Chapter 51: Whipped Cream

After Sid left for the road trip I got straight to work. I was definitely not bored. The dogs and I went in to the office at 9:30 and worked with six separate cases that day. Not six different dogs, six cases. Some people that came in had trouble with more than one dog, usually two, but today one was a pack of 4 dogs. So my total dog count came to 11. I worked with each case for at least an hour, luckily 4 of the six cases were just basic obedience. After finishing all my clients, I worked with Sam for about 2 hours. He was doing so much better from when I first met him. He was a pretty stable dog, and I hoped with in the next few weeks he would be able to be put up for adoption. By the time I was finished with dog training, it was 8:30. I took the dogs home and made myself a simple pasta dinner and fed them as well. After they were done eating, Bran and I went back to the office to pick up more of the mountainous pile of manila folders, folders that contained different past, present, and future cases and other miscellaneous subjects. Bran and I got home at 10:17 that night.

I walk into the house juggling folders and mail. Usually I'm greeted by my pack, but they just look at me from their claimed spots in the living room and wag their tails. Apparently it was getting late, because they were getting lazy. I had left on the TV, because I knew at least Flash would be entertained and when you had a dog that was as smart as Flash, you needed to keep them entertained with something.

"Don't get up on my account," I mumble, receiving tail wags as I walk past the living room and into my study.

I drop the folders on the desk, just in time for the phone to ring.

"Hello?" I ask, walking back out to the front door.

"Hey, babe. How's your day going?" I hear a cheery voice ask.

"If the time could just stop for like 5 hour, I might get caught up on some paper work," I grumble.

"Busy day, eh?" I can hear him smile into the phone.

"Yeah, hold on a sec," I say holding the phone away from my face and covering the mouth piece. I let a short loud whistle, "Come on you lazy butts, last outs!" I call.

"Sorry, it's last..." I begin as dogs zip past me out the door that I'm holding open.

"... outs, I heard," Sid laughs from the other end.

"So how's Tampa Bay this time of year?" I ask.

"Honestly, I don't really know. Once we got here we went straight to practice, and then I had interviews and I analyzed some tape. By the time I went to the hotel it was pretty dark outside. But from what I've see in the dark, it's a breezy 75 degrees."

"Ugh, that sound really good right now, any hotter though and it's too hot," I say thinking of the sunny Florida beach.

"Yeah, well, don't worry. I'm probably seeing as much of Florida as you are, we don't really have time to relax."

"That sucks with the beach right there, that's just cruel temptation."

"Eh, like you said it's March, 75 is just a bit too warm still," he says,"So how was work? I'm not going to come home and find you with thread in you and a new dog, am I?"

"No, but who knows I still have 5 days with out you," I laugh into the phone.

"Try not to get hurt. I really don't like coming home to see that you have 9 stitches in your arm," he says clearly worried.

"I'll try, and how bout you try that too, just because you're a hockey player doesn't mean I like you coming home with stitches either. Although scars are kinda sexy," I smirk.

"Stop that!"

"Stop what?" I mock, smiling.

"Using that voice. It's sexy as hell and I can't reach you from Florida," Sid whines.

"Ha, sorry, Love," I yawn.

"Alright, I'll let you go, sounds like you're just as tired as I am," he yawns back.

"Yeah, well, I can't really go to bed yet," I say turning on the coffee machine.

"Is that the coffee machine I just heard? You preparing for a long night?" he asks.

"Yeah, I have a lot of paper work to do," I sigh.

"Alright, well don't stay up too late."

"Yes Dad. Don't worry, I don't have to be in the office until 10:30, and my boyfriend isn't here to wake me up at 7 in the morning," I smile.

"Flash would have got you up at 7:30 anyways," he retorts, "Oh and before I forget. I talked to my parents and they are coming down on Wednesday."

"Okay, that's fine. Just remember Beth has her baby shower on Saturday."

"Oh right, I forgot. We can plan around that."

"I'll let you get some sleep, call me when your done with practice tomorrow."

"Will do. Night, babe. I love you," I hear him yawn yet again.

"Love you too Sid," I smile hanging up the phone. I never get tired of him saying those three words, they still give me butterflies when he says them, and they probably always will.

Sid's POV

Finally after beating the Lightning 5-2 and winning in a shoot out against the Devils, I was home. Well, almost home. I was on the road driving home, or rather to Caitlin's house. Why was I calling that home now? I didn't live there, at least not technically, although the guys insisted that if I spent over half my time at her house, which I did, Caitlin and I should just move in together. But what if it was too soon? I mean, it's only been 2 months, at least officially.

I pull into her drive way and step out of my car into the cool Pittsburgh March air. I look up to see six dogs running my way, the majority of them over 50 pounds. I smile as I'm greeted by wagging tails and tongues licking my hands. I smirk at the fact that before I started being around Caitlin I was nervous around dogs. Not to say that I wasn't now, but I was certainly more at ease with them, especially these dogs. I was even warming up to Sam, until recently I wouldn't even touch him except for a pat on the head in fear of being bitten. But how can you live with a dog trainer, specifically Caitlin and be afraid of dogs. You just couldn't.

I make my way to the front door following the group of dogs to be greeted by the sound of music. Not as in the movie, but the literal music. Banana Pancakes had just switched over to Do you Believe in Magic?, she must have her iPod on shuffle.

I walk into the house to be greeted by a heavenly sweet smell. Cookies? Or was that Cake?

"Hello?" I call over the music setting my bag down by the door, and kicking my shoes off into the corner, "Anyone home?"

"Hey stranger," I hear her say from the kitchen door way.

I look over to her, she has that gorgeous smile on her face as she walks toward me from the kitchen. She has on worn jeans and one of her old college shirts covered with smudges of flour. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun. She laughs as she slides across the hard wood floor on her wool socks and into my arms. She had gained back most of the weight back that she had lost when she went on the rescue mission, and her soft curves fit into me perfectly.

"I missed you," I mumble into her neck, her citrus scent clogging my brain.

"I missed you too. You boys played great!" she laughs.

I pull out of the hug to see those dark chocolate brown eyes smiling up at me. I can't help but bring my lips down to meet her tempting ones. I feel her smile into the kiss, before pulling away.

"Great shoot out goal by the way," she grins.

"Thanks. What are you baking?"I say taking off my jacket.

"Cake. I'm testing out different recipes for Beth's baby shower next weekend," she smiles returning to the kitchen.

"Well, what have you come up with so far?"

"Umm... that one is chocolate with a butter cream icing, the next is a vanilla with a fluffy white icing, the third is marble with a chocolate butter cream icing, and the last is angel food with whipped cream for icing," she says point to them with a spatula, "Beth's coming over in an hour to try them out."

"Why does that one have a piece missing from it?" I grin pointing to the chocolate cake.

"Because I got impatient," she grins from the sink.

"And hungry," I laugh.

"Yeah well, I'm only human. And I'm a damn good baker if I do say so myself," she says taking a finger full of whipped cream from a bowl before putting it in the refrigerator. I watch as she puts her finger in her mouth licking the cream off. That was one lucky finger.

"You're a good cook too," I swallow, not taking my eyes from her mouth.

"Thanks," she laughs, "But don't ever ask me to make toast. I can't. It either turns out bread or charcoal."

"You have whipped cream on your face," I smile, walking over to her.

"What? Where?" she asks her hands coming to her face.

"Right here," I whisper huskily, before bending down to lick the corner of her mouth. I go to move my head, but I feel her arms snake around my neck, pulling me back down to her mouth. I chuckle before kissing her mouth. Her fingers play with the hair curling at my next as she presses her body into mine. My hands come to her waist, pulling her in as close as possible. She moans into my mouth as I deepen the kiss, her tongue fighting mine for dominance.

"I missed you," I mumble against her lips.

"I missed you too," she smiles as I pull away.

"My bed was empty, it was weird. I've never really missed having someone in my bed," I admit to her.

"I can't really say the same. I'm sure if you asked Colby he would have snuggled in with you," she grins.

"Ha, ha. Very Funny, the scary part is that's true," I say pulling her into me again, "It better have been the dogs on my side of the bed."

"Sorry to disappoint, but I got a new guy while you were gone," she smiles sarcastically."You better not have. You're all mine," I growl capturing her mouth with mine.

Caitlin's POV

Good Lord did I miss those lips, I think as he kisses me. Before we can get too far, I hear Flash bark before the other five join in.

"Beth's here," I murmur, pulling away from Sid.

"And?" he asks, his mouth against my neck.

"Sidney," I groan, unable to stop myself from threading my fingers through his curly hair.

I hear the door open, and suddenly I can no longer feel his lips on me, allowing my brain to switch back on. I clear my throat and walk out of the kitchen to greet her

"Hey Mommy, how's the baby?" I ask Beth, giving her a 'hug', which is a close to impossible task being that she's pretty big now.

"We're hanging in there. But if I get any bigger, I'm going to run out of clothes," she sighs.

I turn to the kitchen to see Sid smiling at me from the doorway.

"Hi Sid," Beth says looking around me and waving to Sid, "Good game the other night."

"Thanks Beth. I'll let you two ladies eat your cake, I'm going to go take a nap," he says kissing me cheek as he walks by me and up the stairs.

"Alright, sleep well. Any suggestions for dinner?" I call after him.

"What ever you make will be great," he throws over his shoulder walking up the stairs with Maggie following behind him.

"Well that was helpful," I murmur.

"Wow!" Beth says laughing at me.

"Wow what?!" I ask cutting a piece of vanilla cake and putting it in front of her on the table.

"Wow, you two are really serious huh?" she says picking up her fork.

"What are you talking about?" I ask taking a bite.

"Mmm... this is good," she says taking a bite, "I mean. Asking him what he wants for dinner. He comes to your house all the time. He's so comfortable around the dogs, I mean come on, Maggie followed him upstairs to take a nap."

"Well, it took a little while to get him so comfortable around them and so what if he comes to the house?" I ask cutting another piece of cake, "Do you want milk?"

"Yes please," she says finishing her cake, "Cait, you are blind! Has he even been home yet?"

"No," I say taking a sip of milk.

"Cait! He's here all the time. You guys are living with each other," she smiles.

"What?! No we're not, he has his own house," I snort at her comment.

"Tell me this. Does he sleep here, does he eat here? Where does he go when he comes home from a road trip or hockey practice?" she says taking a bite of the angel food, " I like the other cake better."

"Well...he..." I hesitate.

"Cait?" Beth draws out.

"Here," I admit with a sigh.

"Exactly. Face it girl, you guys are living together," she smiles, "This is it! The one with marble, God this is good!"

"Thanks," I say a little stunned.

I hadn't thought about it before, but Sid and I were living together. When I did laundry it wasn't just mine any more. His boxers mingled with my underwear in the dresser. His shirts and ties accompanied my shirts and sweaters in the closet. My medicine cabinet held a man's razor and shaving cream. And when he was gone on a trip, I snuggled into his pillow with his hoodie on, inorder to take in his spicy scent. Not to mention the hockey bag that was thrown in the laundry room.It has only been a few months and we were already living together. But it seemed so natural. It just seemed right that he was there when I got home from work. I got excited when I knew he was coming home. He knew my schedule, and I knew his. And most importantly, he was almost completely accustomed to having six dogs around now. I could see that he was more relaxed now when the dogs joined him in the living room. He was even warming up to Sam. But what surprised me the most was that he caught on to their schedule too. He knew when they went out now, and he didn't hesitate to let them out himself. When he let the dogs out to let me sleep in, that was when I knew everything was going to work out. And now he was sleeping in my bed with a grey hound...

"Caitlin! Girl you are seriously spacing out," Beth laughs.

"Sorry just thinking. What did you say?"

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Yay an update.. :-)
Fabulous as always.
I love how at ease they are with each other.. how its just kinda natural for him to head to her place instead of his.

loved the new chapter! (:
and i love that crosby kid haha.
they are deff living together.
and its a beautiful thing. :D

aww yay! I think they should make their living together official and much more permanent! :)

Teehee. Sidney knows the dogs' schedule. And Beth needing to inform her that they're living together. So cute.

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"Why does that one have a piece missing from it?"
"Because I got impatient,"
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They are so cute together. I love how they live with each other and are very comfortable around one another.

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