Chapter 43: Talks like a Bartender, Creates like Devinci

"Shit, I'm going to be late!" I say looking over at the clock that reads 9:55. I try to get up, but Sid tightens his grip on my waist.

"Nuh, uh. stay with me, you can go later," he mumbles into my shoulder.

"Sid, I'd rather stay too, but I have to go. All the girlfriends and wives are expecting me," I groan.

Yesterday Sara and Laura informed me that all the girls were getting together to get ready for the big event this evening. Apparently, we were supposed to go to a spa where they would pamper us for most of the day, which I was up for. But then we were going to get our hair and makeup done, yuck. I hated when people did my make up. It always turned out cakey and unnatural.

"Fine. When will you be back?"he yawns allowing me to get up.

"Umm... I think around 4:30. Then I'll change real quick and we can be at the event at 5,"I reply throwing on a pair of jeans and an old University of Maryland t shirt, not bothering to do my make up or shower. I knew that all the girls would probably look fabulous, even if they were in sweats. But I didn't see the point in going to a spa with your makeup done,when they were just going to take it off anyway. This was suppose to be a relaxing time, and I resolved not to think to much about tonight or meeting the Lemieux's. I grabbed my bag that had my id, money, and a book in it after pulling my hair up into a quick pony tail.

"Okay, I'm out of here," I say going over to the bed to give Sid a quick kiss. I walked away toward the door.

"Now you be good, and have fun with the boys," I say quietly petting Bran and giving him a hug. He was set for his debut on the red carpet. I was a different story. I hated leaving him when we were in a different country, but I knew Sid would keep an eye on him.

"Babe, we're just watching movies and playing in the game room all day, I can't really get in that much trouble," I hear Sidney sigh from his place in bed.

"Not you, Bran. Remember you have to keep an eye on him today, or rather, he'll probably be keeping an eye on you," I laugh, knowing Bran is quiet capable of taking care of himself.

"Bye, boys. See you at 4:30," I wave as I grab my coat and walk out the door.

I look at my phone and realize it's already 10:03. I was suppose to meet them in the lobby 3 minutes ago. I run down the hotel steps, I hate elevators, and into the lobby where I find a mass of women waiting. I guess it wasn't just the Penguin ladies going to the spa day. Great! I was in a guys Barbie heaven. I looked around for someone I knew. All the ladies were in their best dress, or rather what would be my best attire. They probably just pulled something out of the closet. I felt extremely out of place in my beat up jeans and t shirt as I looked around at the women in skirts and heels. There were some in sweat pants, but they wore them as if they were designer sweat pants, which they probably were.

"Caitlin!" I heard Laura call from behind me.

I turn to see her waving to me standing next to the other ladies. A wave of relief washes over me as I see the familiar faces and run over to them.

"Alright ladies, we're all here. Let's get going," I hear Sara say to the group.

I slip on my bomber coat and follow the line of ladies to a spa. After determining what we want to do, I file off with Sara, Laura, and Alexis Malone to go to the mud baths. I think they all went for beauty reasons, they said it did wonders for the skin. But they didn't have to convince me, taking a bath in mud sounded like fun. After stripping off our clothes in a changing room, we settled down in the large tubs of mud.

"This is so sweet!" I laugh slipping into the warm mud, "This is like a little kids dream!"

"Mmmm... yeah... most definitely," I hear Alexis sigh.

They apparently weren't in here for the same reason I was. After multiple spa treatments, including some kind of hair therapy mask, and a massage, my body was as relaxed as its ever been; however, my mind was still in over drive. I think back to what Bran and Sid were doing. They were probably chilling with the guys, eating pizza and wings as they watched sports and did other guys stuff. I wished I was along with them. All the noise and sloppiness of being with the guys probably would have relaxed me more than this place. Not that I didn't like the spa, but the peace and quiet let my mind wander, which right now, wasn't a good thing. Plus, I was starving, all they gave us were some dinky salads with no dressing that wouldn't fill a chipmunk, and cucumber water. Just the thought of the pizza, wings, and beer, I was sure the guys were wolfing down, was making my mouth water.

Finally our day at the spa was over! I thought maybe I'd go back there after search and rescue operations, but seriously, I would have rather eaten today... God I was so damn hungry! However, I had no time to stop and eat as they pushed us into some beauty shop to get our hair and make up done. I first got my nails done, which took 30 minutes. 5 for filing and painting my nails a clear color, 5 for painting my toe nails a silvery, and the final 20 was spent convincing the lady that I did not need those bothersome acrylic nails!

I next went to hair. I sat in the chair and talked with the hairdresser.

"I don't want anything over the top. I want a natural look, that means no excessive hair spray!" I plead with the man.

"I understand," he smiles back at me.

He takes me over to the sink to wash my hair and then brings me back to the chair where he begins the process of combing and cutting my hair. I hadn't had a hair cut in a long while.

"You have beautiful hair, you take care of it very well," he says in a French Canadian accent.

"Thank you. But most of it's probably from that avocado mask thing I had at the spa today,"I sigh rolling my eyes.

"Didn't you have a good time?" he asks running a wide tooth comb through my thick hair.

"Well, yes, but I would have rather been with the guys. They didn't feed us much there, and I was ready to eat the cucumbers off my eyes I was so hungry," I smile, making him laugh.

"If you don't mind me saying, you are not like the other ladies."

"No. Sometimes I think I don't really belong with them,"I sigh. I don't know why, but I felt as though I could open up to this guy.

"Well, you have the beauty to fit if that's what you're worried about," he smiles. I was really beginning to like this guy.

"Thank you. But as you can see, my style of well... everything is not like them."

"That's good, it sets you apart. Your boyfriend, he is from the Penguins, oui?" he asks.

"Yeah," I smile thinking back to the guy who stole my heart from the start.

"Who is he, if you don't mind me asking."

"Sidney Crosby," I reply shyly.

"Wow! You are very different from his fiance, what was her name, Victoria."

"yeah, I know. That's what worries me sometimes. All these ladies wouldn't even know about this event if their boys didn't ask them. Me, I've been invited for the past 2 years."

"Why is that?"he says cutting off some of my hair, "look down please."

"I'm part of a Search and Rescue team, so every year I'm invited to their international event."

"That is a high honor, you must be very good at it."

"Oh, no not me. I would be nothing without my dogs."I continue to talk to my hair dresser and before I know it he tells me he's finished.

He spins me around in the chair and hands me a mirror, to see his handy work. He had done loose french braid on one side that wrapped around my head, then joined all my hair together in a semi messy bun at the side of my head. The style wasn't constricting and was actually very comfortable, it was very... well... me. It was natural looking and wasn't weighed down by hairspray. I had to hand it to this guy, he listened like a bartender and was the De Vinci of hair.

"It's perfect! It's exactly what I wanted, how did you know?" I say looking at him astounded.

"Why thank you. An artist always likes to hear that his work is appreciated. I just listened to what you were telling me and let my fingers do the work. Your style was actually quite easy. And when you take it down, which getting to know you this past hour I'm sure you will as soon as the party is over, you will find that I took about 2 inches off your hair and added in some long layers," he smiles at me.

"Caitlin, if you're done, it's time for makeup!"I hear Alexis Malone call.

"Well, thank you very much. And thank you for listening to my problems, you made me feel a lot better,"I say giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You are quite welcome, and good luck tonight. You will turn heads, I'm sure of it," he smiles before I walk away.

I get my makeup done and I'm pleased to see that it isn't in the least bit cakey. The make up artist puts on a small bit of bronzer on my cheeks, dark charcoal liner for my eyes along with a dark olive green eye shadow, she then tops it off with mascara and some highlighting powder. I had a smokey eye going and was surprised to see my reflection in the mirror when she was done. I actually look ...beautiful.

I don't wait for the other girls, they had brought their dresses or had them delivered there. Mine was still at the hotel.I enter the hotel room with less than 15 minutes before I had to enter the lobby again. I run up the first flight of stairs to the elevator. I had to take it this time, I didn't want to mess up my hair.

I rush into the room where Bran greets me.

"Sid! I'm back!" I call, but there is no answer.

I go into the bathroom where there is a note taped to the mirror.

I went over to Colby's room, he was having trouble with his tie. Go figure. I'll meet you in the lobby at 5. Oh, and I took your coat down with me. I want to see how beautiful you are the moment I lay eyes on you.
Love, Sidney

I sigh, 'damn he was good.' I think before rushing to the closet to get my dress. I change out of the clothes I already have on, careful as I pull the t shirt over my head not to mess anything up. I slip on the cool green silk of the dress and pull on my strappy high heels. I walked over to the mirror. I look at myself in the mirror and my breath catches in my throat. I look like I was going to a high fashioned red carpet event, like I was, but I had managed, with the help of others to make the outfit fit my personality. The outfit wasn't over the top, it was simple but beautiful. It flowed perfectly over every curve. The hair was swept up not covering the neck line of the dress that showed off my shoulders and collar bone. The bronzer showed off my cheek bones and the shadow brought out the dark brown of my eyes.

I turn to walk away from the mirror when I spotted a small black box on the edge of the nightstand with a note attached with my name on it. I walk over to it and pull off the note.

The girls said this would complete your dress

I open the box to reveal a breathtaking bracelet. Small diamonds were linked together to make up a thin chain. I look at the clock and realize I only had 5 minutes before we leave. I slip on the thin chain and find that it is actually carries some weight. I look in the mirror for the final time to find that it does complete my ensemble. I check the clock and find that it is time to leave.

I go to the door with Bran by my side.

"Are you ready? You'll be there the whole time right?"I ask him as I grasp the door nob.

He licks my hand in reply, as if to say, "let's go."

I take a deep breath and open the door. I walk through the deserted hall way and into the empty elevator. Taking deep breaths as it goes down, damn was I nervous.The door opens and I step out onto the carpet with Bran next to me. Taking a deep breath, yet again, I go to the edge of the stairs and look down to see that all the players are there waiting. Everyone seems to stop and look at me. I felt like Cinderella. My breath catches and I think, 'what if I can't do this.'

Bran seems to feel my anxiety and steps closer to me touching his wet nose to my arm. I look down and smile at him."Thank bud," I whisper provoking a tail wag.

I look back at me to see if I see Sid. I spy him holding my coat and looking up at me with a stunned expression, his mouth slightly ajar. I grin before descending down the steps to meet him, Bran never leaving my side.

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