingers thread through my hair and pull my head back up to connect her lips with mine. Her tongue slides inside my mouth as she takes control, her hands moving up my shirt slowly, before she breaks the kiss and pulls it over my head.

I connect my mouth with hers again, my hands drifting down to her thighs. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. She moves her hips against me, driving me insane as her tongue tangles with mine. She was driving me crazy.

I somehow have the presence of mind to find my way to the steps and walk to her bed room, dumping her on her bed before she pulls me down on top of her by my belt.


Suddenly I feel something warm and wet on my ear.


I look down to see Caitlin sound asleep in my arms. Her head was pillowed on my shoulder, her hand on my chest, and her smooth leg was trapped between two of mine.


I look over to the edge of the bed to see Flash looking at me expectantly. I glance over at the clock, 7:21. He must need out. I look down at Caitlin again, should I wake her up? I watch her sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her lips. I gently moved a piece of brown hair that had traveled across her face to her bare shoulder.

‘We never did get to those yogurt smoothies she made for dessert,’ I think with a smile.

“Ruff,” I hear Flash bark again.

She hasn’t been sleeping very well lately, after that trip down memory lane at the awards
ceremony. I should just let her sleep.


“okay, Flash I’m coming,” I whisper.

The dog picks up his ears at my voice before licking my cheek and walking to the door waiting for me.

‘I could do this right? I mean, I have let the dogs out before,’ I think to myself as I carefully
move out from under Caitlin, ‘Of course that was only three of them.’

I slip on my boxers and my jeans before following Flash downstairs where the rest of the dogs were waiting by the door. Here goes nothing.

I open the door and they all go whizzing past me and into the snow outside. That wasn’t so bad. I walk back into the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on before I head back to the living room and turn on the news, before sitting down on the couch. A little bit later, I hear the dogs begin to bark outside.

I go open the door, to see the paper guy stop his car by the driveway instead of the paper box next to mine. He rolls down the window as Koda trots over to the car. He hands the paper down to the dog with a pat on the head, and watches Koda trot back into the drive way before he goes to the next paper box down the road.

“Alright guys come on!” I shout into the yard, after trying unsuccessfully to mimic Caitlin’s high-pitched whistle.

The dogs seem to get the picture and begin to head for the door. Bran is first up the steps but sits next to me and watches all the dogs go in before he goes in himself. I laugh and shake my head as I head back inside to find Caitlin standing by the steps grinning at me.

“Good Morning,” I smile. I can’t help but notice how sexy she looks in my t-shirt with the bottom hitting very high on her thighs.

“Good Morning, Dr. Dolittle,” she smiles holding back a laugh, “Thank you for letting the dogs out.”

She steps down from the step and kisses me lightly on the lips.

“I wanted you to sleep in a bit more. But I guess I should have known better with your internal clock,” I sigh kissing her back.

“Sorry, next time I’ll just stay in bed.”

“That’s better,” I say kissing her again, pulling her into me, “Do you have to go to work today?”

“Yeah. I’m really getting behind,” she sighs, “I only have 3 sessions though, so I’ll come home when they are done.”

“Good, I want to see you on my day off before I leave.”

“Me too, but you have to let go of me or I’ll never start my day.”

I reluctantly let go of her, and she runs up the stairs. Minutes later she comes back down, dresses in jeans and a hoodie. She puts on her coat, and whistles calling all the dogs around her. She clips one side of a connector onto Koda’s collar and the other onto Sam’s.

“You’re not going to get coffee before you leave?” I ask astonished.

“I’m not leaving yet. I have to take these guys for a walk, so I don’t have dogs bouncing off the walls.” She replies, “Do you want to go?”

“No I’ll let you have your time with them. I’m going to just relax for a while,” I sigh.

“Alright, but only because it’s your day off,” she shrugs, “We’ll be back in about an hour.”

She heads out the door with the dogs following behind her. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this house with out dogs. It’s weird.

Okay everyone, I’m going to leave you right here. I figure I’ve taken enough of your time with this long chapter, so I’ll post the other part on Thursday. Why Thursday? Well, I’ll tell you. I have a paper due on Wednesday, so that’s going to take up a big chunk of my time and I haven’t fully completed Chapter 50 yet (and I did promise a post this weekend). So now I’m not taking up all of your time with a chapter as long as War and Peace and you won’t lose interest, cause I know I would. Thanks for reading, and you’ll hear from me soon.
~ Aeryn

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